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  1. The Tigers didn't feel he was worth a couple of million. No otehr team approached the Tigers to grab him. So he is out there, dangling, and can probably be ahd for less. I'm sure he is looking for a multi-year deal first, advertised as a utility gem...but if the Twins could guarantee him a good hard look at being a starting shortstop. How does he fit into a potential Twins lineup with his power and speed. Yet we don't need him coming up and striking out too much in game situations. Soon we will find out if the Twins are serving us a dish of "contention" or if the team is just going to play ball, try and get better internally, and Niko could be a fine stopgap/
  2. In the end, we can agree that he might not have been worth the high-end arbitration salary, so the Twins got him for slightly more than a major league salary. He offers protection in centerfield at the moment, as we might want Celestino to share time with Kerrigan and Contreras at St. paul with Wallner in the wings, there. Unless we feel Martin will start in St. Paul, along with Lewis, and those guys fighting for centerfield time with Celestino. Of course, if the Twins lose anyone of significance in the Rule 5 (Ryan Mason), do we complain that it is all about Cave, or can we also complain about Garza, Minaya, Coulombe, Jax, Thorpe, Stashak, Rooker, Gordon, Cotton or whomever else is on the very fringe.
  3. The reality is that none of them will break camp with the Twins in 2022. Depends on the situation for a back-back-end of a rotation arm, but Winder needs minor elague innings, Sands need to pitch in AAA ball, and Enlow will be on the in jury list. Lewis will be in recovery mode. Miranda will be a man without a position unless the Twins move some bodies. And Villamont could break in as a situational lefty, but the Twins already have those positions under wraps. So suddenly we have 1/4th of the 40-man roster not necessaruly on par to help the Twins out of spring training. But there are still 8-11 guys that really could be repalced by anyone with any significant major league experience (Cotton, Garza, Jax, Coulombe, Minaya, Stashak, Tielbar, Thorpe, Cave, Gordon, Rooker).
  4. I'm all for keeping Palacios. A team has to be willing to pay him to keep him in the majors. The Twins losing him? Well, they already traded him to the Rays. They were fortunate to have him come back. They gave him anotehr contract free and easy. Palacios had the chance to sign anywhere, for a lot cheaper than another team paying the Twins for him and then paying him a major league partial salary.
  5. Well, another team could claim him if the Twins need to 40-man remove him. They would pay his salary. He could pass thru waivers and be assigned to AAA baseball, still get paid. Kinda what the Rays did with Aaron Slegers. You keep them oin the team, less likely to be claimed. And the player gets paid mroe than a standard minor league free agency contract or a major/minor split. Not sure if he could refuse an assignment. Still.....the Twins didn't need to give him a roster spot. Is it true that he could be cut for a pro-rated salary in spring training? Last year we lost Wade and Baddoo because we kept Cave. Or so we want to think. We also managed to sign Refsnyder, Garlick and Broxton, with two making the team and playing better than Cave, and one having a great spring but stunk at AAA. So there is no shortage of outfielders looking for work. The Twins have Kerrigan and Contreras who could probably be decent 4th outfielders in a pinch, and they allowed Whitefield to walk away. They still have Rooker, Celestino and Larnach on the roster, and if they sign a shortstop have to figure out wants to play Arraez and Gordon. Or, maybe Cave is just the retool replacement if the Twins trade away Buxton for a lot of prospects who won't need to be 40-man protected.
  6. And remember Edwar Colina? Rangers sent him thru waivers and he cleared, just getting to rehab with them in the minor leagues. Smart pick-up grab by Texas!
  7. Interesting. Keep the lefty and younger Charlie Barnes, or the aging righty Griffin Jax. Wonder if they did rock/scissors/paper to make that call. Or, better yet - Thorpe or Barnes, if you have to make a choice. Wonder where all three will be in 2022?!
