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  1. Gotta figure who stays on the 40-man roster. Going down the roster: Smeltzer - is he injury free? Can you get him back on a minor league contract or where he go elsewhere. Thorpe - out of options and really didn't get a chance to prove himself as a starter or bullpen arm. Perhaps he becomes the next Hendricks, because he is out of options and the Twins will move on. Perhaps not. Would you open the season with him or Barnes or Smeltzer as a lefty starter (or possible pen arm). Griffin Jax - Totally on the bubble. The Twins tried him briefly out of the pen in the beginning and have given him every opportunity to shine as a starter. Are there teams salivating to sign the guy, probably to a minor league pact? Jorge Alcala - showing great potential as he finishes the seson. WIll be back. Closer prospect? Taylor Rogers - Left-handed setup guy who can also close, but let's get a real closer. He stays, Tyler Duffey - Another good setup arm. I remember when he was a top starter prospect back in 2016. He stays. Cody Stashak - may have injured himself out of a roster spot. Would have to pas thru waivers. Of course, another team may not gamble. Or he would be the next Zach Littrell. Picture the Twins removing him. Caleb Thielbar - Age may be working against him for one of the beloved roster spots. That no one grabbed him from the Twins at the trade deadline means something (cheap and dependable). You can never have too many left-handed arms, but the Twins have two - Jovani Moran, who will stay, and Danny Coulombe, who is a tad younger and has shown his worth. He could be on the bubble if roster spots become precious. Luke Farrell - this year's Matt Wisler, but cheaper because he missed so much time. Like Thielbar, he could be a keeper as you need a couple of names to move about if you sign a free agent. Excited about him? Not in the least. Alex Colome - seems the team is giving him so many opportunities to up his value, but to whom - not to the Twins unless they pick up the option. Will Alex see a demand for his services? DO we want to see him back as a closer? Is he a decent setup man? Like many, would rather see the team move on. Juan Minaya - the guy ahs been a sweet surprise and has worked himself into an off-season job. He can pitch multiple innings. Nothing exciting, and will have to prove himself all over again in spring training, but is a solid bullpen keeper for now. Ian Gibaut - The Twins gave him a shot in 2021. Maybe enough to get him to come abck on a minor league contract for depth in St. Paul. Nick Vincent - Hasn't been given a lot of chances. Age works against him for the "new" Twins, but that doesn't mean he won't resign if offered a minor league contract. Edgar Garcia - along with Jason Garcia and Alex Schreff are outside organization pickups, None in dire need of a 40-man spot, but names to keep in the organization as depth. Kyle Barraclough - The Twins are giving this unsigned draftee who shined for a few seasons elsewhere some opportunities as the season winds down. His 4-5 appearances in the final days will be a deciding factor if he is kept on the 40-man, or will become a minor league free agent. He is working himself into a temporary keeper spot right now. Ralph Garza Jr. - The guy has shined, in a middle of the bullpen way. He is young, a good strikeout arm, and seems to be a fine pickup. I picture the Twins keeping him on board for now. Beau Burrows - Another guy that may stay with the Twins for minor elague depth because they gave him a shot, and St. Paul used him as a starter. We'll see. John Gant - Is a bit safer than he was in Cardinal-land, who didn't want to go to arbitration with him. I would love to see him stay in the bullpen, but he is an option to start. Edwar Colina will stay on the 40-man as there is too much promise there...the question is can he be major league ready for some innings before mid-season 2022. It is hard to keep 40-man spots full of injured players (we already have Madea filling one for 2022). Jordon Gore is an interesting case. Seems the Twins are keeping the converted infielder at AA with the hopes of maybe sneaking him thru the Rule 5 and having him workout at AAA ball in 2022 before making a roster decision. Might be another guy that gets away to another team. Ryan Mason is one of those middle-inning multi-inning arms that is not spectacular but seems to get the job done and could be lost to the Twins if not protected. He may not be ready out of spring training, but could play into the bullpen, or becomes one of those journeymen that ends up shining elsewhere (Chargois, Curtiss, Guerra, maybe Hildenberger, whatever).
  2. Who would go from the Twins AAA? And it won't be anyone who is tentatively a minor league free agent.
  3. Part of the reason he was added was that he was on the taxi squad and travelling with the team when they somehow found out they would be without Simmons in Toronto. Of course, the knowledge was 100% that this move would be temporary with Simmons being added back as soon as the team crossed the border. Of course, it would've been nice to have him start a game (see J.T. Riddle) or come in during a game (Tzu-Wei Lin). Both of these guys got a moment to become a true Twins alumni. Maggi joins a few guys who have been on the team roster and never played. First was Chuck Schilling, who was on the expanded rosters coming out of spring training and sat on the bench for the first month and called it quits rather than go back to the minors. Another was Alejandro Machado, who was a Rule 5 pick, got to sit on the disabled list for a season. Juan Minaya almost made this list, being on the roster briefly last year but not getting into a game. Now he is a Twins alumni. Tomas Telis was called into the dugout earlier this year but never got past the steps. Maggi got three days pay, he is also on the 40-man for the rest of the season (maybe) and gets more pay because of that. And he could still drift over. Did I leave anyone out? I'm sure there are a couple of more folks, as there are many that only played one game (Jamie Garcia, for example). But, yes, would be nice if the guy could've lived the dream, getting the photograph of himself with bat in hand at the plate in a Twins uniform, or fielding a ball during a regular season game. Used to be fun to see whom a team would add just for this reason when there was no limitations on September call-ups.
