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  1. I'm hoping they are out there getting 2nd and even 3rd for 4th opinions on his wrist. I'm sure we have great doctors - but sometimes just need something looked at by new eyes. Hopeful he can make a full recovery.
  2. My favorite is from Gio Urshela! Was watching in TV and in a different room and had to head back to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. Great platform.
  3. I like having Celistino as our #4. Can play all 3 OF positions - which I think is the most attractive quality for a #4 OF guy. Young enough to still develop some better skills at the plate.
  4. I love looking at other team's sites during trades like this also. To me this trade seems like both teams can potentially claim a W depending on how the next couple years shake out.
  5. Its a smart long term move. Sorry to see Rogers go, but he had a much better run as a dependable reliever than most as a Twin. Good luck to him.
  6. I don't mind this deal. Good long term plan to trade relievers with only 1 year of team control for a starter with multiple years. Good to replace said reliever (in addition to starter) by trading our 5th OF who would probably been lost for nothing after being DFA'd. Losing Rogers hurts, but we have some potential studs in the pipeline who can be in the pen this year instead of AAA.
  7. Can't sweat it yet. I'm sure we'll have some redundant players in positions of depth that we will swap for new, younger talent that can develop down the road.
  8. I liked Cruz as much as the rest of us, but I gotta agree that I like the flexability we have now where our DH could play in the field as well. Admit I did want to see Nelson play 1B however since he seemed to like it so much.
  9. I think we need someone who can fill in at center adequately. While it can be argued that Celistino needs another year at AAA to develop, I'd prefer he be our 4th OF because between the young talent waiting for the corner spots, plus Buxton's injury history and new extension, I don't see any reason to keep Celistino's service time down or that he has a long term spot on our team. Even if he only plays a few times each week, he's better as a fielder than our other options and I see no reason to keep someone like Cave instead.
  10. Worst case scenario - We don't get the pitchers we need to be competitive and we trade him to a big market for a HUGE haul at the trade deadline this year and we roll with Lewis or Martin next year at the 7. Great day to be a Twins Fan! Respect for our Front Office simply exploded - Keep up the good work guys!
  11. So I'm normally a couple of days behind on these but like to listen to them in order. Do you think I should listen to this one before the Correa episode via Patreon?
  12. I think this is a great move that I never expected. Story sure - he's a star as well but not at this level. WORST case scenario, we never get any good starts from our still TBD pitching rotation and we flip him for about half a dozen high prospects to a big market team, and by then hopefully Lewis or Martin have proven able to man SS. Very, very exciting time to be a Twins Fan!
  13. HOLY ****. For real???? What a great plan, and even if has opt outs to let us see if Lewis or Martin are our future at that position. This Front Office just earned HUGE credit from me and gained my trust going forward to be able to pull this off.
  14. Agreed - However with no shortstops on the roster (or a 5th starter) can we play him in 2 or 3 positions? Might need that to make the playoffs right now.
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