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  1. I'm definitely not saying it has anything directly to do with it, but I bet they're making sure they put additional thought into how and where it's installed.
  2. Also of interest is the reference to people being able to watch the game for free, while at the same time they are increasing the size of the board that obstructs that view by 75%. I suspect the two may have a little something to do with each other. I suspect owners will never want to replicate the mess Wrigley had, so they want to get in front of that.
  3. What have the Pohlads ever done as owners of a baseball team to indicate that they are "smart". They completely delegate all baseball responsibilities to St. Peter and Falvine, and they consistently hang on to comfortable sweaters way too long.
  4. They are focus-grouping how to add "improvements" to the ballpark to turn around attendance. At the end of the day it will be yet another way to justify their promise to the taxpayers of annual improvements as a way to add revenue and squeeze a little more juice out of the fans.
  5. MacPhail and TK left on their own terms. The current regime held on too long to the Ryan/Gardy era, and they're going to make the same mistake this time. This is what you get when you have baseball disinterested owners.
  6. It's too bad we're talking about the Twins, because they are only capable of a house cleaning once every 10-15 years or so.
  7. At least the days of winning a weak division will finally be exposed. This is good for the game.
  8. Yeah gee I’d hate to be a fan of a team where the fans actually cared.
  9. Is that a change from what used to be true?
  10. You can't trade him while he's on the IL. Putting him back on the IL took him off of the market.
  11. In a close game would you rather have the guy that plays the same position have a chance at being on base in the 9 spot or a 1 in 10 shot at a home run? I'd take the guy on base.
  12. What are his numbers in low A ball so far? Edit: Nevermind...found them... https://www.milb.com/player/miguel-sano-593934 SSS at this point I guess
  13. I heard Delmon Young showed up at camp looking better than ever, too.
  14. It's cool to feel like we're in a time machine and they're going after acquisitions they didn't want to spend on in 2018 because they are at a discount in 2022.
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