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  1. My impression of Jim is that he had the responsibility for the entire Pohlad family business, the Twins being a relatively minor part. He may have been more a hands off manager out of necessity. Joe being groomed for the role is a positive. Kind of reminds me of Calvin Griffith's situation. He was groomed by his uncle to take over the Twins. A big difference is that the team was their only business so money was tight to an extreme. Joe has worked his way through the organization to get a feel of what is needed. This is a positive in my opinion and his promotion is as well. My one concern is that he states that he is a friend with Falvey (not merely friendly). That could lead to blinders down the road.
  2. Zack Granite should still be playing just because of his name.
  3. thanks to all the writers who helped out on the minor league reports. It was a lot of fun and had to have been a lot of work (labor of love?)
  4. When i was a STH I would get really pissed when I would drive 300 miles for a game and Gardy would put out one of his Sunday 2nd string rosters. I don't get this one with the Twins having two off days this week.
  5. One positive that stood out to me about Duffy was that he always seemed to be a stand up guy. He faced the reporters and fans when he pitched well and when he pitched poorly. I appreciate that.
  6. What would register as some of my favorite memories of Sano? dunno, the long homers were sweet but then I remember the massive number of strikeouts in important situations and the time he sexually harassed a photographer. I know it isn't my money but if it was, I would DFA him.
  7. Didn't Petricka's family own a grocery store in Northfield? I lived there for a few years in the 90's and seem to remember that.
  8. Martin's bat seems to be getting some life (finally) from what i gather. That would be very good news whether he is advanced in the Twins system or traded.
  9. From what i have read, LSU is offering a huge bump in pay. Add two that the season is much shorter. It also is a chance to return to his home area. He is from Arkansas and has three kids so family is a monster draw. The Head Coach at Arkansas will probably be retiring in the next few years. Wes was pitching coach there before joining the Twins. The LSU job may set him up to be the next HC there.
  10. I wasn't happy when they let him go in the first place. No, he will never win the Cy Young. But he would provide stability and a professional outing every fifth day. He is a class act and that is something every team values.
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