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  1. Not really Twins minor league related, but… we are here at Hammond Stadium this morning for a Perfect Game tournament. Super bummed that the mussels don’t play until tomorrow (we are done today and heading home after the game 🥲).
  2. I believe he was drafted as a position player and didn't start pitching until 2019 (3 appearances I believe). So really it makes sense that if he is a pitcher now, he would be at A instead of AA.
  3. Really just think a lot of it is him just adjusting to professional ball. I'm sure the ability was already there, just needed to get acclimated and throwing on a consistent basis.
  4. Nicely put Ted. I'd have to agree with the whole list. Ready to see these guys come up and play. Don't even care about how well they do... just want them to get some time to contribute and adjust to the majors.
  5. I concur Ted. Was great to see him starting to put everything together. Have you heard any updates on how he is doing?
  6. Hey Seth, Somewhat off topic I guess, but you mentioned Landon Leach at the start of the article as a former teammate of Julien. I thought I had heard that he was no longer with the organization, and BA has no stats listed after 2018. Is that the case? Hadn't heard anything more.
  7. Thanks Seth. I didn't really know anything about this kid. Sounds like a heck of a player though, and a potential poster child for the Positional Flexibility Fan Club to champion 🙂.
  8. I understand your thinking and point of view, but I'm with SarasotaBill on this one. His motion is fine (until it isn't). When my son first started pitching and showed a bit of an aptitude for it, his delivery/arm slot was viewed as odd. People kept trying to get him to change it to a more traditional, higher arm slot (he has a low 3/4 slot and looks like he's throwing the ball from 2B to 1st). However, he kept going back to it and kept having success so they finally let him be and go with it 🙂. Basically my point is that while Canterino's delivery looks odd at first, upon closer
  9. That's understandable, but my thought is... it isn't. Now this time next season, I might raise the eyebrows a little, but as of now it's just "Welcome to pro ball kid. Watch, learn, adjust."
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