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  1. Kyle Barraclough signs with the Twins after being cut loose by the New York Yankees. The Twins offered him a contract back in 2011, but he declined and signed with the Cardinals the following year. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=barrac000kyl
  2. It seems like it will always be about money. If the Twins can't Pay Buxton and Berrios, then I hold little hope that they would splurge (and they could afford to do so) by paying Donaldson numbers for a VERY TOP of the line rotation arm, as well as getting a real bonifide closer. Otherwise, the roster looks pretty darn serviceable. Of course, Sano will still strikeout. Rooker may have passed his need by the Twins. Royce Lewis has to be considered the shortstop of the future (or is he). The Twins could open 2022 with around a $100 million payroll, 1/5th of it going
  3. Dobnak is more on an in-play pitcher. If he strikes out as many as he walks, I'm happy. Robles could be a decent trade-chip. And like Pineda, let them enter free agency and see what you he'll sign for then. I'm sure he is happily looking at his work so far getting him a modest multi-year deal. Jackson is still in the bullpen mix. If the Twins can just jettison Shoemaker right now and get someone better in his place. And then you have to start getting at least five or more innings from Maeda, Happ, Dobnak. I wish we could push Over, but I can understand that risk. But at
  4. Going into 2022, and assuming Cruz is not back, you have Sano at DH and Kirilloff at 1B...assuming also that we keep Buxton. Garver can spell at both positions and also catch. The joy is that rather than a Cruz DH you also have Sano who can play 1B and 3B, and Kirilloff who can play the outfield. But do you keep Rortvedt as the second catcher (third). Of have him play everyday, and keep someone like La Tortuga? Of course, that also depends on your eventual infield makeup, if Gordon looks like a keeper, and if you need Mister play anywhere and anywhere, put the ball in play, don't w
  5. Well, pretty good lineup with Sano, Simmons and Donaldson. Berrios would need to pitch a no-run game to win. Granted players are aching, but you NEED to field best players possible, or construct the best lineup possible, when you best pitcher is on the mound. Happily they won, and finally figured out how to get a guy on second with no outs home.
  6. We supposedly thought we had a lot of outfield depth, and Larnach wasn't even on the 40-man yet. And, guess what, we do., Which is why Baddoo wasn't protected (who knew someone would take a gamble on an oft-injured guy who has only limited AA at bats). It was Wade or Cave. I would've gone with Wade in the end as a potential fourth outfielder, although I wonder how spring training would've panned out for him where a bunch of minor league free agents were high in the pecking order. I felt Anderson was a good pickup. My question here is WHY? Why was he removed from the 40-man? Who are
  7. Colome. We expected him to be the closer allowing Duffey, Rogers and Robles to be set-up guys. There is NO REASON to have him on the staff just to pitch an inning in games we have already lost. That's a spot for a Rule 5 pickup (who can hopefully pitch multiple innings). Shoemaker, well, we expected something rather than absolutely nothing. Dobnak I can cut a little slack. He should never have been kept as a bullpen arm. Send him to the minors TO START period. Especially now. Why is he on the roster. He should be back at work on a regular basis getting his 80-100 pitch
  8. Anthony Swarzak returns with The Royals. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/06/royals-select-anthony-swarzak.html
  9. The Twins lose Shaun Anderson to the Rangers on a waiver claim. They got him for LaMonte Wade during the off-season. Wade ahs been a pleasant surprise for the Giants. Not that, in reality, the Twins don't have an abundance of outfielders that they could lose Wade and also the earlier Baddoo. That is, if the string of outfielders stay healthy. Once Buxton and Kepler return the Twins will be faced with how to find playing time for four outfielders. And AAAA guys like Garlick and Refsnyder may be out of luck. And who knows the future of Jake Cave.
  10. Ramos for Capps? One, didn't expect Butera to be main catcher in 2011. And after two more seasons behind the plate, didn't totally expect Mauer to move to first base. Would he have produced for the Twins? Been a better option than Suzuki, before he himself became more of a free agent and toured baseball. How many seasons would he have worn a Twins uniform in the end?
  11. The Twins are taking it easy with Ober. He itched 100 innings back in 2014 un college, but 75 is his tops in the minors, and not many at all in 2019/2020. So they are hoping to get 15 or so starts out of him? Maybe the Twins need to use an opener? That way he could start by pitching to the middle of end of a lineup. And also get a win!
  12. The Twins have to be bold, and make some changes to send a message. If the guy building your house starts to put in beams crooked and use fewer nails, do you keep him on the job because you signed a contract? Pay him for the work he ahs done, and get someone else!
  13. I can see lesser pay at the minor league camp level, especially if you basically do provide food and lodging. But it still should be much better than they pay for short season ball, and players should be paid for all time spent at the complex, be it fall instructional, spring training, whatever. Pay should rise as one goes thru the system, and also how many years you spend playing organized ball (I do believe that six-year free agents who sign do better than most of their AAA counterparts. I do applaud he Twins for paying all their minor league players last season!
  14. Sweat and sunscreen. You can cover the pitcher in sunscreen, but don't allow him to itch or touh any other part of his body, I guess. I remember the rumors of the day when a ball in play came back to the pitcher with an added substance from one of the fielders.
  15. I was not overjoyed with the free agent signings, although they did seem to plug holes and when looking at the bigger picture, the team looked competitive, if you were banking on a return to 2019 numbers for the offense and a trust that the staff could continue to make bullpen arms shine. I was a bit disappointed in the offense during spring training, but saw lower numbers across the teams. Both are still dealing with a need to love certain assets from the prev2021 will be a major setback. But it is also a timerm? Is it just money? If it isn't, then why can't the team overpay, so t
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