  8. I really don't understand the need to keep Jake Cave. If the Twins signed him for less than proposed arbitration, I can't imagine that the market for him moutside of MKinnesota would've been huge. I would rather try and replace him than eat his salary if the time came. Astudillo and Garlick and Smeltzer and Barnes. Will all four remain with the Twins, or try their luck elsewhere. Watch, both Barnes and Smeltzer will become those situational lefties always in demand and find a long career at the back of a rotation or bulpen for years to come. Astudillo...well, now is his chance...to shine elsewhere or just be a contracted minor league guy. At least the Twins can now guarantee that they will have two easy to open roster positions when the season begins, with Maeda and Enlow on the IL-list. Of course, Enlow will have to be added back on if and when he finishes any rehab and accepts a minor league assignment. Sands could surprise in spring training. Vallimont has an opportunity. Let's hope Balazovic, Winder, Duran and Strotman can also be ready for the majors sooner...rather than much later. Again, looking at other teams (like Baltimore having multiple roster spots) and openings, the Twins could very well lose all four guys cut. And, from hereon out, any one added will replace the lesser on the roster. Still shaking my head over the need for Cave. I like the guy, don't get me wrong, and he did mostly what the Twins required of him.....but they do have 4th outfielder options internally and also showed they could find decent options outside on minor league contracts last season, if really needed. If we lose ANYONE in the Rule 5 draft, we can complain that it was all about keeping Jake Cave signed on the roster.
  9. It should be something under control the team, as players can shuffle between leagues during the season. Not every minor league town was setup to handle players in homes, expecially in the non-short term leagues. There is some charm to housing in a hotel/motel (dorm like) way, until you start thinking about any needs for food service. Are all minor league teams prepared to feed players in-house? You'd think this would be a more logical option to also feed players, to keep them nutritionally strong. But housing is a first step, especially in a location comfortable for access to the stadium where you can spend hours working out, playing ball, and not feel the need to have a car (and that expense when youa re on the road half-the-time or working all day or at your leisure).
  10. In some ways, the Oakland (and Tampa and Miami) way of doing things. Can even throw the Indians into the mix. We all argue about the gamble you take on prospects, especially those you draft. But few people argue about the total risk of long-term big contracts over the life of the contract. Was Donaldson a good investment? Did the Twins do well giving Mauer millions (they did, because you are also rewarding for past play and his overall worth as a fanchise name). We can argue that the Twins didn't do enough to keep Hunter, Cuddyer, Nathan and even Santana in a Twins uniform. Okay, Santana is a GREAT example...how did the Twins reinvest the monies that the Mets paid for Santana, and how did the four players work out in the long run for the Twins. And, again, you can have the best pitcher in baseball - but if the team around doesn't perform, you have the best (highly-paid) pitcher in baseball. I honestly have a hard time with trading prospects unles you are definitely in the playoff run and need a strong piece (as Toronto did with Berrios). With the current situation of the Twins, I would rather trade off already salaried pieces for the future than the future for names other teams wish to jettison. There is never a shortage of players a team can purchase for stopgap. Some work out well in the short-term. Occasionally all the purchases are non-refundable (like 2021 with Shoemaker, Happ, Simmons, Colome - didn't really think it would be that bad). I want to think the front office does know what they are doing. I do trust them. And keep reminding myself that in every baseball season a game is won by one team and lost by another, and all teams want to win, but most will be behind one of six teams.
  11. So few of this year's crop of minor league free agents were actually homegrown talent. 38 names. Whew. And those that did leave would've been at AAA ball this season if not for 2020. LuJan, Cabbage, Whitefield, and pickups from otehr teams like Cheshire, Cabrera, Bray. Who else got held back?
  12. Sometimes I think the front offfice continues to toy with us and their real concern is to get rid of everyone, including prospects, associated with the old regime (which means goodbye Royce Lewis). They were lucky to get Sano, Polanco and Kepler signed to very tradable contracts in many ways. Just gotta wait and see.
