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  1. Marcos Diplan added to the Orioles. The guy was a cash purchase to the Twins from the Brewers back in 2019 and he spent final two weeks with the Twins, on the 40-man roster, before being waived and then claimed by the Tigers, who also tried to run him thru waivers and he was claimed by the Orioles.
  2. A fun read. https://tria.com/dr-john-steubs-celebrates-31st-season-with-the-minnesota-twins/
  3. The guy we traded to the Yankees for Jake Cave. And some were even talking that he would've been a good piece to send back towards the Twins if the Yankees really had an interest in Berrios.
  4. And the Rays took a further hit to their pitching depoth, losing their second of two former Twins that they waivered off the roster, Sean Poppen joins the Diamondbacks, after pitching just 5+ innings this year in the majors for the Rays and the Pirates. Former Twins relief arms are giving new meaning to the moniker "journeyman."
  5. Wasn't it 2019 that the Twins never lost more than two games in a row...seldom. Plus they won series like yahoo~! The problem has purely been pitching this season. Not having the guy that pitches the long great game (win or lose) consistently, and often can stop or hold another lineup to limited offense (i.e. 4 runs or less. The Twins, also, coming off success should've improved. They needed a real closer and leave the setup to the Duffey and Rogers tandem. And then build out from there. Also, the Twins got caught in the unpredictable. Losing so many of the extra inning runoffs. It takes a special kind of pitcher to start an inning with a runner in scoring position. You usually have that, except that getting to the tie game you already used that guy. that seems un obtainable when you lose more than two games in a row...consistently. When you win, you can set your rotation out of the pen. When you lose, there are no safe or hold opportunities, so you have to use guys for the sake of getting them in a game while you wait and wait and wait for the win. Average, on a whole, is down in major league baseball, yet people are still getting on base and still hitting homeruns. The Twins need to work more on getting runners moved over, and have to address the Big One - Miguel Sano coming up with the bases load or any runners on base and killing the inning with a strikeout, often a real bad strikeout. Baseball has become too much of a game of looking at sheets and video and stats and not just playing the game. Once the game begins, i t can always change, according to pitching matchups, and especially condition of players. Are players too strong? Is this sport going the way of wrestling with cut bodies and muscles that are not needed to swing a bat or throw a ball? It is, after all, a game. You throw the ball, the batter swings and misses, or hits it. Someone fields it. A play is made. The ball goes up or down. People try to do too much, or sometimes too little. And in the end, no matter who you are as a team, one of the duo has to win, and the other lose. Often the best of teams suffer because of just a fielding mistake, a wild-pitch, or a botched double play. Now let's get back to playing baseball, and lineup construction where Max Kepler leads off, Luis Arraez bats clean-up, and Sano always comes up with runners on base, or he gets that extra at bat in a game.
  6. Jake Reed continues his trip around the majors. After appearing in a half-dozen games with the Dodgers after toiling in the Twin system forever , he was grabbed by Tampa Bay who allowed him a single Triple-A appearance before needing 40-man roster room. Now the Mets have grabbed the former Twins high draftee. He started the season with the Angels system.
  7. Be interesting to see how the Twins rotate starter prospects into the mix. I imagine we should see Balazovic and Sands brought up, not to mention Stortman. Just so they get a taste of the major leagues. I wonder if the Twins would consider using someone like Gant as a regular opener for the younger starters. I also don't see the Twins wanting to shut down a guy like Over before the season is over. The question is do you just keep him at the 50-60 pitch level or push that upwards towards 100. Also will be interesting to see if fall instruction league exists and who the Twins send to whatever is Wieetr Ball.
  8. Blaine Hardy is back in the majors with the Brewers. You may remember that he was signed by Minnesota but underwent Tommy John surgery when he came up lame in spring training.
