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OOTP: Acting aggressively to rebuild Twins




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Frustrated by Falvey and Levine’s approach the last two offseason and with the lockout in effect, I bought OOTP baseball for $4.99 in order to build the Twins my way using trades, free agent signings and keeping the up and coming pitching.

I set the trade slider a little more to the hard side the the easy side.


It seemed to carry over to free agent negotiations but I’m not sure. Prime example: I offered Byron Buxton basically the same deal the Twins signed him for and he came back and said, "I’m only entertaining serious offers"! It seemed he ignored the $8M per year for an MVP award and AB bonuses. He was so tough that to get him signed, I had to average over 20M yr. plus he wanted a 9 year deal. I got away with 8 but I had to have him.

When trying for free agents or making trades, I eschewed any player that I knew had been signed in real life or traded to a new team. I got messages along the way from Jim Pohlad and at one point, he said that I was having such a good offseason that he was raising my allowance from $203M budget (all expenses, not just payroll). At a budget of $203, the player payroll was $160M but he raised the budget to $210M and a player payroll of $170M. He must have seen quickly that I was going to be very aggressive striving to build a 2022 contender.

Some of the trades and signings saw me moving Max Kepler for Taijuan Walker.

Signing Jose Iglesias, attempting to sign Michael Pineda and Danny Duffy over extended negotiations (especially with Pineda) only to be spurned by both.

Trading Bailey Ober and Luis Arraez for Chris Bassit.

Releasing Dylan Bundy.

Signing Billy Hamilton to a very reasonable deal to be insurance for Byron Buxton.

Signing Carlos Rodon, which went surprisingly smoothly. Yes, I did offer him a fair contract.

Signing Ken Giles was exciting, knowing how it would solidify the bullpen.

The toughest one was attempting to sign Kris Bryant. I think he had me up to $173M and strung me along, then said the Cubs had a better offer. I ended up cutting it off but after a decent period of time passed, he came back and I was able to sign him at a bargain $15M yr for 5 yrs.

After spring training had ended, Johnny Cueto, having cut off negotiations, came back to me on the eve of the season opener and said he’d like to try again. I offered him more than he asked for 1 yr plus an option year and he signed in time for the season opener. After all the moves, I decided to promote Cole Sands to work out of the bullpen, a job he earned in OOTP baseball’s spring training.

Here are some graphics on your new, shiny, division contending 2022 Minnesota Twins!





Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 7.03.54 PM.png



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48 minutes ago, glunn said:

Fun blog,  Are you going to be able to simulate the 2022 season with that team?  


48 minutes ago, glunn said:

Fun blog,  Are you going to be able to simulate the 2022 season with that team?  

Yes, I’m going to try to play some of the games with myself managing the Twins and then maybe a combo of simulation and me managing the Twins for the rest.

The cool thing is the minor league games always get simulated so you can know which player is ready to help the major league team.

When I got the game, it was set up to play the 2021 season, so I made some of the trades and simulated 2021 based on real life 2021 stats. What was cool was that the offense was really strong. Miranda hit around .285 with 14 HR and 82 RBIs, not bad for a rookie! Iglesias hit ~.303 with 11 HR, a pleasant surprise. The Twins finished 85-77 and then I made the Bryant, Rodon, Cueto acquisitions after.

Now I’m set up to play the opener of the 2022 season with the roster I was able to put together.

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I'd love to see the Twins take a run at Rodon.  I just don't see it happening.  T. Walker intrigues me, as does Hamilton in a reserve OF role.  He's a better complement to the starters in that role than Captain CAVEman. Your bullpen still needs work IMO. I like Giles, but adding him isn't enough,

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