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  1. Looking back, I start to think about what my own salaries were in some of those seasons and how it has increased (or decreased) over the decades. How about you? Too often we forget that the majority of players really didn't make a lot of money for their limited careers in the very early days. FROM MLBTRADERUMORS: As we enter Day 1 of the MLB lockout, one key issue in the current labor negotiations is where the players’ minimum salary will land. Given the union’s stated goal to get players paid more when they’re younger and more productive, it stands to reason that they’re seeking a more significant increase than usual. The minimum salary was set at $570,500 in 2021. It’s not known how much MLB proposed raising it in their most recent offer. Here’s a look at how the minimum salary has changed with each new CBA. 1968: Minimum salary went from $6K to $10K, a 66.7% increase 1970: $10K to $12K, a 20% increase 1973: $13.5K to $15K, an 11.1% increase 1976: $16K to $19K, an 18.8% increase 1980: $21K to $30K, a 42.9% increase 1985: $40K to $60K, a 50% increase 1990: $68K to $100K, a 47.1% increase 1997: $109K to $150K, a 37.6% increase 2003: $200K to $300K, a 50% increase 2007: $327K to $380K, a 16.2% increase 2012: $414K to $480K, a 15.9% increase 2017: $507.5K to $535K, a 5.4% increase In the free agency era, the minimum salary had always increased by at least 15.9% until the just-expired CBA. There is historical precedent for a leap as high as 50%, which would mean $855,750 for 2022. An increase of 16% would be more in line with the ’07 and ’12 CBAs, which would set the minimum at $661,780. It should also be noted that the minimum salary typically increases each year within a CBA, with the ’20 and ’21 rates involving cost of living adjustments.
  2. I would've done the 3-year contract the Cubs gave Stroman in a heartbeat. What gives with the Twins! Hey, Jon Lester is available, right? As well as Matt Shoemaker, Homer Bailey and Vance Worley! Heck, I would've been overjoyed if the Twins had again signed Rich Hill with the way things are going!
  3. Danny Coulombe returns to the Twins on a minor league contract. Plus they signed Jacob Faria, past Tampa Bay prospect who could be a starter in reserve at St. Paul. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/f/fariaja01.shtml?utm_campaign=Linker&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=linker-
  4. Larnach will start in the minors. Imagine Kirilloff will be in LF. The question is does Miranda come north or play everyday at St. paul to start the season. Rotate bench and such thru the DH. Sabo remains at 1B. All depends what the Twins eventually do for shortstop in 2022.
  5. Well, Twins will be playhing musical chairs again DH will be Sano (fulltime, I hope) with Garver and Donaldson getting some play. I want to see Kirilloff at 1B. But who is in left field? Larnach can grab it in spring training, otherwise looks like Rooker. Then the decision is: does Celestino play everyday at St. Paul or is he the backup. Do the Twins just grab someone, anyone else, or do they feel they have enough in Gordon and Arraez as being the spare outfielders. Someday the Twins will have position players that just play a position. Let's start with at least 155 games by Buxton in centerfield!
  6. A lot of guys MAY be signing minor league contracts, just to be ready when the season starts. Cave was purely a need to have a backup if they didn't sign Buxton. The Twins now have three roster spots. They still have some chaf on the roster that could be sent elsewhere if need arises: Cotton, Jax, Garza, Stashak, Thorpe, Rooker are all, right now, the 25th or 26th man on the current roster...if the Twins can find a couple of starters. Good to have three roster spots...but don't fill them with guys who won't contribute to the team in 2022 (and beyond) please.
  7. Trevor Hildenberger, remember him, will be back in the minors with the Giants, trying to gat back to the majors.
  8. GIVE HIM A CHANCE AS A PLAY-BY-PLAY BROADCASTER FOLKS. It takes time. He's trying really hard, doing the work. Remember Bert and Dan when theyt started out. HOF - No! Is Don Mattingly in the HOF?
  9. Well goodbye to the recently one day claim/signing of Megill. Also, goodbye to Coulombe and Minaya, both pleasant surprises in the last half of the season out of the pen. Thought they would be worthy of some consideration, but also there is no need to give a million bucks to someone who might get bumped by a free agent signing and having no options. Let them play the amrekt and see if they might care to return, again, as minor league free agents. Andrew Vasquez cut loose by the Dodgers. Great K numbers, still only 28. Would he come abck to Minnesota and be St. Paul depth again? John Curtiss also cut lose by the Brewers. Tough break for the guy last year. He'll be on some watch lists as he recovers from his arm injury.
  10. Well, the Twins MAY be strong from the left side with Rogers, a newly signed Thielbar, Thorpe and Moran out of the pen. Coulombe could come back on a minor league contract, getting chances over the past two seasons with the Twins. Will wait and see. Same with Minaya. Rather than give the guys a contract and have to cut them because of a free agent signing, better to do it this way. You can negotiate minor league free agent contracts during the shutdown, if it happens. Whch means the Twins ARE looking to add three folks to the roster! That has to be a good feeling!
