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  1. Will we see Henriquez again, picking up for five-inning Bundy? I look forward to that. The future!
  2. Coming off of a non-season because of COVID, a partial season in which TV suddenly became unavailable on some straming services, and a lockout...whatever the Twins did for advertising the team fell on deaf ears in 2022. Did they advertise outside of their own broadcasts? I felt there was little team outreach, little in the way of social media reaches. No amrketing whatsoever. Averaged 22,000 a game. Has to be disappointing when you were in first place for up to four months, during prime summer months. Gotta rethink the realtionship with WCCO radio and sister stations. WCCO was always a great booster in the past. Bally is not the outlet for your broadcast games, sorry.
  3. That's pretty much it. Mets have Trevor May and Eduardo Escobar. Braves have Jake Odorizzi, Robbie Grossman. Marwin Gonzalez is still on the Yankees bench. Taylor Rogers is with the Brewers. Tyler Duffey didn't pitch wewll enough at AAA to get the call!
  4. We have to look at minor league free agents. Camargo fits into that category. I would keep him over Hamilton at this point. Wander Javier, a high-signed bonus guy, will probably finally leave the Twins. Heck, I would've brought up SIsk at this point. No need to send out Megill anymore. Cut him now. Canterino will be an interesting watch. Yes, will a team grab him like Burdi? They would have to pay him major league money all season on the 60-day IL. Twins purposely kept Julien at AA. I bet they try and have him go thru Rule 5. Although I would probably try Helman, if push came to shove, and keep Julien in the end. Helman could come up now, Julien is still a half-season away. Helman is an interesting player. Would you keep him over, say, a Cave or Garlick? That he can also play the infield and has some speed, could he be that "reserve" guy you wish you ahd coming off the bench? A lot depends on who the Twins think can start the season at shortstop in 2023. Do they need to keep Palacios? Would they move over Polanco and play Arraz at second, if they go to arbitration with Gio? They have already added the important pieces: Wallner, Woods Richardson, Varland. Be inteesting to see what they do with names like COotreras (I would keep Helman over him), Cave, Caleb Hamilton, Stashak, Coulombe, Romero, Garlick, Smeltzer (would you keep Sisk over Smeltzer right now?). The pain is the players you can't remove: like Enlow, or Balazovic. They would be grabbed by pretty much any other organization. Do you feel they are worth keeping, or will they be quickly passed by others?
  5. You pretty much can live without Stashak, Coulombe, Pagan, Megill - all on the 40-man. And Fulmer will leave. I would think all but Pagan could come back on a minor league contract if you truly wish to keep them.
  6. I was not expecting Wallner to become a threat to crack the outfield until sometime in 2023. But right now, he could possib,ly do it out of spring training. The question is: what to do with Max Kepler. Do we trade, cut ties, whatever? Celestino still shows signs of being overmatched. Again, 2022 was supposed to be his time to get lots of regular play at AAA in centerfield. He is, right now, the backup for Buxton. So many of us hoped Kirilloff would grab (and hold down) first base. That is up in the air, and the Twins, if they resign Gio, has that bag covered with Arraez and Miranda. Lewis and Martin are also outfield candidates. But someone needs to play shortstop in 2023. The advancement of Brooks Lee will be fun to watch. Everyone else is up to three years away from beining added to the 40-man, so 2026 we could start seeing a whole new look in the Twins outfield going forth.
  7. I would take the arbitration gamble for now, and consider rotating him with Miranda and Arraez at 1B/3B/DH, unless the Twins truly egt a BIG BAT for the DH spot. But I would monitor spring training carefully, see how Miranda does at third base, and use Gio as a trade piece and don't wait for his season to tank, as has Kepler's, which would make him untradable and then I guy you feel you have to play because of the pay. I don't really see much in the wayy of 40-man roster troubles. I just see the Twins having to make a few hard decisions, especially on outfielders, coming out of spring training. Do I like Arraez at first base? I was hoping it would be the home of Kirilloff, and then Miranda would be the fulltime guy at third. Where to play Arraez?
