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  1. What I really like about Rooker is that he bats from the right side. How about trade Alex K, or Larnach instead for some more pitching. Might not be as good in the field minus one of the lefties, but could also get a better return for them. Otherwise I see another cluster of left handed corner outfielders kind of like we have/had with Kepler, Wade, and Cave.
  2. I like his starts, but is anyone else wondering if its just a matter of time until batters start to figure him out? His slider did look very legit at times last night however and that should continue to play well.
  3. I don't feel as good about the depth at the 5 beyond Donaldson. Sure - Arraez can play there, and maybe we have someone almost ready in the minors - but I'm hoping for a reload, not a rebuild - so while I do want to move him for pitching, I don't feel as good about a reload without someone ready to go at 3B. My first gut is saying move Sano back there as we'll likely be unable to move him and Sano is probably as good as Arraez isn't he at that position?
  4. I like him! While he's not been as healthy as I wish he were (we knew that risk going in) his play at 3B is better than any other options we have and he has also shown the ability to back it up when he trash talks. He costs a lot, but so would most other quality 3B options out there.
  5. Just gotta win out now and maybe this season isn't over just yet!
  6. Wasn't Wade yet another Left handed corner outfielder buried on the depth chart with 2 other LH corner outfield rookies waiting in the wings? Sure - in hindsight (and maybe even earlier) we could have predicted he'd be better than Cave - but ya never know. Pretty sure the Giants would have passed on Cave in that trade. Had depth for that role - threw a dart and missed. Sometime you hit, sometime you don't.
  7. Does anyone else feel that we'll be dreading playing against Judge for a decade to come? He's just a monster.
  8. If players such as Buxton and Berrios don't make the All Star Squad, will their FA prices drop making them any more likely to stay on with us?
  9. I agree with you about nothing in the leadership ranks offers much as a hitting coach. What is only real difference between our Bomba Squad in 2019 compared to our poor batting results in 2020 and now 2021. the batting coach changed! I know these guys are pros - but something had to change in the way they are being told to hit isn't there?
  10. Sure we need him to step up - but we really have no one in the minors ready to push him at all for playing time. We spent the money, and he needs to perform - simple as that. Otherwise if we decide to be sellers, he should be someone we at least put on the block as an option to move on from pending we get a young 3B ready in a year in return.
  11. I hate the idea that we're looking to move him - Always liked this kid and still think he's a solid #2 guy which we don't have anyone ready to slide into his rotation spot. However - i think it is obvious he wants to test free agency. Would we get more in return now, or at the deadline when teams may be willing to compete for him? With our current core and slate of people almost ready - would prefer to not get some low level guy with high upside but someone only a year away perhaps. Hope thats the route they go if not simply keep him here and make him an offer he can't refuse.
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