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  1. Don't forget the wild pitch and bases loaded walk that scored NY's first two runs.
  2. Is it just me, or is one turn through the rotation listed up there and Shoemaker is not in it?
  3. Velocity and xBA are great measures of a "quality at bat." If you hit the ball 95+ mph, that's a good AB. If it happens to be right at a fielder, well, you can't control that.
  4. I think you have Rogers mismarked on the bullpen chart. He definitely pitched today.
  5. I would take another Robbie Grossman. He was decent.
  6. Good article. Seems like Kepler and Polanco are also turning it around, or is that my imagination?
  7. What we wouldn't give for the KC Royals record right now...
  8. FTR Colome's appearances weren't "back to back." He had the terrible showing, a great showing (last night), and a terrible showing (again).
  9. Well ya don't see that every day. I had mentally prepared myself for another loss at least three times that game.
  10. I was enjoying this recap until I read the last line.
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