  9. Considering Faucher was the only throw-in prospect they lost, kudos to the Twins. They managed to move Robles who has been horrible going into the deadline. They managed to get something for Happ, a guy who had one more start with the Twins before going away, even if the Twins had to include some cash. All the other names? Donaldson would be a great pickup for anyone, if they had a spare $25m laying around. There were so many other outfielders NOT named Kepler. Simmons could've been packaged with someone the Twins MIGHT NOT be able to protect come the Fall, but there was no one needing his services that wasn't replaceable within their own ranks, period. Was really surprised on Pineda. Except that there are further suspension or injury fears with the guy for the remainder of the season. Was the Twins asking price too high? At least, keeping him, we get to see if he IS worth keeping for his benefit to the clubhouse! Which can be BIG! I am more curious to see how the Twins handle the need to play ANYONE not on contract to possibly return NEXT season, come September. They have the opportunity to use it as a try out for some maybees trolling in AAA ball, get some advance looks (and experience) for folks who could break camp, or egt an early callup. Waiting to see if the Fall League happens and who the 3-5 are that go that way. Plus the list of six year free agents vs. guys needing Rule 5 protection. The Twins can still have 7-9 open spots on the 40-man going into the November deadline. I would like to see at least four of the names added and getting play in September. I'm going to give them an A! If you kept Berrios for another season, paid him $10m, made a qualifying offer, and got a draft pick...well, basically the Twins saved $10m, got a draftpick the Jays paid $7 million to sign, something the Twins would probably never ever do. And the guy (and corresponding pitcher) are fast-tracked in the system. They could see service come 2022 if you don't worry about adding them to life too soon. Plus, the Twins will continue to be BAD for the year, which means they get a much higher draft pick next season. So, there can still be a plus in that as they manage to still draw 20,000+ folks a game to see outdoor baseball.
  10. Now it is all about minor league management and where you see such players as Sano, Kepler, Polancio, Garver come 2023 or 2024. There are supposedly 12-a4 plays on the cusp of AA thru Triple-A (although the Saints roster is mostly AAA guys now until a few move up from Wichita. If that is rue, the Twins need to find 40-man spots for those guys in the next two seasons. Five should easily come forward by this season's end, with tryouts in the majors in September (the Twins may actually be making few 40-man moves come November than ever). 2022/2023 will see basically big expenditures for Donaldson. If his salary was removed, the Twins could spend bigtime on one front-line starter and one real-time closer. They can play their dumpster diving for some bullpen arms (many of whom are already on the 40-man or in St. Paul) as well as that spare outfielder/infielder (most of whom are also at AAA St. Paul). They need to address training and conditioning. So many players down. Waiting for the total of games lost by players to injuries in this season compared to any other. When you have 5/6 guys on the 60-day, well.......
  11. Lots of people lost jobs. Let's look at a couple of winners. Andrew Romaine, who left after a spring training invite, is back in the Cubs locker room. Brooks Raley returns from COVID, and Ian Krol, designated by the Tigers, was resigned by them. The Phillies cut loose Brandon Kintzler. Jake Reed and Sean Poppen were designated for assignment by the Rays. The Yankees had enough of Ryan LaMarre and sent him packing. Lewin Diaz was sent to the minors by the Marlins. As mentioned above, Eddie Rosario goes to Atlanta. Kyle Gibson joins the Phillies. And John Curtiss is traded to the Brewers.
  12. The Twins were being, naturally, cheap. Looking for a massive hometown discount. Hunter walked, Cuddyer left. Nathan moved on. Yes, the Twins offered $80m, at first. Then went to $90. Then hinted at $100. During the process, I believe Santana's agent was also able to talk to the variety of interested clubs and get an idea if they could sign him longterm. That happened and the trade went forward with a $137 6-year contract that could push it to $150 million. Like Berrios, Santana saw dollar signs. Why not. He also wanted to go to one of the major markets for baseball, be it Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston or New York. A pitcher like Johan was also looking at the secondary dollars that come with name branding and commercial ventures. But, like so many, you can be a regular fish in a BIG marketplace, or stayed in Minnesota and be the Kemps or Subway King of Minnesota. The Twins probably could've pushed to $120 million for six years. And, quite frankly, they should've. Like Corey Koskie, you wonder if Santana's career would've continued strong if he had stayed and been a Minnesota icon rather than chasing the almigty dollar. And when a player is NOT returning to a club (remember the demanding Chuck Knoblauch), the paying club is somewhat in the driver's seat. The Twins got Humber. I believe they originally wanted Pelfrey at the time. The Yankees supposedly offered Cabrera, Hughes, Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy. The Twins didn't want Cabrera. The Red Sox offered Lester, Crisp, Bowen and Lowrie. The Twins wanted Ellsbury. The Red Sox countered with Buchholz rather than Lester.. But nothing could be put in stone and the Mets suddenly became the players in the game, only. The Twins got Humber, who had to be put on the roster. They got Gomez, who should've been sent to the minors for some seasoning. They got Mulkey, or eventually got us Jon Rauch. And Deois Guerra, who spent SEVEN YEARS in the Twins system leaving at the ripe age of 25 and ahs pitched in 100+ games since, okay. You have to hope that the Twins were running the board this round, that San Diego, Mets, Blue Jays and a couple of other teams were making offers you'd be a fool to refuse while scouting secondary options that may be more fruitful. Sometimes it is a tough call. You can't expect a hometown discount. You should actually be paying a hometown bonus because the guy ahs been toiling for your team for the past six/seven years (or in Buxton's case, working part-time for six of the past seven). Good luck to Berrios. He has the incentive to be the BEST pitcher he can be looking for a payday. So many things can happen between then and there. And then you have to always hope that the player will have the same "in play" as they beak the bank but still need to come to work and play every fifth day for the next half-a-decade.
