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  1. Twins signed free agent Elijah Greene, once of the Angels and last sumemr of the Diamondbacks. The outfielder was put on the Cedar Rapids roster. Not to be confused with Eiljah Green. Former Twins catcher Juan Centeno signs a minor league contract with the Diamondbacks. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/01/diamondbacks-sign-juan-centeno-catcher.html
  2. Find a rundown of former Twins coaching elsewhere at this link:
  3. Most affiliates are just finishing naming their field staffs. I imagine an influx of minor league free agents (as well as a few former Twins signing as 40-man free agents like Rosario, for one) will happen once the lockout ends. But probably holding off any look at Twins in the minor leagues until the roster are set at the end of Spring Training. Many given a looksee in the spring don't make the final cut. LeCroy is the AAA Manager for the Nationals with the Rochester Red Wings, at least thru last season.
  4. WILKIN ROSARIO, who spent the 2019 season with the Twin's Rochester Red Wings. He has quite the international career, playing in Korea, Japan, the Dominican Winter Leagues. Mexico, after spending a decade in the Rockies system and playing at Coors Field. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/01/cpbls-uni-president-lions-sign-wilin-rosario.html
  5. We all got excited that even though TwinsFest was not going to happen again, the Winter Caravan was back on, where Twins prospects, broadcasters and a couple of diehard old-timers journey out into the rural snow-covered freezing areas of the five state area. https://www.mlb.com/news/twins-winter-caravan-returning-in-2022 But, alas, because of the latest virius news - and also something called "a lockout" I imagine - players and the only guy who does manage to stay warm doing this event (TC Bear) will not be visiting the frozen northlands. https://fergusnow.com/2022/01/17/minnesota-twins-officially-cancel-2022-winter-caravan-due-to-covid-concerns/ Someday, again, we may have a Twinsfest, an autograph party, or see players drift out to what remains of card shows or card shops. Appear at the Minnesota State Fair. Maybe ride in a parade. Or just get close to fans-in-the-stands pre- and post-game.
  6. The pre-Big Television days. Baseball was a game for the people, because people played it as a recreational, pick-up sport. It was something thhat anyone could be a part of the game if you had even one skillset. Be it throwing, batting, catching. And it was a slower-paced, more relaxing game with suspense in the play at times. 150+ games. Lots of seats to sell everyday. You could relax and just watch. Talk with friends. Enjoy the outdoors. Smoke and Eat. What more do you want. Sure, there were superstars, but there also were a lot of players that could be your next door neighbor, that returned home to work in the butcher shop or sell insurance or cars or run a liquor store in the off-season. You worrked hard for your money as you went up the ranks of the minors, and worked especially hard devoting your time to the sport and entertainment once you hit the bigs, knowing you might have a career of 1-2-5 years at best for most. There were always expensive seats, but also lots of cheap seats. The game appealed to groups of youngsters. It appealed to families. And the appeal was always there when families would gather and someone brought along a softball and a bat so you could play without gloves. Pick-up games with a dozen kids where you just cycled thru all the positions and just played ball. I'm sorry. When you have to sell 20,000-35,000 ticekts a game (or more)...well, bravo if you sell out at your big prices, which you have to charge because of big contracts and the need for profits. But ownership (and the legues) forget some of the better basics. You do like to face the same teams more often than not (although the Yankees always draw bigger crowds). But that was the joy of division rivalries, and also lesser transportation costs etc. Inter-league play? I don't know. Just seems to have forgotten the roots of the sport. There is something special about watching the home team, the professional town ball club, the players that grow oevr the years. You can now watch games from any market (for a price). Players change every season. Are they really a part of the community? Baseball was the great National pastime because you could play the game with a bunch of friends and not get hurt. So what if you missed a catch, struck out!
