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  1. With the exception of last night, it seems this team just Can't Buy a Thrill... Hope it doesn't turn into Everything Must Go later on this summer.
  2. Cruz looks tired. And slow. And somewhat frustrated.
  3. Maybe this guy is looking for a job. Can't hurt...
  4. All these years later, and Phil Cuzzi still can't get the "Fair" / "Foul" call right...
  5. Thank you. Nice recap. Sincerely. But I also feel like all of the oxygen has been sucked out of the room.
  6. I can see why they would want to make these changes for a drastically shortened season.This year should be the outlier, and no new rule changes kept for later years. Just get on the field and play. You could use a whiffle ball for all I care. (kidding.... sorta...) I had no idea that I would miss baseball this much.
  7. "Fathers Playing Catch with Sons" by Donald Hall.
  8. .....I'd motion to my back and go to the clubhouse for a massage. TD: That...sounds like a veteran. Thanks for the laugh.
  9. How about suspend their franchise for a year? No schedule, no games. Nothing. That would leave a lasting mark in the record books. Let the Players Union work out what happens as far as the current players go.
  10. I thought the timeline was early to mid May? Why the rush?
  11. Good luck, Tyler. Hope it all works out. Kid from Des Moines? Gotta love it.
  12. 4 years in, 400 AB +/- .232 avg. Less than replacement WAR. Seems more of an AAAA player, if that. Never really did anything to set himself apart with the chances given. We've seen this before. Need to have the bar a little higher.
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