  13. I think Jax will be a solid back of the rotation starter, and hopefully find a career as a solid middle multi-inning relief guy. The Twins will let him start, I hope, to stretch him out and be a possibility in 2022. He ahs to be able to go thru an order three times to stay in the rotation long-term.
  14. Besides anyone from the new additions, I only see the potential of giving Balazovic, Sands, Winder Vallimont and maybe Albers attempts to start. Of course, Thorpe will be back ion the mix soon. The bullpen arms showing life are Vasquez (crafty lefty from the old days), Hamilton, Cano, Vincent, Moran and Barraclough. Strotman and Ryan are shoo-ins to get exposure in September. You should get to AAA ball Gore, Neff and Ryan Mason sooner rather than later.
  15. Berrios Time. The starting pitcher names I most remember are the oldtimers...Perry, Blyleven, Pascual, Kaat. We had shortimers like Grant and Chance. Then we get into Goltz, Radke, Tapani, Viola, Santana and shortimers Erickson and Lirano. Santana, Perry, Viola had better WHIPS. All the oldtimers had better ERAs. Everyone else started more games in their career for the Twins (except Chance and Grant). A homegrown talent who got away (hey, Matt Garza was another that left too soon). Goodbye, Jose! Will be interesting to see how well you pitch heading into free agency and how the money will flow in your direction.
  16. Gotta get that #1 stopper relief pitcher. I am excited about Moran, Cano and possibly Hamilton. The question is how gets cycled (or recycled) for the rest of the season. The sooner the Twins part ways with Colome the better. A top of the order starter. Yes, Noah would be fine by me. I have faith that the Twins will look at Balazovic and Winder still. Remember, we also have Dobnak! And Smeltzer and Thorpe are still in the mix, I guess. Catcher is fine with Garver also able to play first base or DH. DH is fine with Rooker, and Garver/Sano as relief. Maybe even a resting place for Donaldson. Arraez, Polanco, Gordon, Lewis should be able to hold down the infield. I might like a better backup body that Alstudillo for third base, but.... An outfield of Kepler, larnach and Buxton is fine. Kirillof needs to be a regular, and maybe bump Sano more to the bench or DH (or Miguel can stay in shape and be our third base backstop). I'm not seeing an issue with a backup in the outfield. I hope we maybe see more of Refsnyder. Maybe not too much more of Cave. Maybe time to see Contreras. But the Twins showed that for outfield depth you can troll AAA free agents: Garlick, Reysnyder, Broxton...shouldn't be a problem to find a fourth outfielder. Two questions: who are the Twins pending minor league free agents of note? Who are the names the Twins have to look at hard for the Rule 5 draft. Wander Javier back in the plans? If he Twins spend money, they need to do it on a front rotation arm, a proven starter, and maybe bring back Pi9neda. I'm not sure if Cruz really fits into the picture anymore. September will be the time to look at everyone really really hard who you think might play in 2022 and get them on an off-season program to come to spring training strong and hungry.
  17. Man, the Twins should be acting like the Nationals. I'm looking forward to the Twins totally striking out at the trade deadline as no one wants what we have for sale, even in a special blue-lite markdown in the next 24 hours, or a two-for-one special!