  8. The Twins will have to keep Balazovic on the 40-man, otherwise they will outright lose him. Can they afford to keep him on the 40-man is the bigger question.
  9. Gordon is what you expect for a becnh guy. Hopefully you also have a counterpart that is more fielding than hitting, at times. Yes, Wallner needs more time at AAA. But we could say the same for Celestino, too. Wallner is striking out waaaaay too much. But you have to admire his hustle. Remember, he was at AA ball for msot of the season.
  10. Well, he wanted to enter the $300+ million club. Won't be doing that with the Twins, sadly. I doubt the Twins would even go as high as $150m for five years, which wouldn't get it done. Not sure if the Twins will ever be able to entice a player to come here again for such a high one-time salary.
  11. You can't keep sending up guys like Contreras, Hamilton and the like and expect results. Sorry. Again, a close game the Twins lost because of hitting more than pitching...and that one BIG fielding mistake.
  12. Twins make facilities available to first reposnders.... https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/twins-evacuate-players-fort-myers-offer-dorms-to-first-responders/
  13. It once was impossible to get a ticket to a Saints game. What has changed since they joined the Twins organization? Comfortable, wonderful park. Excellent to walk the concourse. Decent food at affordable prices. Plus, you get to see the occasional top-flight prospect!
  14. I'm feeling god about the next and future generation of players. So much so that with berrios gone, Sano about to leave...the Twins can make hard decisions on guys like Polanco and Kepler. I do wish I had better feelings about the bodies of Larnach and Kirilloff going forth, but these guys jsut might be bypassed in the season/s ahead with newer and even more exciting names. Duran has been a Gem of a find. I think he can be a closer. I still worry about his arm and signing him immedately to a BIG longterm. Maybe they can get a nice 4-6 year contract with their little money offer. Sad about Paddack missing most of next season, too. Major bummer. This whole season was full of guys getting (deserved) major league roster credit at the expense of staying longer term (or producing) for the Twins. That's one BIG drawback for the year.
  15. I'm calling the ticket office tomorrow to ask about playoff tickets!
  16. The complex is not that far from FT. MYERS BEACH, Beautiful facility if you have ever been there. Sports fields can be rebuilt. Hopefully the town survives. https://www.leegov.com/sports/facilities/baseball/centurylinksportscomplex
  17. Gonna be a lot of cheap jerseys blown out at the State Fair nexy year!
  18. Looks like the Twins Training Complex and A-ball team headquarters will be in the path of what is promising to be a thunderous water-filled surge of a hurricane. Anyone know if the Twins are currently holding a Fall Instructional League at the complex? The players (and staff) are usually housed in a hotel-like building at the complex. Not sure what it is like for weathering a hurricane. And it isn't just sitting thru a hurricane, but the mess that comes after it...supply line delays, loss of power, etc. etc. Again, the Twins usually have up to a fourth of their minor league prospects workout in an after-the-season instructional camp, with an occasional pick-up game with a nearby (Red Sox) team.
  19. I'm writing a check for post-season tickets right now to The Twins!!!!!
  20. The Twins have to figure out where they will be playing Martin. Sure, they can jerk him around the diamond (like the Twins did Cuddyer before settling him into...right field.). But he only has the few years in minor league system. Be interesting to see how the Twins end up handling Brooks Lee, a possible similar player.
  21. You gotta keep him and probably start him since youa re paying him. Hope he starts off 2023 dynamite and then start fielding offers - no matter where youa re in the standings. He would still have a nice option year if he is productive, so could have value to a team. But only if he improves. I'm assuming thre wasn't alot of interest on Max during the 2022 season. Otherwise the Twins would've been foolishg not to move him, just for the sake of salary.
  22. I'm glad Caleb Hamilton got this memorable moment for his major league career! Congrats. Henriquez becomes first Twin to be born in new century, I guess. I love seeing all those runners on base! Wish they could cross home rather than just running back to the dugout.
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