  13. Target Field with all those taxpayer supported dollars was going to allow the Twins to keep their own players. The franchise increased dramatically in value once they opened the doors to the new park with little investment (which has since been paid off I understand) by the team. You can reward franchise players develooped thru your system and laboring under 5-6 years of team rule with a Big contract. You give OTHER free agents a BIG contract because of what they MIGHT bring to the table. Not enough years, too little, I'm worth more than someone else, you guys are making money off me, we never see the books until Player's Union Contract time when ownership gives the cry of paying at least "50% of rvenue" and by a couple of seasons out, they have taken back an additional 8-11% of that. But money is always the root of problems. There are few guarantees in baseball.
  14. If you rade-off a bunch of guys on the roster...maybe. You have Garver who can DH and play 1B...Jeffers/Rortvedt catching at least half the games next season. You have Sano who should be a fulltime DH, because Kirilloff can play 1B, as can Garver. You have Donaldson, who needs time off the third base bag, which is why Miranda may make the roster out of spring training. And, you need a place for Arraez if the Twins get anotehr shortstop, which may be a higher priority than a DH. And you have to make a decision on Rooker, who could bring a big bat to the lineup if given just one more chance. Of course, I would look at offers for Donaldson, Sano, Garver, Arraez...and even Rooker if anyone wants him, not to mention Kepler...which means the Twins COULD use a vet presence like Cruz on the bench. Plus Cruz NEEDS to play at least two more seasons and has the drive to run towards 500 home runs.
  15. Sano could fit into the spot very well. The nice option is that he CAN play in the field at first or third, and should play those positions just to keep in shape. You can also use Garver, since Garver is NOT going to catch more than 100-110 games at best. Of course, the Twins could pull an Oakland A's and rid themselves of Sano, garver, Arraez, Donaldson, Kepler, Rooker and anyone else capable of being a DH and just GET a DH.
  16. Wonderful analysis of the upper regions of the Twins minor league system. Good details on guys with major league POTENTIAL, as well as 33 more names at the end, many of whom will be gone by the end of the 2022 minor league season. Shows how tough it is to be a minor league player. The Twins decision is to re-tool and go with youth. Or buy (or trade) and be competitive in the Central, which to many of us is NOT enough, as we want them to advance in the post-season. Of course, that is also the wish of every team in baseball at some point. The Twins have currently 38 folks on their roster. The obvious adds are Royce Lewis, Josh WInder, Jose Miranda. I would argue for Cole Sands. I would give thought to Ian Hamilton or Judson Gore. Out of the above, Miranda seems to be the only name that has a chance to start the season with the Twins. Would it be as a utility/bench player, rotating DH, regular outfielder, or third base of the Twins can move Donaldson. The Twins are carrying the starting rotation of AAA St. Paul Saints on their roster at the moment: Balazovic, Duran, Barnes, Jax and Strotman. Sands and Winder would also start at St. Paul. So the Twins could elevate of the above to the majors, or move them to another team (or try Jax in the bullpen...which might be more logically to do in St. Paul than in the majors). Blayne Enlow is talked about, but he is at High A right now, potentially opening the season on the injured list. Can you afford to keep him on the off-season 40-man, then pay him major league dollars with the hopes that he is only one-year away from the majors, although likely two. The Twins also kept the contracts of Chandler Shepherd and Bryan Sammons, both rotation arms, in St. Paul. Expect them to sign lots of minor league free agents, although hopefully not the large number (more than 35) they signed last season. The Twins might also give consideration to Ryan Mason for the bullpen. Like Hamilton, those two names are ones a team could grab with the hopes of sending out to the minors (like the Twins did with Hamilton after waiver claiming him, then removing him from the 40-man) because there is organizational depth promise. Enough to pay x-dollars with a return of some bucks if the Twins want back? Hamilton, Mason and Gore could stick in the backend of a pen for a team like the current Minnesota Twins easily, if you are playing to stay in the standings mid-range or