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  1. Sorry, I just have no faith in him. I cringe every time they show him warming up in the pen.
  2. Would we rather have Gonzales back at the Utility/Everywhere role? No thanks. I like Arraez right where he is. Ok defense all over and much much better stick.
  3. However they have to work it, I don't want to risk losing Enlow at this point. And as far as Rooker goes, he seems to have good value as a DH, so if the Twins are going to lose him, I hope its through trade so that they at least get something for him. I still like his bat and think it will continue to get better and more consistent with more big league at bats. But through trade, I would think we would at least get a mid-level prospect in return.
  4. Love the rankings and IMHO grading them is so speculative that I like reading everyone's opinions. I just wish that I could watch full minor league games occasionally(somewhere). Does anyone know of any online sites that stream full games either live or recorded?
  5. If the Twins want to win???? I think it would take two of these pitchers. With our perceived strong minor league contingent as (much needed) depth, I would look at the Twins to be the far and away favorite in the Central. This would be extremely expensive, and I think a longshot to even get one, but, winning the division would sure ease some of the sting. Would also be more plausible if they could trade Donaldson in the off-season to lighten the load. The dreaming starts already in early Aug?
  6. Agreed 100%. Why are players not taught to bunt anymore? To me, the game is not evolving, but instead regressing. Is it coaching, or has the approach to the game changed so much that it sometimes has me gagging? As a traditionalist growing up watching baseball in the 60's and 70's, I hate all the new and extreme rules changes, like 7 inning doubleheaders, and the baserunner to start extra innings. Getting as bad as Nascar. Getting back to Kepler, how about going back to the basics of hitting, bunting, walking. He will never be a Carew type, and he shouldn't. But he could be more of a Cuddyer type, which I think is reasonable.
  7. I'm just glad to hear that Herbie has his priorities in order. Pitching? Catching? Hitting? PFFFFT. Just shut up and eat your sandwich.
  8. I think most of us went into this season feeling real good about our roster. Well, that obviously didn't turn out as planned. But, I still like the looks of this roster, for the most part, on paper. I would like to see next years roster look something similar to this. C - Jeffers, Rortvedt with Garver being traded. 1b - Kirilloff/Sano with Sano possibly being traded. 2b - Polanco/Araez, 3b - Donaldson/Araez, SS - Simons/Gordon with hopes for Lewis. OF - Buxton, Larnach, Kirilloff, Kepler Sp - Berrios, Maeda, Pineda, (Ober/Balazovic/Duran/Canterino/Enlow), and a FA like a (Duffy/Strohman/ Gausman). Rp - Rogers, Duffy, Robles, Alcala, and go big on FA's with Hand, Rosenthal, Yates, Bradley. This is where we need to spend some money. I have no idea what this would bring the payroll to, but I'm thinking it could be do-able. (if we truly want to contend for a WS.) Am I delirious?
  9. tarheeltwinsfan - thank you for your service and an interesting post about the times.
  10. Hilarious. Thanks for the light-hearted relief? Oops, did I say relief. That's a bad word.
  11. I am a huge Kirilloff fan and have no doubt he will be a star in the Bigs. But as for Nick Gordon, I am excited for him to get his opportunity and I hope he gets a real chance to show what he can do. I still believe in his big league talent. Between Gordon and Lewis I am hoping our shortstop position is filled for 2021 and beyond. Nothing against Simmons, I love his play, but he was supposed to be the 2020 stopgap. I want the prospects to succeed so the Twins can spend their money on some "Real Pitching". Is there anybody that can pitch the 5th inning and later?
  12. Love this deal. As a young man who has actually worked for a living, Dobnak undertands that $9.25 million dollars is enough to live on for the rest of his life. The Twins can't lose on this deal and it's refreshing to see the lack of greed in pro sports. By the end of this contract Dobnak could be worth 15 times what he's being paid in this market. To me, even at his current contract, he is a very rich man.
  13. I am very high on Larnach. Unfortunately I've only gotten to see little of him, but from what I have read, he seems to have great work ethic, a super attitude, intelligence, and the bat speaks for itself. I hope he makes the bigs this year. I'd love to see him in RF, AK in LF, and Buxton in C. I'd also hate to see Max go, but with his team friendly contract with several years of team control, I think he'd be a very good trade chip. Also keeping the right hand bat of Rooker on the team, but we would still have to have a backup for Buxton. Broxton and Celestino in the minors for emergency call up, but can we also keep Cave for Buck to have some days of rest occasionally. I must be a little over-excited about our young bats.
  14. I don't think that there is a totally fair solution for every player and every team so there is always going to be controversy. I would like to see a floor and ceiling cap. And how about making all players free agents by age. I would propose a restricted free agency for all players at age 27 and 28, unless previously signing an extension,and unrestricted free agency at age 29. If players want to use the restricted free agency (two year period) contracts would be restricted to one year contracts. Yes, teams could promise the player (against the rules of course) better things to come in the future, but there would be nothing to hold the team to that promise if the player got injured or went in the tank. If a player used the unrestricted free agency at age 27, he would be forced to use it again at age 28, however after signing his age 28 contract, he could sign an extension after that years all-star game. Is this way off the wall?
  15. This is a tough one, but a really good problem to have. I really like our young guys, Kiriloff, Rooker, Larnach and would hate to see any of them traded. But something has to give somewhere. I also think that I have more respect for Caves' game than most. Very versatile outfielder, very steady. Arr'aez should stay in the infield IMO.(for some reason I'm not totally sold on him). I know, but just a gut feeling. So, who has to go? I guess I'd trade whoever I could get the best deal (very good SP)for. Maybe two of the above. But definitely not AK. I see future Superstar here.
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