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  1. Halsey Hall, Herb Carneal, John Gordon and Dick Bremer should all be in the Hall Of Fame as broadcasters. I loved Dick and Bert together. I like Morneaus' knowledge of the game and he explains his points extremely well. (sometimes too well, way too many words) But Dick can work with anyone. Yeah, he is a homey and that is part of what I love. Keep Dick Bremer for as long as he has a desire to call Twins games. Then put him in the Hall.
  2. I was at first a little skeptical of this trade, because I didn't see it coming. Was just expecting the Padres to be looking for a Kirilloff/Larnach/Kepler/Arraez. But after thinking it over, I'm more ok with the deal. Consider, with a 162 game schedule, we will need approx. 1458 innings to be pitched. With 5 starters to pitch 150 innings each (and that is a stretch), that leaves 708 innings. If 8 relievers get 70 innings each, (and that is a stretch) that leaves 148 innnings. Not accounting for extra innings games, injuries, and poor performances, I think we are going to need several innings eaters. I also feel with the talent of our young guns, this pen may be mightier than the sword of Rogers. In any case, it seems that the FO is at least trying to make it a competitive season. I'm looking forward to the games and hoping Paddack is going prove this to be a great trade for present "and future". Edit: Last year we had 35 pitchers pitch 1419.1 innings. Berrios pitched the most innings with 121.2. That is why a complete new rotation seems like a possible good thing.
  3. What's worse? Wow, maybe "IF" we overthink things, we don't allow ourselves to actually enjoy the game of baseball and the always uncertainty of a season in March and April?
  4. I agree with the B+ grade as it stands right now. I'd still like to see them pull off a trade for a front of the rotation starter but if that doesn't happen, how bout maybe go back after Cueto for a little more depth. My grade would still be a B+, but it would be a higher B+.
  5. My biggest complaint here is that we would DH Sanchez because of the amount of his paycheck. We already have a right handed strikeout master to play DH in Sano. Let Sanchez catch twice a week to give Jeffers a break and stash him away in a closet the rest of the week.
  6. I am a huge believer in Larnach. I believe he will eventually replace Kepler. And if Kep continues to show he can't hit against the shift, then the sooner the better. Larnach needs as many at bats as he can get and will continually improve. I love Keplers' defense and I hope he turns things around but it looks like the youth movement is on a fast track.
  7. I actually think I would put Correa, Polanco, then Buxton due to my belief that Buxton is our best overall hitter. He has shown he can hit for average, OBP, Power and speed. Then Kirilloff vs. RHer's, Sano vs. LHer's. But, I don't think it really matters cuz I think Rocco will have 50 different lineups in the first 50 games. And it may make sense to him, but I really dislike the way he manages lineups. And please, no more of Kepler leading off unless he can show that he can hit through the shift consistently.
  8. Is it possible that a player has an MVP type season, and enjoys playing here so much, and also decides that 30.5 "Million Dollars" is enough to play another beautiful summer in Minnesota? I see that as being in the realm of possibility. Call me crazy.
  9. Our cache of pitching prospects is very impressive to me, and exciting as we watch them progress. I am looking forward to the time when our staff is populated by a majority of home grown talents.
  10. I agree with not trading Kirilloff. For me, he is untouchable. For Sano, I would offer him a new contract extension right now. Lower base salary with big incentives for lower strikeouts, OBP, OPS+, and even BA. Base of about 5M with incentives maxing out at 20M. If he can't prove his worth to be in the 10M range, then he should be cut. This is a perfect player for an incentive laden contract. He could make himself into a huge asset but he needs to prove it. If he can prove himself worth keeping, I have no problem with him playing 1B and Kirilloff in LF. Also I look forward to Larnach in RF after Kepler is traded.