retooling. Are they better than Garza, Coulombe, Minaya, Cotton? That is the question. Throw into the mix Smeltzer, Stashak, Thorpe - all three on their last stand as a Twin. Add in Dobnak, who SHOULD pass thru waivers because of his conract, thus muidding up the rotation prospects at AAA St. Paul as he tries for a comeback. So, right now, the Twins would have on their 40-man roster Balazovic, Duran, Strotman, Barnes, Winder, Sands who will all break spring training as AAA players. Add in Jovani Moran who will have to pitch quite well to break camp (or the Twins jettison some left-handed arms), and put the seasoned Maeda on the IL, you have eight 40-man names not playing for the Twins in April. Whew. Kerrigan and Contreras are signed for the minors. DOn't see anyone thinking they are the next Akil Baddoo. But who knows. Both are capable of being 4th outfielders if the Twins need one, but Gilberto Celestino, still on the 40-man, would likely open the season at AAA, unless the Twins trade Buxton. Now NINE folks are at AAA. Add Trevor Larnach, who is hopefully working hard this off-season to break camp with the Twins, you have TEN at AAA. Plus, the roster still holds names like: Garlick, Cave, Rooker. All potential 4th outfielders. All could comfortably be gone soon or by spring training depending on other roster additions. The Twins will have Ryan Jeffers or Ben Rortvedt catching fulltime at AAA St. Paul. SO now ELEVEN guys have little chance of breaking the Twins roster out of spring training. Royce Lewis makes it 12. Nick Gordon can be on the bubble, but as long as no one claims Palacidos, who should start at AAA - well, there is no need to add Jermaine. We also have to put Willians Astudillo on the bubble. Much loved, but worthy of a roster spot if someone else with major laague experience is added? That is a lot of names, a dozen. Yes, some will shuffle up and down during the season and a few may stick by mid-season. The magic word is FEW. What Seth laid out was a recipe of names hat the Twins can use to build a future. Are these 20+ detailed players, plus the additional 30+ enough building blocks to make the team competitive in a year or two? Who amongst these 50 players are MUST keepers. Remember, if they are Rule 5 eligible, they will also be more experienced and Rule 5 eligible next season, and many will be given walking papers as minor league free agents....so their worth to the Twins as internal options are fleeting. Who are the sleepers in this bunch...the Jax, Ober, Barnes that will push themselves onto the roster (at the expense of who) to become a part of the Twins. They are all prospects. How many would another team like Miami or Oakland or CIncinnati like to have on their own roster, especially if the Twins - last place finishers in the American League Central - can't find room for them on their own roster. How many are falling beind names like Austin Martin, Simeon Woods-Richardson, Matt Centerino, Aaron Sabato, Matt Wallner, Keoni Cavaco, Spencer Steer, Alerick Soulaire, Edouard Julien, Yennier Cano, Louis Varland - every one of these names has POTENTIAL MINNESOTA TWINS written on their prospect line, compared to NOT on a majority of the names mention in Seth's piece. It's scary that the Twins have up to a dozen names on a potential 40-man roster who are NOT capable of opening the season with the team, unless the team is in rebuild mode. Add in the names of another dozen, plus the newly acquired Cotton, who have played for the Twins and could easily...easily...be jettisoned for almost anyone else, be it a traded player, a free agent signing, or a better minor league free agent signing who comes to spring camp and shines...shouyld the Twins open the season with a lot of real AAA names on the roster, or continue to play with a lot of AAAA names on the roster. Once a player is added to the 40-man, they get to stay for a few seasons. But at anytime, if you want to remove them, they go thru waivers and unless they really stink, another team will grab them and do the same for depth. So pick carefully.
  17. I would trade them all and add Donaldson and Sano to the mix. I guess I would get a stopgap shortstop NOT named Simmons. I would also explore a dynamite outfield addition, besides the necessary arms for the rotation and a REAL closer. Maybe some of those pieces would come back trading Garver, Sano, Arraz, Donaldson, Kepler, Buxton. Hopefully Jeffers steps up, Kirilloff is the real deal, Miranda can hit and field, and Larnach and Celestino can be joined by some new power back. Hey, if we got rid of all those guys, I would consider resigning Cruz for DH!
