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  1. I agree. Anyone Calling him a bust or anyone is a disservice to them. Cavaco is a 1st rounder for a reason. Strike outs across all leagues are high. SABATO and Cavaco did not play ball for a year I believe. Sabato’s first year to pro ball not playing at all. It’s Still early and a learning curve to pro ball. There’s a lot of factors to figure out development side to pro ball. SABATO seems to be figuring it out. The strike outs are also part of that league and Also feel it will be good for him moving up. The computer strike zone was a negative and didn’t help in anyone’s approach in my opinion. SABATO was the #1 hitter analytically in college baseball across the board. His power is off the charts and hits all fields. It’s early in both of their development. Average is over rated, strikeouts will happen slugging and on base percentage is a key component to see. They will be better I believe in their development process. As a Twin fan I look to be positive.
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