  7. Thoughts about OPENERS. There seems to be a certain mindset amongst some starters that they do need to "start" a game, especially if they have a pregame routine. But can they just keep throwing in the pen? Also, the opener would face the first 3-5/6 batters. Part of the charm is that the "real starting pitcher" would make their start, facing the weaker part of the order, while they find the plate. Plus then the 1-2-3 batters would have to adjust to a whole 'nother pitcher, especially if you are from the school that your first two baeetrs in the order have the capability of making a pitcher throw 4-6 pitches at least so the players watching from the dugout can get a read on the arm on the mound. (WHich is why Luis Arraexz is a great leadoff hitter). And if you had two of these guys, capable of starting every third day (and maybe being available on other days to face a couple of batters), it would work because you should have at least two starters who want to start and can get you into a game. Using an opener, especially in the case of the Twins, might mean an Ober can go more than five innings. And, if can keep the lead, also get a win, which you don't when you have a short start. If there was one plus for still having Wisler on the staff, he could be a crafty opener, as well as a bullpen arm. But the whole reasoning is that the real starter will face a weaker part of the order...why have Jax pitch thru the order, then the starter gets to face the tough guys all over again anyways...might as well have him start and bring in a bullpen arm. Or, the real reason is that you hope the "real starter" will go further with his 100 pitches if he doesn't have to face the first 5-6 batters right away. Now with 8-man bullpens, you can basically have a guy be an opener, if you have guys on limited innings/pitch counts, of which the Twins have a whole slew for '22.
  8. Micahel Tonkin returns on a minor league deal with the Barves! Who remembers him? https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/01/braves-michael-tonkin-agree-to-minor-league-deal.html
  9. Every team still has around 150 players on the payroll and you can be sure they tap any number of others looking for some sort of contract. It would hurt drastically the "independent" leagues. Two questions. Would the "scabs" as people might call them get credit for major league service (pension, etc.). And, when settled, are contracts pro-rated for mixxed games of players in the assoication.
  10. Well, if he had gone to college, then ALL of his past efforts would've been in that arena. Basically the same age as Austin Martin, and they both would probably be at the same level of play if Royce hadn't lost the last two years. That being said, if Lewis IS the shortstop of the future still, he will probably start at AA just to work on batting adjustments, while Palacios and Martin are the shortstop options at St. Paul. with Martin MAYBE getting refs in a crowded outfield situation there. Of course, if Miranda is in St. Paul, that complicates things even more on how plays what positions. Because Royce cannot spend all season at AA Wichita. He can't spend part of all of 2023 at St. Paul. That's when you start talking about fallen stock. But if he is to play at AAA, he needs a position to play. The Twins HAVE to be in a rebuild mode, I'm sorry. They will have to find time in the majors for Martin, Miranda, Lewis (not to mention Larnach, Kirilloff and Celestino).
  11. FORMER TWINS IN THE BROADCAST BOOTH DARRIN JACKSON (White Sox). Former Twins player 1997. C.J. NITKOWSKI (Rangers). Free agent signing 2005 released in sprint training. DAVID MURPHY (Rangers). Minor league free agent 2016. JOHN ROONEY (Cardinals). Former Twins announcer 1987, before long career with White Sox and Cardinals. AL HRABOSKY (Cardinals). Unsigned 1967 draftee. MATT CAPPS (Pirates). Former Twins player 2010-12. JIM DESHAIES (Cubs). Former Twins player 1993-94. PAT HUGHES (Cubs). Former Twins announcer 1983. RON COOMER (Cubs) Former Twins player 1995-2000. RYAN LEFEBVRE (Royals). Former Twins announcer 1995-98. ANTHONY RECKER (Mets). Analyst for Baseball Network. Minor league catcher 2017, part of Jaime Garcia trade. JACK MORRIS (Tigers). World Series Hero 1991. Former Twins announcer 2005-11, 2014-20. CRAIG MONROE (Tigers). Former Twins player 2008. JIM KAAT (MLB Network). Former Twins pitcher 1961-73. Former Twins broadcaster 1988-93. DAVID ORTIZ (Fox Sports). Former Twins player 1997-2002. A.J. PIERZYNSKI (Fox Sports). Former Twins player 1998-2003.