  4. It is just the pain of arbitration. The Twins didn't feel he was worth the increase, but looking back he would've been a tradechip and we didn't have anyone who really filled his spot. Be interesting to see where Rosario goes from here.
  5. I'm counting some 54 players on the FCL roster, and 35+ on the Ft. Myers team. A helluva a lot of players already on the complex grounds. Where do they all stay? Do some come over from the DSL league. Now if it will only stop raining down there.
  6. First, the Twins thought they were going to be competitive, so they went after some minor league free agent bullpen arms as possible reclamation projects. Instead, they should've kept Wells, but in all likelihood felt he was going to start in the minors and that no team would open the season with him. Same could be said for Baddoo. He was behind like six outfielders. Even Celestino was considered ahead of him for advancement to the majors and Celestino only made the jump beause of so many injuries. That the Twins ended up with Refsnyder and Garlick as replacements for Rosario for a good aprt of the year, because Larnach needed much more seasoning and Kirilloff went down. The Twins would've started Baddoo at AA ball. The killer for the Twins is that they watched three pitchers: Colina, Balazovic and Duran. All three sit on the 40-man and out for part or all of the season. All considered possible contributors to 2021. Now we wonder if and when they will contribute in 2022. Doubt any of the three will open the season on the roster. The joys of baseball is that you have to make hard decisions. Yes, the Twins made some hard decisions, but, again, they were thinking of being in play in the division and could only allow x-amount of spots for unproven rookie talent. If they knew they would lose, perhaps 90-games, they might've taken a different trak. Be interesting to see what this off-season brings.
  7. So sad he didn't get in a game, although he still is on the 40-man (and getting an increased paycheck for the final two weeks in St. Paul).
  8. If you wish to have a pitcher give up multiple runs in an inning, why didn't you plan on Strotman to come up, take some lumps, and learn. Or maybe he would've shined. Farrell IS NOT an opener. An opener is a distinct pitcher. Just like some starters ARE NOT relief pitchers (*out of the gate). Of course, we have 11 bullpen arms right now, so the Twins are deciding who NOT to carry on the 40-man.
  9. Why not start Maggi? Will he be a Twin still this coming week? Great story, but right now he is with Telis, Schilling and a couple of others as Twins that never played a game!
  10. Who would you consider the last of the Twins aces? Berrios. Before him Gibson and Hughes. Before that we had Baker. SLowey, Blackburn, Liriano? Santana and Silva? Radke, Lohse, Milton. Mays. Tapani? Erickson. Blyleven??????
  11. The Twins are in a great situation for pitchers like Moran. They can let them see how their stuff work, come out and give some advice. The pitcher sees that maybe the coaches and team knows what is going on. Then the pitcher can continue to work and learn. I'm sure it has been a great learning experience for Griffin Jax. Charlie Barnes, too, as well as Bailey Ober. Trevor Larnach also got the experience, as did Gilberto Celestino. The Twins have had to rely on Ryan Jeffers learning and performing on the job. It is what the players do in the off-season now, and how they come to spring training and go from there. I would also like to see Drew Strotman get his chance on the mound against major league competition. That is what the month of September should be all about for future Twins. Miranda, can he come out and play, too? Move Cabbage and Balazovic up to pitch with the Saints if need be. Advance some guys from Cedar Rapids to Wichita. Then Ft. Myers to Cedar Rapids. Yes, minor league w/l totals or playoffs are important, but also experience for potential major league players in the long run.
  12. Well, let me just say that after reading this, I no longer long for a piece of pie.
  13. You love it when an organization does this. Griffith did it in the old days, give the oldtimers looking for one last chance a few more games towards a pension plan. The flip side, it is still a 40-man spot. Or a 28-man roster spot. Will Gant, Refsnyder, Garver, Thorpe still come back for one more harrah! Plus, Simmons is on his temporary leave. The Twins still can use a fifth official starter. I hope he starts Sunday! Get him that one game. Then can decide if wants to return in 2022. We forget that minor league free agents do get decent pay most of the time, as well as extra pay for every day on the 40-man roster.
  14. DH Garver / Sano / Donaldson C Jeffers 1B Kirilloff 2B Arraez SS Polanco 3B Miranda RF Kepler CF Buxton LF Larnach BENCH Gordon, maybe Rortvedt Starters: Ober, Ryan, Jax, Gant, Dobnak Bullpen: Colome, Rogers, Duffey Coulombe, Alcala, Farrell Minaya, Garza with Moran, Hamilton, Barraclough in the wings Lots of payroll saving for this year Willians Astudillo, where are you?
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