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Passionate out-of-state Twins fan from Toledo, Detroit and Chicago, now Nashville since 8 years old in 1964. Hooked on Twins by Spring Training game in 1964 at Tinker Field in Orlando. Talked to Calvin Griffith about signing Carew at Toledo Mud Hens game. Numerous Met, Metrodome and spring training jaunts to Orlando and Ft. Myers once. Avid table baseball player with the Sports Illustrated color coded charts in 1971 hooking me big time! Favorite Twins are Rod Carew, Tony Oliva and Lyman Bostock.

Entries in this blog

75 RBI or 75 RBIs?

Was the long-standing way of referring to 75 RBIs correct or is the new style 75 RBI correct? I think the first question that needs to be answered is what does RBI stand for? Runs Batted In or Run Batted in? I maintain that RBI stands for Run Batted in, the singular. You would never say that a player has 1 RBIs or 1 Runs Batted In. But you would say the player had 1 RBI (Run Batted In). That answers the question of what RBI stands for. Run Batted In. If that were not the case, and

Twins Opening Day Lineup

I wouldn’t have done things this way. I would have tried for Canha or J.D. Davis or even Binentendi. but the FO didn’t do that. My opening day lineup breaks with the current conventional thinking but I honestly think the Twins will be better this way. That means Kepler moving to 4th OF and Sano a man without a position. Here’s how I’d start: LF Martin - I think Martin is ready and could hit .300 with a lot of doubles. 2nd would be Gordon as I think he will hit better than in 2021

Update on my Lockout OOTP Twins rebuild. 2022 Season Twins pre-play.

I’ve been playing the Twins season while trading, signing free agents and auditioning the Twins best minor leaguers. The bad news is that the Twins started 1-11. The good news is that I continued to trade, sign free agents and give almost all the top prospects an audition. You might be surprised at which prospect emerged. I’ve played all games except maybe a total of 1 when the AI took off while I napped! I also do pitch by pitch, which is pretty exciting, especially using the CF camera for pitc

OOTP: Acting aggressively to rebuild Twins

Frustrated by Falvey and Levine’s approach the last two offseason and with the lockout in effect, I bought OOTP baseball for $4.99 in order to build the Twins my way using trades, free agent signings and keeping the up and coming pitching. I set the trade slider a little more to the hard side the the easy side. It seemed to carry over to free agent negotiations but I’m not sure. Prime example: I offered Byron Buxton basically the same deal the Twins signed him for and he came bac

Danny Duffy for the Twins.

In case anybody missed it, here’s the update, credit MLB Trade Rumors, on Danny Duffy’s status. I would be strongly in favor of the Twins signing him to a 2 year deal, the first year at a minimum rate to pitch as a lefty out of the bullpen from sometime in July to the end of the season. Then a higher salary a/la Dylan Bundy in the second year for him to pitch out of the rotation. And sign Michael Pineda for sure plus trade for a pitcher, possibly from Oakland. Jon Gray would be okay to


Greglw3 in Greg Allen’s Blog

My 2022 Blueprint using TD Spreadsheet

Here’s my Twins 2022 roster. Like Nick’s plan, there are moving parts where Donaldson DHs a decent amount and Miranda plays 3B, 1B, DH. Kirilloff takes over for Max Kepler in RF. Kepler just hasn’t been able to change from an ineffective pull first approach. I see Kirilloff as a hitter who can use more of the field and still blossom into a very fine hitter. Hopefully the second-half Sano shows up next year. I’m optimistic about that. I chose Iglesias as the SS for good D and his .271 a


Greglw3 in Greg Allen’s Blog

The greatest Twins game of them all! The very special 1977 Minnesota Twins.

I wanted to relay my experience about what I consider to be the greatest Twins regular season game of them all. I was 21 and listened to the game from Toledo, Ohio on WMAQ in Chicago. I kept score and had the scoresheet for many years after! Harry Carey announced and possibly Jimmy Piersall. The game took place June 26, 1977 with what I consider to be the most talented Twins team ever with the Great tactician/strategist Gene Mauch as manager and his nephew, Roy Smalley playing SS.  The


Greglw3 in Greg Allen’s Blog

A heavyweight name weighs in on Twins FO and organization

Frank Viola had a very interesting tweet this morning. In a recent thread, I intimated that I felt the manager and Falvey and Levine should be dismissed. I’ve vacillated on it but since then, the team and outlook seems even worse. I just found this tweet by Frank Viola, one of the Twins greatest pitchers ever to be a confirmation of what I’ve felt this year.  Does what Viola says surprise you? Does it carry weight with you? Do you agree? It rings far too true to me. The last sentence o


Greglw3 in Greg Allen’s Blog

Twins Prospects, FA and Trade Deadline: A Look Forward

I’d like to present a vision for the Twins incorporating prospects, post 2021 free agents, a possible trade target, and a potential look for the Twins with a philosophical change for the Twins post trade deadline and looking to 2022. A primary component in my vision is adding speed. To that end, assuming Simmons is traded (which he should be IMO), I’d like to see Aaron Whitefield and his .304/.372/.410 slash line with 15/21 SB in CF until Buxton comes back. Secondly, I’d like to see Gordon

Twins Way to the Top via Excellent Pitching

I’d like to discuss the way I see forward for the Minnesota Twins to become a team ready for a deep playoff run or World Series victory. The focus will be on top quality pitching. I’ll use a couple of case studies of teams that had very deep and strong pitching and great success, those teams being the 1980 Baltimore Orioles and the 1972-1974 Oakland A’s. Then I’ll take a look at how the Twins can get to that level. First, how did I get to this point of believing pitching is more import

My Twins Shakeup

Someone posted here on Twins Daily about a sense of a Twins shakeup. I love the Twins too much not to contribute my ideas for an immediate shakeup. Here’s a basic lineup that would represent a shakeup. Of course, Buxton would take over CF when he’s available. I’ve got a keen eye on St. Paul and Wichita and there are myriad good prospects. Here’s a take on a new lineup and a fresh start: 3B- Jose Miranda SS- Jorge Polanco 2B-Nick Gordon 1B-Josh Donaldson LF-Alex Kiri
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