  12. They are all additional international signees. https://www.mlb.com/twins/news/twins-2022-international-prospects So, no minor league experience elsewhere. Some will play in Florida, some in the DR to start the season, I'm sure. Twins also signed Collin Hopkins our of college this month.
  13. If you could predict the 750 inning thing, you wouldn't need a lot of prospects. That's five fulltime seasons in baseball, or 7-8 with some starter seasons. Balazovic, Varland, Winders, Ober, Ryan, Centerino, Petty are all keeps that I expect to be the foundation of the rotation going forth and playing for the Twins thru their arbitration years. I would NOT trade any of them. Strotman, Jax, Woods-Richardson, Enlow, Leguminia, Gipson-Long, Mooney all have a chance of holding a spot in the rotation. Sands, Duran, Cano, Moran, Mason, Valimont, Funderburk, Sharpe should all be notable bullpen arms contributing the Twins for 3-5 years. Hamilton, Lujan, Rozek,. Gore, Sisk, Rijo, Milacki, German, Acosta will ALL see action with the team in the future.
  14. Be lucky to catch half the games in 2022. Can he play first? Of course, Sano is there right now and Kirilloff is a better longtertm choice. Sano is always the guy messing things up. Do you keep (and extend) Sano as your DH of the future? Donaldson is also a roster problem. How many games does he play at third base. Is he your part-time DH. Suddenly, where does Garver play if he is a part-time aging catcher. If anyone is looking for a catcher, especially coming out of spring training, he could be a prize trade chip. I would not fear to make a trade.
  15. Pressley was a strange commodity. He was a cheap Rule 5 pickup. He was entering his 30th year, still had one more year of arbitration, but the Twins didn't seem to need him, or feel he was worth a longterm committment. Let alone if he had pitched that way for the Twins as he did for Houston, would the Twins have made him one of their highest paid bullpen arms ever. Which makes you wonder: Why don't the Twins keep their own arms? Was Trevor May worth what the Mets paid? Would Pressley be a good longterm investment? Should the Twins sign Taylor Rogers to a multi-year expensive contract? Alcala will have a good year in 2022. Will it be a great year? Can he get into a mindset that might make him a potential closer? I felt the Twins were hoping that Alcala might be a rotation arm, rather than a bullpen arm. I'm also not totally sure about the reasoning behind Celestino, who was still quite raw and young. Future centerfield option if Buxton became too expensive, perhaps? Remember, if Buxton had full seasons, but put up the average of his part-time numbers, he would be commanding a lot more in arbitration. Would the Twins have done that? Regarding Baddoo vs. Celestino. Interesting that the Twins felt the need to add eitehr to the 40-man. Both were young. Both had not played above A+ ball. Looking at Baddoo and coming off an injury, that was a major gamble for the Tigers to take. Baddoo would've been at High-A and maybe AA for the Twins in 2021. Celestino would've spent all that Twins time he had at AA in 2022, but because of the outfield need got the quick advance to AAA, then the Twins, then seemed fruitless to send him back to AA ball...and he shined at AAA, compared to the other jumper Larnach, who could've easily gone back to AA. Is there something that doesn't allow major league guys to drop back down to AA anymore, unless on a rehab assignment? I rad soemthing about AA guys not being able to jump directly to the majors. What gives. At best, the Twins would've had the remainder of the season and the next with Pressley...because he would've tested the marketplace. Alcala has showed worth already and has at least four more seasons with the Twins. If he can dominate and become a closer, he could be that arm investment that the Twins have yet to make for their bullpen for a half-decade after that. Assuming he would want to stay with the Twins. Celestino will start at St. Paul and show if he can be a good fourth outfielder if the call comes, or a replacement at either corner in seasons ahead, showing power and speed. Solid trade for the Twins.
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