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  1. Yeah if only part of the outcome of this was actually doing something for the fan base to grow it rather than shrink it, i.e. how about we cut the owner's side of the revenue by reducing ticket prices down to the current player share. The net effect would be a larger fan base and a bigger pie over time. Sigh.
  2. I'd argue a player that plays 5-7 days a week has more marketing value than one that plays 1/5 games. Just math and the odds of seeing a player play.
  3. Now 17. Just keeping my thread alive. They clinched a playoff spot last night. Pretty funny watching them stack up on the pitchers mound for a team photo after the game, which looked more like a high school victory than an MLB playoff ticket. The champagne party looked pretty half hearted, too. Maybe that routine is finally getting closer to running its course. Staging one of those after every achievement through the playoffs has gone way out of hand.
  4. This streak is ridiculous. How long can it continue, and does this mean they are more or less viable in the post season than previously thought?
  5. BINGO. With owners that have their heads in the clouds or buried in the sand, and consistently maintain a culture of dumping the responsibility on their leadership, while letting a culture of "fiscal responsibility" consistently be a part of every decision, this team won't be able to consistently put a first class club on the field.
  6. I don't follow this thread closely, but did anyone see Danny Valencia is playing on the Olympic team? I still wish we had heard Dark Star's story about him.
  7. Fire Gardy and Rick Anderson to start. Let Mauer go out gracefully with an "injury" so we can move the logjam at first base. It's time for some new voices in the clubhouse.
  8. There is other back and forth about inflation, but isn't $150 today not that far away from when they were around $100 in the past? Again, the stadium was built to allow them to play in this arena.
  9. Could someone explain how this is the same or different than Joe Mauer 2009? Player developed in your system, great performance, off and on, then especially on in a high leverage year. Reasons to believe revenue would go up in the future. We know now Mauer never played up to that contract, but it was the right thing to do at that time. Tell me why I'm right or wrong. Not trying to be controversial.
  10. This probably belongs in the "Morneau in the booth thread", but that combined unwieldy broadcast crew was terrible.
  11. Thanks for the comments from everyone. I did figure it out after my post, but I always like to view things from the outsider's perspective, and I was more patient than most would be in "looking for" good content. Hoping the new format is an open door to new people and not a circle jerk among the regulars. I'm saying this as someone that mods another forum, and we struggle with the same thing.
  12. I like to think I am only slightly below average in intelligence, but I'm finding it hard to find the game threads and thread to piss and moan about this terrible team after the game. Do I have to go to the Front Page to do the latter? Where are game threads? I know some of this has changed over time but I haven't been here often enough to follow each change. For what it's worth I suspect there might be others that don't stick here because those are the more interesting threads.
  13. I assume this is where someone says when the weather warms up the ball will start flying again. Two things happen. Sano gets better The Yankees start hitting more home runs than everyone else.
  14. Honestly I don't think this was policy in 2019. I know for a fact we still had to take stuff out of our pockets, and I'm pretty sure I'd remember if my wife had to manage not taking even an average sized purse. I thought the NFL was allowing clear bags under a certain size, that wasn't tiny? Or did that change, too?
  15. Thankfully we went before gates opened and were warned by a friendly security guy in advance that this year there are no bags of any kind except tiny purses. Tiny tiny purses. This in theory is to speed up lines and eliminate the need to look at bags. Anyway, even as a STH that gets all of the messaging, this came as news to us. So don't get burned having to make a trip back to your car if you go to a game.
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