  11. I guess it was pay Cave or watch him walk. $800,000 is a significant backup to have him start at St. Paul and be there if you need him. Of course, a few weeks ago was still unsure about the Buxton situation longterm, so they did that "just in case." Not sure who the Twins will remove if they sign a free agent. Did Garlick also stay with the Twins? Haven't heaerd any mumblings. Plus they say Smelzer went unclaimed. Is he staying the the Twins or going free agent. Plus, over in Twins staffing land, they list Rody Hernandez as now being a minor league corrdinator along with Kevin Morgan with Edgar Vareda still as a hitting coach?
  12. The Twins should look into getting Trevor Megill from the Cubs. Doubt he will be kept on the 40-man. Has a power arm!
  13. Trevor Megill joins the Twins from the Cubs. Why? Maybe so the Twins could send Jake Cave outright to St. Paul, as no team claimed the $800,000 contract. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/m/megiltr01.shtml?utm_campaign=Linker&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=linker-
  14. No one has latched onto Pineda, which says a lot about his agent. Or, maybe, no one cares? Kershaw and Grienke! Hey, let's get some veteran presence for a couple of seasons while the youngsters shuffle thru the roster and build up their innings!
  15. Mauer. You can't complain about his contract. He gave the Twins more than they deserved for the first 7 years. As the face of the franchise, it was a fine choice to make. It as a decent move to first base, as it was doubtfuyl that he would play that many games behind-the-plate, no matter how well he kept himself in condition. You have to look at the Twins overall spending during the time of the conract. Did it keep them from spending elsewhere (no). I always feel that every team should have a "franchise player" once a season where that salary doesn't count against any payroll cap. If you look at Joe as a marketing coup, he was cheap. Sure, he wasn't always the best in the public scene, too quiet and unassuming. But better than the opposite. Did he offer enough leadership, can argue there, too. But you can never doubt his work ethic.
  16. Well, there seems to be no shortage opf monies in baseball...unless you are the Red, A's...and maybe the Twins!
  17. The pain of trading for a valuable piece good for two years is the reality that the Twins aren't that close to being competitive. Their chance for success still lies in prospects who MIGHT come together for the future. We also can't expect to trade castaways for prime pieces. A Strotman or a Rooker in a deal are a roster problem for the other team who would then have to jettison further plkayers on the roster for these guys. With every trade, and every free agent acquisition, the cost coimes from removing someone (maybe of worth) from a 40-man roster.
  18. Looks like Buxton could make $80 once he raches age 34 if he plays msot every game for the next few years!
  19. Having that fourth year is still a plus. Neither will break-the-bank in Year One of arbitration. But both remain tradable.
  20. Eduardo Escobar signs for two years and $20 million with the Mets. Often felt he was the realiable guy that did get away, and at time wondered how the Twins would've fared with him at third instead of Sano, and even Donaldson now, for a fraction of the price. One of those "maybe too expensive" selloffs, and he felt he was appreciated a tad more in Arizona than Minnesota and resigned right away. I hope he likes New York.
  21. The Twins have signed right-handed bullpen arm Argenis Angulo who was drafted by Cleveland in 2014. He received an invite to the Indians in spring training of 2020. He became a free agent and signed with Oakland, getting an invite to spring training last season. His stats aren't overall impressive, except he can strikeout batters. But still fills the bases with too many runners. https://www.gosanangelo.com/story/entertainment/people/2016/11/12/how-amy-adams-got-her-start/93737204/
  22. Closers have it tougher than designated hitters. Partly because they often split their careers as just being a bullpen arm, failed starter, or don't have the length of duty. As well as what defines a real save comapred to, say, a cheap save. That said, Joe was the runner-up to being the best of his decade. What would've happened had he played for a constantly competitive team? Again, a short of many a pitcher (Bert Blyleven ahd that issue). Your stats suffer if you are the only dominant player on the team. You can't win, you can't save, if the team doesn't put you in a position to do so.
  23. The Twins cut ties with Tomas Telis during this off-season. He is one of those unique guys who will be remembered as being on the 26-man roster, but never getting a playdate (he was a COVID replacement). Former Twin Juan Graterol has landed with the Diamondbacks, after providing veteran catcher depth for the Blue Jays this season. It's always good to have a veteran presence at AAA who can step up to the big leagues if need be. Right now the Twins do seem pretty set with catching at their upper levels, though. One of Rortvedt or Jeffers will start regularly for the Saints, depending on Garver's status. David Banuelos and Caleb Hamilton are currently listed on the Saints roster. Both have paid their dues in the minors and could have a breakout season. But both could also start at the lower level Wind Surge. Roy Morales (came from Miami) and Steve Berman (came from Dodgers) are actually older than Hamilton and Banuelos. Morales showed some style, to say the least, at Wichita. He is far from a regular behind the plate, but could be the vet bat who can also DH and play some 1B, so a chance to start at St. Paul may be a given. Wherever Berman starts it would be good if he had shared duties to egt the most games behind the plate. Jair Camago is a darkhorse. Played regularly at Cedar Rapids. Still very young at 22 and will be starting his sixth season of fulltime pro-ball, so he will be a free agent come the end of 2022. He can also DH and play 1B, and has a pretty good percentage for shutting down base stealers. Be inetresting to see who the Twins do pickup to add catching depth. You can never have too many real catchers on a team, and all minor league teams can comfortably use a catcher who can also play the field or offer a DH bat.
  24. Willians Astudillo officially released to find work elsewhere. La Tortuga will pitch elsewhere!
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