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  1. I don't necessarily agree nor disagree with your take. But I love the word indubitably!
  2. Interesting thoughts, but I don't really think any of it plays until we find out what is in the new CBA, concerning arbitration and time till free agency. As parameters change for player movement, I believe Arraezs' value also changes at least to some extent.
  3. Heiny

    Bring on the kids

    C - Garver 1B - Kirriloff 2B - Polanco 3B - Miranda SS - Story LF - Martin CF - Buxton RF - Larnach DH - Sano/Donaldson spelling 1B/3B Kepler/Arraez packaged for SP Gordon - utility IF/CF Jeffers - backup C Billy Hamilton - backup OF/with Celestino and Rooker in minors ready to contribute. SP - Rodon, Pineda, Ober, Ryan, Bundy/Dobnak - depending on whether we can get a SP for the Kepler/Arraez trade. RP - Rogers, Duffy, Alcala, Garza, Stashack, Thielbar, Thorpe. With plenty of arms in the minors for injuries and tryouts. This means we need to be active in the leftover FA market, but I think these are all do-able. And I also think this is a team that can compete for the division. And no, I don't drink or smoke dope.
  4. And I see JJ Watt, TJ Watt, Derek Watt Peyton Manning, Eli Manning with father Archie. Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. and countless others with familial genes. Probably worth a shot IMHO.
  5. Absolutely not. I still believe the 2022 season could be ours for the taking. What would it take? 1. Sign Story for SS. 2. Sign Rodon and Pineda. 3. Trade for one more starting pitcher. I think that is all do-able and within budget. I'd love to see an influx of young guns in the rotation and the lineup, but as supplements, not counted on for the success of the season. Then with the depth of the minors, we should be able to sustain competitiveness for years to come. And no, I don't drink or do drugs!
  6. I think the same can be said about Billy Hamilton. Maybe not the greatest offensive numbers, but he always seemed to bring it against the Twins.
  7. As a 1997 baby I never had the chance to watch Kirby Puckett play in person. Got my first chuckle of the day. Then got a little depressed thinking of how old it made me feel. Then how lucky I felt having been able to see Harmon play, and Tony O' play, and Carew play, and Herbie, and Sweet Music, Johann, and Roy, and Kirby, and Joe and even Laudner, Larkin, Gladden, Bostock, and all the others. Gotta say, I've had a good Twins life. Thanks for the articles.
  8. I, for one don't think games take too long. Give me old fashioned baseball and let it play out as it should. Remember, "THERE IS NO CLOCK IN BASEBALL".
  9. I think we also need to look at how many of our prospects we are going to need to add to the 40 man roster next year. I really don't know, but I'm thinking there will be several. I think that trading a few prospects to be able to compete this year and in the future may be advisable. Maybe someone more knowledgeable about future prospects could weigh in on this. How about it Seth?
  10. The ideal situation in my mind would be to package Donaldson and Arraez for SP, sign Rodon and Pineda. Sign Story and play Miranda at third. We have Gordon for utility and I still believe in Larnach for left field. We also have Martin waiting in the wings for LF. Lewis? I think 2022 may be the best time to see what our youngsters can do, but I also think this scenario allows us to compete this year.
  11. A fan favorite for very good reason. Had a great bat and a great glove. Should have several gold gloves also. But most of all, Hrbek was a great guy. I got a chance to meet him once when Hrby, Gardner, and Vavra came to my place of employment in Perham Mn. after he retired. The man was super cool, funny and nice to everyone. Great sense of humor too. Signed my glove. I asked Gardy if he was looking for a right handed power hitter with blazing speed. He looked at my big ol' gut and said " I don't doubt the power, but I'm gonna have to grab my stopwatch from the car. All-time Minnesota favorite.
  12. The letter was not received from either. Also, am not sure of which specific league was being portrayed.
  13. Good Morning. As an owner of a Specific team in a specific league I would like to inform our beloved fans of a plan to bring harmony to our specific business. At noon today, all owners of our specific teams will be approaching their specific state governments demanding 1 trillion dollars for each of their specific teams in their specific state. Now, this money will be used to ensure that any work stoppage will be ended immediately and guarantee no more work stoppages in the future. (Barring unforeseen circumstances which may be addressed at a later time.) This money will be used to ensure that we as owners will be able to feed our specific families, pay our specific employees, and keep our specific players and management personnel from entering poverty level. Each state will also need to set aside 100M $ for the wives of each specific owner (to provide for unforeseen division of family.) If a specific team were forced by their specific state to relocate to a state which allowed multiple wives, well this may again cause a work stoppage. However, our players also need assurances of the ability to feed their families something more than saltines and Ramen noodles in the years to come, so we would implore you to occasionally take up donations to provide good health and an occasional treat. (Let's keep them happy.) We will need our beloved fans to support these demands to keep all specific parties content with their roles and to urge your specific state governments to comply. We would otherwise be forced to go back to the bargaining tables with the other specific parties involved. And nobody wants that. If you as a specific fan has any other "good ideas" to promote the harmony of our specific business, please keep them to yourself. (We don't really care about you anyway.)
  14. There is only one scenario where I would trade Lewis at this point. And that would be if we were to sign Story to a 4+ year contract. We would then have our good hit SS for the foreseeable future. If that were the case I would consider packaging Lewis for multi-year team control SP. But I would not trade both Lewis and Martin. These guys are still just 22 years old, and both have high up side major league talent. And even as young as they are, I believe they are both pretty close to ready. But if we were to sign Story and trade for top of the rotation SP, that would show we are serious about competing. And that's all I really ask for.
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