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  1. Amen. It's really great to see the minors going again. Something really special about the players and the leagues.
  2. Almost makes me miss Minnesota... almost .
  3. I concur, he is playing like a seasoned veteran right now and is helping the team by being that extra ingredient that all lineups need. (Sound of slow clap from Dads everywhere)
  4. Nice Write up Matthew... but my inner grammar nazi kept making my eyeball twitch. "but irregardless I think we’ll see another “ace” season from the White Sox righty." It's regardless, irregardless isn't a proper word...
  5. Normally I bit my tongue on this kind of thing.... but this is just silly to me. This seems like the usual human attempt to quantify everything. It's a highly competitive sport played at the highest levels, players just get hurt and some more than others. It's just a fact of the game.
  6. I was impressed by Canterino. Not only did he show top of the charts velo, but his command, mound presence and pitch movement looked really good as well. Also, his mechanics looked fundamentally sound. The kid will be just fine if he continues doing what he is doing .
  7. I personally think anyone of them would be a "fit" from a performance and teammate perspective. However, I think they are all going to be asking for longer term deals than the Twins would want to offer them. That being said, if the conditions were right we may see Simmons signed for another one year deal.
  8. The thing that actually bothers me about what the former Mariners CEO/Moron said is how little he appears to care about baseball and what it means to folks. Considering what a train wreck the team that occupies space in the NW Hinterlands is and has been.... well, I'm not surprised now after reading what was said.
  9. I have to say (to me and my uneducated opinion), I see them as two sides of the same coin. Both have tremendous potential and upside and I would call them 1A and 1B (or sharing the #5 slot).
  10. Looks good! High School baseball started a month ago for us ( gotta love southern baseball) but it's always great to see the big boys take the field as well.
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