  18. Right now - MAEDA. Looks like Ober is locked into a spot, as is Dobnak, unless he implodes. The hope WAS that we would get to see Duran and Balazovic this season. We still might see Balazovic. Barnes is also a bet for consideration. We will see more of him once everything shakes out. We will also see more of Griffin Jax. I'm a Jax fan, but I suspect that he may not have much of a future with the Twins. Strotman is a definite. The Twins still have Thorpe (rehabbing in Florida) and Smeltzer in the mix. Thorpe ahs to stick in 2022. I hope he gets some innings in September and can be a long-man out of the pen, at the least. Otherwise, the pickings are slim. It all depends how the Twins handle roster spots. Winder and Sands would be next on the list. Neither have to be 40-manned, I believe. And expect them to pitch in the Fall League. Chandler Shepherd and Albers might get a shot as the season winds down, but don't see a need to keep them on the 40-man. So. for the rotation, the Twins shall be in full FREE AGENT buy mode. Sure they can talk to Pineda again (and Cruz might come back...who knows). So right now...chills...Madea, Ober, Dobnak, Strotman, Barnes, Balazovic with Smeltzer and Jax in the wings, Duran and Sands and Winder on the horizon. Gonna miss one more year of Berrios, who will be pitching his best wherever he is looking for a huge payday. The Twins will have some interesting bullpen arms to think about, Top of the list is Hamilton. Someone like Gore might be in the mix. Moran and Cano are also on the verge and should get September looksees.
  19. The toughest job is 40-man roster construction. Who to protect, who to jettison, who to forget, who to hide. Baddoo was hidden, waaaay back in the minors due to injuries. Taking him was taking a big chance. He was behind Celestino and Larnach and Kirilloff and Rooker....so he was waaaaaay out of the picture. You keep a Cave (or a LaMonte Wade) as off-season 40-man adds have to stay on the roster unless traded until spring training is way underway. So you need a player or three to jettison if you sign a free agent. Miranda was missed? Well, the Twins don't see fit to add and bring up the guy, so it was doubtful that any other team would also make that choice. The Twins, going into 2021, needed to sign a top of the rotation starter on the level or Berrios.2, Someone a year or two older that is deserving of a longterm multi tens of millions contract. They didn't. They went to the slush pile of Shoemaker, Happ and Pineda, with the hopes that Ballazovic and Duran would need innings and these guys could be happily flipped at the trading deadline for riches. The Twins needed a bonafide closer. Not a closer by committee,. No a diamond in the rough. Not someone who Wes Johnson could magically transform. They didn't. Sure, they lost Clippard and Romo and Wisler and whatever. They also lost May, who might've been closer material and really didn't go for an outrageous contract. But instead they have gone to the trash-heap. Look at all the names waiting in the wings: Shepherd, Leyer, Hamilton, Albers, Nunn, Barraclough, Gilmartin, Lau, Garcia, Vincent, Harvey, Williams not to mention time and money spent on Coulombe, Law, Farrell, Anderson, Minaya, Waddell...and don't get me talking Colome and Robles. Let's put all that cha-ting into one contract and get someone actually good. And on offense, it all revolves around Sano, where and how much he plays, when he wants to play. At some point, you make it a non-issue and someone else's problem. Plus, yes, you could've kept Wade (or Baddoo) and rode without Cave. The Twins showed there is plenty of outfielders of that status to be had putting Garlick, Refsnyder and almost Broxton into the mix. Okay, Baddoo wasn't on the cusp (like Lrnach and Kirilloff) so he was blocked, blocked, blocked folks. Agree with that. He was 10 spots away from the Twins in the minds of the front office, depending on what he would do in a full-season of play in AA ball, soemthing Celestino should be doing rather than running around in the majors. Is it hard to sign starting pitchers? Then the Twins needed to be the best friend Jose Berrios ever had and figure out a way to keep him. DO you like what you see rather than spin blindfolded and buy in the open market? Then you keep your Trevor May. You resign Byron Buxton because he is Mr. Twin right now. You show other players that the Twins can be your lifetime in the majors leagues, not just a losing steppingstone to bigger markets and contracts elsewhere where you are forgotten (Johan, are you listening...what did New York do for you - you would've been KING of Minnesota baseball). Us fans have to realize that running a team IS HARDER than sitting in our armchair and dreaming up trades that get rid of mediocre players for great ones, advancing prospects before they are ready, shuffling names on and off a roster not realizing that they do have to go somewhere. Right now, let's recognize the NEWE core the Twins have to build around, what that core will cost tomorrow and five years into the future, and what needs to be done to supplement it. Supposedly money isn't an issue. If the fan base returns, totally in 2022 then the Twins should be looking at $150m+ for payroll. There is absolutely no reason they can't be competitive in the top free agent market.
