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  1. Not Twins related at all, but… we’re at Cool Today Stadium (Braves complex) this morning for a showcase for my son. Beautiful morning and stadium.
  2. Don't "disagree" with you... but I think we have to all keep in mind that being prepared for a comebacker and being able to be in position to at least protect yourself are not always the same thing. The batter and the speed at which the ball is "returned" to the pitcher are completely out of his control. It's kind of hard to play "smart" as a pitcher (or hitter) defensively. There are ways to put yourself in an even greater position of peril of course, but as a pitcher you have to accept a certain level of risk.
  3. Maybe you should join us on the Dark Side h2o. We have cookies... and beer (if we like you).
  4. It's baseball Gunnar... EVERYTHING is debatable . Prove me wrong
  5. Love your point and 100% agree. My only quibble would be that we (myself included) shouldn't really use 2016 as the FOs starting point (so, this is directed more towards folks who would use the 5 year point as a negative). Yes, Falvey was hired in 2016 (September/October) but couldn't assume his duties until Cleveland was finished with the playoffs. Then this rolls into the holidays (let's be honest, no one really ever gets much accomplished around then), and now we are into 2017. I don't care how talented a GM/FO person is, you simply cannot make and educated true evaluation of the state of the franchise by the time ST rolled around in 2017. It takes time to take stock of what and who you have. Then once identified, you have to decide how you want to change/fix things, then find the people you need to make that happen. Once those processes and people are in place (and anyone who has tried to change an ingrained culture can understand just how hard that is), you have to go back and periodically evaluate how they are doing and implement still further adjustments to tweak things if something isn't quite going the way you wanted. On top of all this, you have to deal with real life and the aspect of sometimes a sure fire prospect/shiny prospect... isn't surefire, or shiny after all. Also, they're human, they are going to make mistakes. It's baseball, these things simply just happen. If a team doesn't take the time to put good foundations in place, it doesn't matter how savvy or smart they are. They are dooming themselves to failure. (Sorry Chpetti if I come across as dinging your post. I wasn't. Actually wholeheartedly agree... just needed a starting point)
  6. Can't help but think that they should invite him back again for next season, especially with these results. No guarantee that he'll still be as solid, but it won't hurt to try and the veteran presence can be a huge boost to the younger arms in the pen and staff.
  7. I have to think it was along the lines of... "WT*?! was that?" I'm still laughing about it... loved the play as well.
  8. Not a bad take, but.... he has 13 K's. 13 in 53 AB. While he only has 2 BB (and I will absolutely concede the SSS) that doesn't scream pretty rough (yet ). Otherwise we shall see from here, but that is awesome to see a kid hit the ground running like that.
  9. Thanks much Heezy. Love these explanations and discussions about what goes on with the science of injuries. I've always geeked out about the little details and how they fit into the larger picture. For example I didn't get the option of watching my Meniscus surgery on my knee, but would have loved to see it (your write up on that type of injury and the procedures involved is still on of my favorites ).
  10. Can't say I agree with you on the vast majority of this and I would probably be willing to commit to a cage match on La Tortuga , but I do understand where you are coming from (I think ).
  11. Thanks Lucas, great write up. I love Gipson-Long's delivery and overall mechanics. Smooth, compact, quick to the plate. Doesn't appear to be a lot of wasted motion there.
  12. It may not be the sole reason for it (the higher BB rates), but I'm sure it factors in there somewhat for many pitchers in the Twins org and possible throughout the league.
  13. Uh yeah... luck is always a factor in baseball. Baseball is the only sport where you can do everything perfectly.... and still fail. He did what he was supposed to do... 107.3 MPH. That is the text book definition of a very hard hit ball.
  14. Can't say I 100% agree with everything, but I think you make some solid points.
  15. Then we will have to agree to disagree. It's waaaaay to early to make any kind of informed decision on his success or lack thereof. I believe he just turned 20 and has played less than a year and half of professional ball (and didn't play organized ball in 20'). Yes, he has a lot of K's... so what. A statement like above comes across as showing a lack of understanding of the developmental side of the game and just how hard the game actually is. Perhaps he doesn't make it, but it won't be his fault and calling him a "bust" is doing him a disservice.
  16. I would venture a guess that Rogers gets added to the 60 Day just as soon as they need to add another player who isn't on the 40 man, but hard to say in my uneducated knowledge pool. Also, I thought I read that Garlick had the Hernia surgery after all and wasn't expected back this season but I can't remember where I saw that (MLBTR perhaps?).
  17. Two does not make a consensus. It merely shows that he is a polarizing player.
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