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  1. Too many? No. You can also throw Archer into this mix. Coming into this season the Twins had: Ober, Ryan, Paddock, Bundy, Archer, Gray and Winder with Smeltzer, Sands, Balazovic, Henriquez, Enlow in the wings, as well as Vallimont. Enlow and Vallimont you hoped would make AAA. We figured Sands, Balazovic and maybe Henriquez would see some time in the majors. We also plugged in Gonzales, Rodriguez and Sanchez, for some odd reason. And we are sitting here on August 10th with a rotation of JUST five arms and one in the wings (Smeltzer). Most of whom can barely make it throw the fifth. I never thought the Twins would be where they are, in first place FOR MOST OF THE SEASON. Especially without a real closer. Now, they got the closer. But they still could use a top-flight A#1 rotation arm...maybe buy one in the off-season. Yes, 2023 looks wonderful. Ryan, Gray, Mahle, Maeda, Ober, Paddock, WInder. That is 7 riches. Dobnak and Smeltzer in the wings. Varlanmd is up at AAA. MJaybe Woods-Richardson and Canterino will egt some AAA innings to end the season. Then we can say that MAYBE they will be on board for some starts in 2023, and the rotation consideration in 2024. But of course we thought these guys would get some starts in 2022, and be in line for a call for fulltime rotation spots in 2023: Balazovic, Henriquez, Sands, Enlow, Strotman. We saw how that has worked out. Never enough arms. And if you feel you are set, then those probably 2023 "rookies" should've been dangled more as tradebait for a first flight rotation arm who could help next season (Montas). And, as we have seen, the best prospects can be worth zero if they don't produce.
  2. We need rotation arms to go more than 4-5 innings. Bundy is questionable. Archer should explore the bullpen, for now. Maybe that will happen when Winder or Ober come back. You need to advance that runner. And then egt them home. And the Twins will need to address catcher. Maybe Leon will be a stud for the remainder of the year! But the key is to have starting pitchers pitch like starting pitchers. You can keep rotating guys in-and-out of the pen from St. Paul, or overusing your top key arms.
  3. Sano will be a major decision for the Twins. 2022 basically showed how the team can play without him in the lineup. Designated hitter will still be an open spot, unless you look at it as a place for Arraez/Miranda/Urshela to rotate, as well as a place for an occasional outfielder to rest. Any progress by Larnach and Wallner this season could doom Sano to free agency.
  4. Wander needs to jump to at least Wichita. He becomes a minor league free agent this season, so he can go elsewhere if he wishes.
  5. He signed a good contract. If he does suepr great, he can walk and lay the market. If he doesn't (like right now) his agent can put out feelers, but he is still guaranteed a great payday.
  6. Pagan grimace? Oh, no. We need a replacement. Is Duffey still available? Can we bring him back? Or...The Return of Cotton or Minaya or THORNBURG!
  7. I would even welcome a return of Cotton. Moran will be back after he spends a few more days in days in the minors although the flip side is they can’t option him out again fir the season I believe. if Pagan is basically regulated to mop up, even Strotman can fulfill that role and probably face at least 9 batters.. Pagan seems to still have rusted life to try and make the Padres deal look okay although San Diego has jettisoned their end of the deal.
  8. I felt 2022 was going to be a rebuilding year. Yet, because of the weakness of the division, the Twins have been competitive and have showcased so much young talent. They parted with some players, a couple they might regret if current "new" talent regresses in the coming year. But who knows where prospects ever...go. Going thru an active trade deadline, the Twins also had to get a real feel about just who otehr teams might covet. And those bodies that you can't give away (Strotman, Balazovic have to be running on fumes, but I hope the Twins give Balazovic another chance, but removing him from the 40-man will allow him to make a decision to stay or not). If you look at all the injuries throughout the team and organization, the team is still rich in probable players who can contribute.
  9. Isola is on a rehab assignment. A decision will have to be made quickly on Palacios as he will be a minor league free agent once the season ends. Depending on how Pagan continues to pitch, or if the bullpen suffers an injury, see Sisk getting a cup of coffee. Maybe Schulfer, too. But the Twins will probably run the gamut of Felix, Peacock, Wood as well as a return of Cotton or Minaya before trying someone totally new.
  10. I'm not sure he will join the bullpen of a contender. All teams have to be pretty set. That Cotton keeps getting passed on. Would you consider him, or Minaya, or even Sanchez and Smith worse or better. Right now all would be cheaper than Duffey.
  11. You run the risk of getting injured. So depending on the length or amount, he could depart for a longterm deal, anything over fve years and $125+ million at this point. I'm sure he would like more, with the opt outs depending on actualy amount paid at 3-5 years. But he has to put up better numbers than he is currently doing for the Twins. Even a short stint on the IL can hurt his progress to a much bigger contract. The Twins 3-year deal is a nice buffer as long as he stays healthy. He would still be a young free agent and could get a 5-7 year deal easily if he proves himself healthy, even after the Twins payouts. And it was a gamble for the Twins, too. They could be on the dcket for three years of money if something happened to Correa. But better than paying ut for 5-7 years at the same yearly average.
  12. Sanchez came up instead of Smeltzer because of where they fell in the rotation. Sands is up until they can add back in Moran, wh has to spend time in the minors. Smeltzer is that extra starter who can be recalled for a double-header (hopefully) or if somsthing happens in the rotation. Could he stay in the mix for 2023, be it long relief/ They would have to keep him on the 40-man, and possibly overpay him (as they have Cave, Cotton and Minaya so they could send him up and down in 2023 and not just lose him to another team). Being a lefty gives him lots of value. It is just "how to use him - long relief, short relief, 5th starter).
  13. SIMMONS designated for assingment. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/08/cubs-designate-andrelton-simmons-for-assignment.html GODOY gets major league job with Pirates. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/08/pirates-claim-jose-godoy-designate-taylor-davis.html
  14. And you always keep a few players to jettison once you sign a free agent. You can't remove any of the 40-man roster adds until soemtime in spring training, unless you trade them. The tough part is always having 40-man guys that don't contribute and can be questionable for the next season now, too. Like Balazovic, Sands, Enlow, Jenriquez (he is soooo young), Strotman. You can easily carry one low-level minor league guy for a whole season with no advancement, but you can't carry many like the Twins did this year. Whew. 10 guys on the 60-day!
  15. I shook my head at that line-up, too. Kudos to new pitcher Mahle for reinforcing that Rocco should never let a starter pitch into the sixth inning.
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