  20. Eduardo Escobar is with the Brewers. Guess the White Sox lost out.
  21. With expanded rosters limited to 28 in September, the Twins have to make hard decisions going into that month if they want to actually add players to play for the future, or stick with guys that are drawing a paycheck that WILL NOT IN ANY WAY way will be back come 2022. Right away they should immediately have five open roster spots. Goodbye to Colome, Pineda, Simmons, Happ, Robles. (Here's hoping the Twins at least trade Pineda and Thielbar). I would have Law, Farrell, Minaya, Cave and Refsnyder on a very short leash. Once the minor league season ends you ask if you have seen enough of these guys to even consider them holding a roster spot. Of course, the Twins have a slew of disabled guys: Colina, Stashak, Smeltzer, Dobnak, Garlick. I see little reason to return any more than three of these guys, maybe even only one and hope you can resign any others to a minor league contract if you still want them around. But that is another story. The Twins need to make a decision on Jaxx. They need to see Balazovic and more of Barnes as well as is Burrows a keeper. But they need to look AND ADD to the roster any prospect that they fell can play in 2022 and contribute and let them take their licks in September to season's end. AT least five NEW names!
  22. We need to get Celestino and Cave both in the lineup together more often, with Gordon playing one of the corner positions. Yes, send him out!
  23. Priority is always your own FREE AGENTS. Step one is always the length of a contract. You can easily sign a 5-year deal with an opt out (for the player) in Year Three. Heck you can do anything, really. 7 years and $80 million is the Twins hoping to get three GREAT years from Buxton at the least. So, why not make a solid three year contract offer, with an option for a fourth. Buxton will still be ably to do a big contract. Berrios is dreaming. He IS worth more than 5/$85, but not worth 5/$125. Wait, maybe he is. Has he given enough to the Twins in his career so far? Is there a better pitcher in the marketplace that the Twins would give either $85 or $125 million to, that would be willing to come to Minnesota? Front offices do look beyond the stats, but the dismal offense Berrios is getting is highlighting his one bad ending most outings. He also still ahs to show he can be strong for an entire year. It is all in his court. Sadly, contract talks like this don't bode well for the future. A Kirilloff who missed out on active roster days and will now be facing an extra year of arbitration. The Twins continuing to hold players back, getting them service time when they are 25 or older, rather than pushing out a youngster. I see a few names coming up to St. Paul, but I don't see the Twins adding them to the main roster this year, and maybe not even the 40-man in the off-season. Why should they. Sacrifice service time? It is all about the dollars and nonsense in this game. Target Field was built so the Twins could put a competitive team on the field. Keep not only players long term, but also keep their players from walking for free agency. Step one is to make it so people DO want to play here, not just the guys you claim on minor waivers looking for a second chance, or the backend guy who gets a blow-away offer from the Twins. Sure, the Twins signed Donaldson. And he is/was worth it. But it was purely smoke-and-mirrors showing that they COULD do it. But, again, that year when he was signed was still "smoke and mirrors" of "We made such-and-such an offer, but it just missed being enough for the Big Guys!
  24. It's so hard. The Twins are looking at who will return to the roster in 2022. Who they need to see who they may/may not be keeping because of 40-man considerations, Rule 5, six year free agents. In some ways, we will see a cycle threw of some odd names. Hamilton will either get a looksee and will be jettisoned, or kept on the 40-man. The pain is for every name added, someone has to go. CASE IN POINT: We traded Cruz and Faucher for two pitchers. One takes the place of Cruz on the 40-man, but someone, ultimately we lost a position player. But in the end, we do have to add the other Ray acquire to the 40-man, which means a player has to go in his place. Okay: case-in-point that the Twins WILL have plenty of roster spots with free agent departures. But both Tampa players HAVE TO BE ADDED. Not sure if Moran or Cano needs to be added. Hamilton would have to be added to be kept. If they don't, he will surely walk. But he also needs to stay once added or he will also walk. Our current trouble is all the players on the IL, including our top two starting prospects in Duran and Balazovic. Throw in Smeltzer and Thorpe and Stashak. That's now five pitchers that the Twins would pretty much keep, but seeing little results. So, a couple may be gone just because.....
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