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  1. A college professor is working on a long-term scientific experiment when a baseball comes through the window, destroying all of his glassware and spilling the fluids that the flasks and test tubes contained. The pooled fluids combine to form the chemical "methylethylpropylbutyl," which then covers a large portion of the baseball. The professor soon discovers that the fluid, along with any object with which it makes contact, is repelled by wood (cf. Alexander Fleming's serendipitous discovery of penicillin). Suddenly, he realizes the possibilities and takes a leave of absence to go to St. Louis to pitch in the big leagues, where he becomes a star and propels his team to the World Series.
  2. I see the following retained: Arraez Buxton (Hopefully signs an extension. If not trade him.) Polanco Gordon Sano (Hopefully we see a full year like the second half of this year) Jeffers Kirilloff Larnach Donaldson Kepler (could be packaged with Garver and prospects for a decent pitching up grade) Garver (see above) Miranda Celestino Possibly 2 out of Refsnyder, Rooker and Garlick. No Cave we have enough younger outfielders.
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