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  1. But... not wrong, or out of the realm of possibilities. If anything, I'm more likely to view both of them in equal light (potential wise).
  2. I would just love to have him sit down with my son and see if it was in any way possible to pass any of that knuckleball mojo on to him (with his arm slot and pitch mix... that could be filthy 🤢). But on a more realistic front... CL is a horse. Going to be very exciting to watch him continue to develop. I think I shall name him Hoss... and there will be much rejoicing!
  3. Is it Rice or a specific coach that's "ruining" these pitchers? Also, what time frame are speaking of? I've heard the same/similar anecdotal stories about Rice, but to be honest nothing ever truly specific. 100-110 pitches is actually very common these days (even in HS). My son would routinely hit 90-95 pitches in a complete game in HS. The more troubling stories tend to be the ones where kids are throwing 30-40+ pitches in an inning, especially in multiple frames. Generally speaking, good coaches try to be very careful with their guys, especially in college as there are no reinforcements once everyone enrolls in school and practice starts. But if a kid is throwing 15-20 pitches an inning (not an insurmountable number), after 6 he's hit 100+. Also, stories about programs like Rice don't really take into account what the pitchers history is before they get to college. I have seen firsthand, multiple instances of young men's arms all but falling off because of extreme overuse in competitive travel ball and showcase circuits (due to bad "coaches", general hyper competitiveness of the young men and, even worse, clueless parents). Then, on top of that, sometimes... an arm or ligament will simply "give up" and say no mas. So in conclusion (finally 😉), I don't think you're wrong in stating or thinking that... I would just add that there is often way more to the story than simply saying "Rice has a history of ruining pitchers arms."
  4. I totally get and respect that 😆. My son has switched his major from Engineering to Biology so that he too can pursue Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. He wasn't a big fan of all the extra math.
  5. Yup. Series is going to be that close. 🤣 Edit: Post updated to reflect the public shaming and bring into the light that I was passed through elementary school out of pity. Thank you… all now know my dark secret 🥹.
  6. I think they match up well against Hoosten (yes, that's on purpose ). The Stros have a very good team still, but are not invincible and I see our boys pulling it out in 4. SKOL Twins! LET'S GOOOOOOOO! Edit: Math is not my forte. Stoopid numbers 🤨. Oooh, look a kitty!!!
  7. Brooks Lee I would honestly rate Lee and Jenkins 1a and 1b. They both seem that talented, but since there isn't a 1a /1b button, I'll put Lee at 1 simply because he is already in AAA and closer to the Show.Walker JenkinsEmmanuel RodriguezMarco RayaCharlee SotoDavid FestaAustin MartinTanner SchobelBrandon WinokurLuke KeaschallCory LewisYasser MercedesKala'i RosarioConnor PrielippJose RodriguezDanny De AndradeYunior SeverinoMatt CanterinoAndrew CossettiSimeon Woods Richardson
  8. I was in Baghdad, Iraq, knee deep pulling escort duty for the US ambassador and his Blackwater security detail (in addition to some other typically boring Army duties) so I honestly don’t think I saw a moment of that season. Really missed out on that one.
  9. "The Natural. Maybe the sappiest baseball movie of all time - and that's a high bar, given Field of Dreams. But, also, maybe the most magical baseball movie of all time - and that's a high bar, given Field of Dreams. There is something magi….. no, it's too easy a word. Other-worldly? Pure? I'm struggling with the adjective. Let me try again. There is something inspiring/uplifting/emboldening about seeing somebody do the thing that they were clearly intended to do. Especially when that something was denied them by a career-threatening injury. Then, by the same career-threatening injury. Then, by a goofy injury. Then, a week before the postseason, by another goofy injury. Then? They still do it! Then they do it again! (Then the opposition just kinda decides they want nothing to do with that guy.)" ........ "Our #1 star: Royce Lewis. OK, let's use the word. Sure, it was magical. But there is a place beyond magical, where you expect the magic to happen." It is a place of Faith and Belief. It is a place where heroes will not, and do not accept being beaten. A place where the Will is so monumental, that it can shape things around it simply by existing. "If God be but for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:13)
  10. Don't disagree with you at all on saying Lopez/Gray would probably get the nod... as they were absolutely indispensable to the team (especially in the first half when the offense was so sluggish), but I think this team would look immensely different (not necessarily worse, just much different) if Castro wasn't there to just be "that guy". "That guy" isn't always the same guy every year, and how he fulfills the "that guy" role is always a little different, but on every good team he always exists. This year... that has been Castro. Doesn't necessarily mean he's the team MVP (and being MVP isn't always about having the best stats), but the boys wouldn't be in quite as good a position without him.
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