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  1. Don't forget that he had a serious finger injury last year and no knows how that will work out.
  2. What the heck, why not? It's not like we have seen any great plans work out the last few years. If these guys are 24-26 years old they aren't going to season any better in Wichita. If they show something then they can be kept and groomed for bigger things or traded for bigger things.
  3. Of note also is that on a MiLB contract allows him to use the Twins facilities and work with MLB coaches during the lockout.
  4. Rooker is an enigma. I can see him being retained or traded. He probably would need to be part of a multi-player trade and that is fine. he seems to me to be a less athletic version of Larnach (who has his own issues - cough off speed pitch cough).
  5. Rec of Blockbuster and Alice's Restaurant (where you can get anything you want, excepting Alice of course).
  6. I had to laugh at the article. Yankees catcher McCann was the biggest voice against the clock. He also is the slowest batter in MLB. He also as the Yankees catcher controls the speed of his pitchers. It figures that he would be the no-no leader. Of note also, is that the change would require the MLBPA to agree to it. What are the odds of that happening?
  7. Per the article, the batter must be in the batters box by the 8 second point or there is an automatic strike called.
  8. I am in a bind. My wife's two favorite players still on the Twins are Kepler and Tortuga. This could be a rough off-season.
  9. I know it is an often stated question here, but why the heck is Simmons still starting at SS? He won't (or shouldn't?) be here next year. Gordon looks like a passable utility player. He should be getting innings.
  10. Say what you want about Barnes but he definitely took one for the team. I didn't think Rocco would ever do that.
  11. Simmons is definitely a talented SS but seems to drift off occasionally and not be in the game. I would like to see Gordon get some SS time to see if he is capable. I suspect he probably isn't or at least does not have the strength to play SS for the long haul.
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