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  1. If that is all the former Twins that are in the playoffs this year - that really doesn't look good for our scouting department. There has to be more and I'm assuming these are the only ones included in the article.
  2. Carlos is a great player - BUT, with our mid-level payroll - I'd rather pay out 17M to 2 different players that can have twice the impact as one at 35M.
  3. He is a no brainer. Keep him for one more year while under team control, and then worry about the future of the hot corner the following year when hopefully our young guys are ready to burst down the door and need playing time.
  4. At the beginning of the season, most models predicted we'd finish 3rd in our division - we finished the year with an on the field product that looked nothing like it was supposed to compared to the start of the year team. Does that mean our back-ups overachieved as we hit that prediction? I can't blame Rocco, he can only play the players he is given. Much of the team he had down the stretch were not who you want going into a pennant race, and that fault lies with the F.O. and is due to injuries.
  5. I think pro sports in general are much more entertaining when there is parity. The NFL is a great example as every year teams spend close to a predetermined hard cap and any team can win any given year. It is not possible to buy championships in the NFL unless you convince players to play for less than their true value. I sincerely wish the MLB would have a hard cap. (and by necessity, also a hard floor) Until they do, every year there are certain teams we know will compete (Yankees) and certain teams that will only compete once a decade when they see if their prospects and rebuild worked out. For the long term future of the sport, teams like the Pirates and Rockies need to have fans that have a reason to believe that every opening day could be the first in a year they possibly could win it all. Very few NFL teams start a year telling their fans they don't have a shot to make the playoffs - yet we have discussions about what MLB teams are even trying. Long term, will teams that give their fans no reason to support them continue having fans? Will this eventually lead to only a handful of teams going forward and only in big markets? I fear it could.
  6. I like Max as a player for us - he's not perfect and I think he'll have better luck next year at the plate as teams adjust to not putting their entire set of fielders on the right side. But - he is redundant by being a left handed outfielder. Trade him if we can get a decent middle of the rotation arm, or for a great reliever if we can for him. We have other younger, cheaper talent that can do what he can for us and we need pitching......again.
  7. I think Jeffers has the most to prove that he belongs, and unfortunately the Twins appear to have put all their catching eggs in his basket.
  8. I know our existing training staff is only 2 years in - but how about we re-evaluate them. No manager or F.O. could have won this year with the amount of players on the IL that never made it back, or took way longer than expected to return after injuries.
  9. I think we need to look into why so many injuries. Seems that for multiple years now, we are among the teams that have starters miss the most games in the A.L. Why? Do we have a inadequate training staff compared to other teams? Are we trying to save money by not having a very good training staff? Are we not using the best available/modern methods compared to other teams? This year it seems we not only were poor at preventing injuries, but also poor at getting the players back quickly once they were injured. (why does a 6 week injury turn into a 3+ month recovery?) If this were a video game - we appear to have hired a trainer with an F in preventative, and an F in recovery. We have the Mayo Clinic not too far away - maybe get a partnership with them to try and have our 2023 squad spend less time on the IL?
  10. Is it in Japan that the balls are a little tacky out of the box? I like that idea here - levels the playing field. Pitchers shouldn't get penalized for following the rules, but they do in the MLB.
  11. Your last sentence is the most critical. Time to hold nothing back.
  12. Hi future should be here next year. He can't control injuries. To succeed, the F.O. needs to give him horses, especially in the Pen if they don't want starters to go thru a line up 3 times. No manager could have success this year with the pitching he was expected to compete with this summer.
  13. Just gotta keep him healthy. WAY TOO MANY great prospects in Twins history have looked great until something happens..... So far looking like a great pick!
  14. That is a pretty impressive injury list when you lay it out by position like that - I can't imagine how any team could compete with that type of time lost due to injury. So the big question is WHY? Are we selecting injury prone players? Is our training staff not very good at their jobs? This isn't anything new for us, should we look closer at this department?
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