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  1. 12 pitcher staff? How many pitchers did the Twins use last year? For bullpen arms use them and send them back down to AAA, bring up the next guy. I do like Astudillo as a last resort however
  2. I think its old school (Blyleven) kind of thinking to require your starters to go that deep into games. Analytics have proven that the majority of pitchers really begin to fail the 3rd time thru a line-up. Follow the science, have a quality bullpen and win more games.
  3. I like Nelly as much as the next guy, but for a year that we have so many pitching needs to spend money on - plus have plenty of OF depth that could play the DH role - time to move on.
  4. I've been thinking about this lately - I am wondering if our pitching additions failed to live up to previous year's hype specifically because of the pedigrees of the pitchers we signed. For the past couple of years - we found diamonds in the rough that were trying to keep their MLB careers alive. This year, we signed established players. Do you think perhaps the established guys were more reluctant to accept pitching advise from Johnson when compared to the younger/unproven guys - therefore we got what we got when we signed them instead of being able to depend on their good faith efforts to improve like the unproven pitchers that we had success with the previous 2 years?
  5. Let the roll with both again next year unless we can get a solid pitching prospect for one of them in trade. Then re-evaluate again next fall.
  6. He's fine for what he is, and I would guess his MLB career will continue - it just shouldn't be in MN. Too much young depth at the positions he plays in the field. I'm sure his bat will land him someplace that is in rebuild mode.
  7. Keep him. We won't be able to replace him with any savings we get - so we will be worse as a team if he's playing elsewhere for at least 1 more year. No guarantee any savings would be reinvested in the team anyway. However with that said - if we get a 2 or 3 pitcher for it, then it might be a good long term investment.
  8. John I think you're guess is spot on. Do need to rent a SS for 1 season (unless can get a Story long term). Otherwise this free agency season should be pretty boring for position players. Pitching, pitching, pitching.
  9. I would be shocked if we signed any of them! We had a pretty good guy in Berrios - we sent him away for what hopefully will be a pretty good return. However - if we didn't pay him who we knew, why would we think we'd pay the same amount to the unknown?
  10. I wouldn't sell any of them (except maybe Kepler). If we do - then we are obviously looking at a full rebuild. We can't simply reload and act like we're going to be competitive if we simply trade for yet more prospects.
  11. What I really like about Rooker is that he bats from the right side. How about trade Alex K, or Larnach instead for some more pitching. Might not be as good in the field minus one of the lefties, but could also get a better return for them. Otherwise I see another cluster of left handed corner outfielders kind of like we have/had with Kepler, Wade, and Cave.
  12. I like his starts, but is anyone else wondering if its just a matter of time until batters start to figure him out? His slider did look very legit at times last night however and that should continue to play well.
  13. I don't feel as good about the depth at the 5 beyond Donaldson. Sure - Arraez can play there, and maybe we have someone almost ready in the minors - but I'm hoping for a reload, not a rebuild - so while I do want to move him for pitching, I don't feel as good about a reload without someone ready to go at 3B. My first gut is saying move Sano back there as we'll likely be unable to move him and Sano is probably as good as Arraez isn't he at that position?
  14. I like him! While he's not been as healthy as I wish he were (we knew that risk going in) his play at 3B is better than any other options we have and he has also shown the ability to back it up when he trash talks. He costs a lot, but so would most other quality 3B options out there.
  15. Just gotta win out now and maybe this season isn't over just yet!
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