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  1. The "positions of strength" are going to be needed to snap the post season losing streak. Swapping out major league talent for a zero net gain, is not adding to the value of the team. Swapping out prospects is what I think should be used. And Sano can be DFA'ed just for his roster spot. There is enough value there just for that.
  2. "Relevant - closely connected or appropriate" While Reusse may not be as closely connected now as he once was, he is still more connected than almost all of us here. And 'appropriate' is way too subjective to try to determine a baseline. Oh, and I'm pretty old, too. But I hope I'm still relevant.
  3. Sooooooooooooo very tired of dealing with this Covid angle. Not out of any inconvenience, but out of sheer exhaustion.
  4. Under almost no circumstance would I think it necessary to trade CC at this year's deadline. There would be no upgrade to the team at all. And the message it would send to the remaining players would be catastrophic.
  5. Damn... Now I'm gonna have that song in my head for the rest of the weekend....
  6. I agree with this. No ticket discounts are applied for not seeing the guys you want to see. Used to "time" the games so we could make sure to see the starting pitcher that was our favorite, or Tony O, Carew and Killebrew on the field all at the same time. It's different if a guy gets hurt and can't play. Which makes me wonder, too, if there are/were discounted tickets for double headers that are only 7 innings long.
  7. Kershaw should have completed his chance for a perfect game
  8. At least I learned something here. Betteridge's law of headlines... Never knew that. Thanks.
  9. With the exception of last night, it seems this team just Can't Buy a Thrill... Hope it doesn't turn into Everything Must Go later on this summer.
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