  18. A team should always look at having at least one player who is outside your entire team's financial structure....The Franchose Guy! The fellow you pay above and beyond because he is the current name of the Franchise. And then don't complain when they age or whatever and don't live up to the expectations. Think of it as paying for services past rendered, too. Keep your own players if throwing away money. Would you rather have 7 years of Jose Berrios for $131 or a $100-108 million five year contract with, say, Josh Donaldson. The Twins can gamble, but they jsut keep looking for the hometown discount, it seems (or any discount). Hometown Players CAN get rewarded for their underpaid years, especially by the team that ahs already exploited them!
  19. Arizona got Zac for the same reason the Twins would trade for him. Cheap and showing promise. If had known he was available alst season, would've grabbed him then. Unless Arizona is thinking 3-4 years out and have no use to keeping this guy longterm, then yes they would happily trade for someone pretty sure to make the majors later in 2022 or be a regular in 2023...probably two names to keep them happy. For any pitcher the Twins add from outside the organization, the lesser the Twins see the need to keep folks like Balazovic, Duran, Winder, Barnes, Stortman (not to mention Jax, Dobnak, Thorpe, Smeltzer) in their mix. I see 2022 being the last chance for the last four mentioned, even if they moved elsewhere. The fiorst five mentioned all have promise, maybe even as longterm assets...but will quickly wear out their options. Unless any of the nine arms I mention can switch to the bullpen with success.
  20. I was excited abouit the potential of trdaing unneeded prospects for short-term pitching (long-term if can sign them). But the more I think about it, the Twins should just play their typical free-agent marketplace and go after most of the names above, maybe doing one BIG contract to a guy who can give them games and innings. I would almost like to see the Twins trade-off assets like Donaldson, Arraez, Sano, Kepler and Garver than tade off prospects at this point. If guys are desired by other teams that are in our minors system, they should also be desired by the Twins. The chances of the Twins being highly competitive in 2022, let alone 2023, is the same dream of 25 other teams in baseball, and 20+ of them don't measure up in the end. It is getting to the point where a major splash is needed to put you over the top, which often can happen mid-season. I hope the front office knows what it is doing. Although excited when they threw money at Josh Donaldson, partly to prove they can, I almsot wish it hadn't happened and that the Twins would do what Target Field was made to do - keep their own players under contract into their free agent years. You can always throw money at players. You can't always develop the right ones, and the clock is always ticking on how long you have them in development - and those are the ones that you need to think hard about moving rather than let walk.
  21. It's such a tough call, trading away players that another team may find as consistent regulars in 3-5 years for players to produce for you for 1-2 years, especially when you are not on the cusp of winning a dividison, let alone go into the post-season. Better, in the end, to play the market with mid-level free agents and jsut spend the extra monies while floundering like half of baseball in the standings.
  22. They lost a couple of minor league coordinators: Michael Thomas, who went onto the Astros system, and Donegal Fergus, who coached team Irlenad, during spring training. Robbie Robinson became the Mets catching coach for minor leagues after the non-2020 season. Ray SMith and Jeff Reed lost their jobs after decades with the Twins system. Stew (Stu) Cliburn sepnt nearly three decaeds with the Twins, went to Taiwan in 2020, and joined the CHicago Dogs (American Association) as pitching coaco 2021.
  23. Time to make best offers on mid-level pitchers. Gonna be interesting to see how many sign in the next couple of weeks. The opt out is interesting (and always workable). But one shouldn't have trade restrictions in a contract then, as the opt out is a trade restriction in itself.
  24. Gotta figure out the emphasis you want to take, and don't feel bad if it is a different sport. Analytics/Information, public relations/press, operations of a ballpark, staffing and hiring, sales, marketing. If you can afford the minors, use that as a stepping stone, too.
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