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  1. Wouldn't be the first time I glossed over something . All good either way, wasn't meant as snark in any way, shape or form. Just having a little fun doing some ribbing.
  2. Sooo.... would this be an accurate sketch artist's rendition of your recollection of the events of the 2022 season?
  3. While I wasn't there in person, it did watch the game on MiLB TV. Honestly, he looked ok. Enough so, that I feel he will be ok going forward.
  4. You suck (not jealous at all ). Would totally love to see him in person. If for no other reason than just to be able to break down and dissect his mechanics, body language, etc. I still feel (hopefully) that he'll be fine in the long run; that he just needs some time to heal up, reset and get his mind right. Baseball is tough, and that's when you're fully healthy. I can't even imagine what's been running though his head this year (and yes pitchers are often a bit of a head case ).
  5. Not saying that you can't/shouldn't let a Minor League starter go longer, but at the same time it isn't always necessary. If I was king of minor pitching development (and let's all be thankful I'm not [Insert picture of Racoon firing an M60 into the air while riding an armored Hog into an dumpster fire]), I might push to let them occasionally go into the 6th or even 7th if their "dealing", but honestly I truly wouldn't do anything different.
  6. Thought it was really cool that the Dodgers let his brother Gus travel out to see Louie make his debut. Get's ya' right in the feelz .
  7. Been up there twice for his school. Once for his official visit and then last month to drop him off for his freshman orientation. We plan to visit more often now that he’s up there. Really fun city (went axe throwing last time ).
  8. It shouldn't be seen as a matter of heartbreak (I too probably share your trepidation about his debut... although not nearly as much as my son's upcoming college debut, MAJOR butterflies ). Personally, I will tune in and watch the game because I want to celebrate the moment of a home town product who has fulfilled his dream of making it to the game's grandest stage win, loose or draw. Trust me, I know the hesitance to watch, not knowing what the outcome will be (my son's HS varsity debut start did NOT go well, but we were there regardless ). So come, join in the festivities with the rest of us... your cheering may just help turn the tide .
  9. ***Note: This reference may not make any sense unless one knows of Blackadder
  10. Linus makes a good point, as I too would love to see him stick on the major roster. Those walks though... that's hard to look past. I can't help but feel that if he were able to cut them even by a 1/3, he would have a permanent place with the Twins. I don't disagree with the sentiment that Pagan has cratered and needs a reset at AAA (I personally think it's past time for that to happen). However, I hesitate to unleash the #freeJovani. The plus side is he can't be any worse than Pagan, the downside is, not matter how good Moran's stuff is... continued walks will come back to haunt. So, from a fan's perspective I'd say I'd love to see Moran get some extended time in the Show to see if he can rise to the challenge.
  11. Very true (IMHO ). I think the biggest thing that might hold him back would be his control. How much he is able to harness that going forward will probably dictate how he advances through the system, but it sure is fun to watch either way.
  12. Generally you're going to see really good talent, that sometimes, is lacking in the polish we get used to seeing at the MLB level. These guys are still really good. They're just young, and sometimes prone to the mistakes or misjudgments that younger players can make.
  13. I think that's a fair assessment and probably wouldn't be a bad move. I also asked the Magic 8 Ball if Pagan was going to be sent down to St. Paul and Varland called up. It responded with "Answer unclear, ask again later". I'm so disappointed Magic 8 Ball at the moment . More to follow later I guess...
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