  11. I voted A+. My take has always been that MLB teams should be trying to win the WS "every year". That is the point. And for the Twins to pull the trigger on this move, along with trading for Gray, and the other moves leading up to it, it tells me that this front office is making a strong effort to compete for a WS bid. On the other hand, I can't give them A+ for entire off-season due to the lack of a top FA SP signing, which admittedly went pretty fast and furious prior to the lockout. But another trade for, hopefully Montas, and I would give them an A. I think our FO is doing a fine job despite all the criticism they receive. I seem to remember the Donaldson signing to be a bit of a surprise at the time also. Most of us loved that signing also. I like what the "New Twins" are trying to do. So, A+ for this deal, and solid A for FO effort.
  12. I'm not usually a fan of rotating DH's. I really believe that players play better when they have a defined role, and that includes DH. But since we don't have Cruz, or anyone like him, I understand this situation. Yet I still think that Kirilloff should get the majority of starts at 1B, with Sano getting the majority of starts at DH. Sanchez can spell Sano if (or when) he goes into one of his deep freeze streaks. I think Arraez is our best trade bait for pitching and if not he would not get enough at bats at 2b or 3b. Those starters should play 5 days a week, leaving only 2 days a week for Arraez, which makes him more valuable as a trade chip. Will be interesting how this all plays out, but we do need at least one more quality starter and 40 man roster spots are tight. Someone has to go.
  13. Buxton has a no trade clause so if for that reason alone he is untouchable. I see Buxton/Kirilloff as the future of the franchise so IMHO he is also untouchable. There are plenty of other options. NO.
  14. No way they are done yet. I still see Story at ss, Urshela/Miranda at 3b. They will trade for another front end SP, possibly sign another FA SP, like Pineda, or Greinke. I also see another FA catcher. The money is there to spend, and if they don't spend it they will be shooting themselves in the foot. With this team, it is my opinion that they will contend for the division. If they stand pat, they will probably be able to count fans in the stands on one hand. I just hope they don't completely deplete our top prospect list.
  15. IIRC, Berrios did not want to re-sign with the Twins. So for about $8M less per year(even if we could have signed Berrios) we have Gray, Martin, and SWR vs. Berrios and Petty. Petty was 4-5 years away "IF" he ever made MLB. Martin and SWR both are 2yrs. or probably less away and both are more likely to make major contributions to the big league club. Now, this may not have been the master plan from the beginning, but I much prefer how things turned out. How bout cutting the FO a little slack until they've had more than a weekend to do what they have to do. If it turns out bad, well then let'er rip. But there is no way they are finished.
  16. Only thing that makes any sense is they are freeing up money to sign Story, a FA SP, with Urshela and Miranda for 3b. Also we still have trade chips for SP, whether it's Arraez, Kepler, or some of our top prospects. If I am right about this, I send kudos to the FO for this very unusual and forward thinking. I'm loving it if it gets done. But, cannot afford to get outplayed by not finishing this thing off.
  17. There will be more moves. I see Story coming in as SS. I also see the Twins making a big move for a top of the rotation SP. This is the only way any of this makes sense. Gotta go now, the battery on my chrystal ball is dying. More later.
  18. Prediction: Twins sign Trevor Story, Kris Bryant, Zack Greinke, and Kenley Jansen. Trade for Montas. Win WS three straight years. Year 4, we do not win WS and fans call for heads of front office.
  19. Of the players you list, "who has a chance to open the season with the Twins?" None of the catchers, None of the infielders, All of the pitchers as SP All of the pitchers in the BP.
  20. The Twins MO is to wait till anybody that is worth anything is gone and then pick through what's left. Ergo, Happ, Shoemaker, Bailey. Looks like the pattern may be re-developing.
  21. Hey, we all loved the Garver story. But we traded from a position of semi/strength to a position of dire need. Garver has had his share of injuries and is not getting any younger so I think from a risk standpoint we come out ahead. Also, since we have IKF for two years, that should be plenty of time to see if our ss of the future is in the system. If not, there is the possibility of extending him at his 29 year old season. My opinion is that this was a well thought out option. But I guess, only the future will tell if it was a good trade or not.
  22. YESSSSS!!!! Now the Twins can go sign Story and Rodon an make a trade for Montas. Lol. But seriously folks. Thanks for getting rid of the 7 inning double headers and the free baserunner in extra innings. "PLAY BALL".
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