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  1. This is the only type of game Pagan should be pitching in. Times when Rocco might consider Gordon instead. Rough game, lets see something better tonight!
  2. Completely agree. The days of Bert Blyleven are over and not relevant to today's game. Stats show the third time thru the order - pitchers do worse. Why would you intentionally give the other team better odds?
  3. Sorry - that was supposed to be his last 30 games, not his last 30 days according to what I found on MLB.com.
  4. I think our weakest area is Pagan. Here are his stats in the last 30 days: 3-4 record with a 6.11 ERA in 28 innings by giving up 31 hits and 7 walks leading to 19 earned runs. You can't keep sending him out there unless up by 4 or more runs. I know we need some 'filler' innings to keep Duran, Lopez, and Fulmer fresh. I just don't think it should include Pagan. Impressed by Sands last game in this role, perhaps give Smeltzer the role of Pagan?
  5. I think you're giving Pagan too much credit based on his on-field performance this year. Can we just give him away to someone like Cleveland or Chicago for literally nothing in return?
  6. I'm sorry to see it happen to him, he seems like a good enough guy. But - nothing lasts forever and I wish him well and to hopefully catch on someplace else. Maybe Pagan next?
  7. Why do you wish the starters to go 6-7 innings when there is statistical data which shows that nearly every pitcher in the history of the game have worse stats when facing hitters for the third time in a day. When our BP was awful, it made sense to consider pushing the starters longer, hoping they can be the exception to the 3rd time thru the order historical data. However with an upgraded BP, we should be more confident playing the numbers and having them go thru twice and then turn it over. Numbers don't lie.
  8. I tend to be one of those who likes seeing prospects grow into contributors - but when it comes to a talent like Ohtani, I'd make that trade. Players like him don't come available often at a cost we can manage.
  9. If Royce would have been healthy, I would have wanted to see what we could get in return. But as of now - stand pat with him and hope he even considers staying another year.
  10. More often than not, I have been good with the moves this FO has made. They acknowledge they need BP arms. I think they'll find some. I just hope that we don't move a potential full time starter for 3 month rental arm. We aren't really in a push for a championship are we? But as it stands now - I'm never comfortable going into the second half of any game without a lead of at least 6+ runs.
  11. It has to start with winning one playoff game! But yes - to win a series would (i believe) do a great service to the fan base who has been patient during this rebuild. Time for some results as our reward.
  12. I would have selected option 3 if Royce had stayed healthy and continued to play well. Now, I think we gotta keep him and go for it this year (as long as we invest in our BP). I know unlikely he returns, but until he opts out, I can always hope!
  13. After being counted on to replace Garver with possibly giving us some upside, I think Jeffers have proven to be the definition of very average. Good pitch framer, but what else does he give us? A little power, poor at throwing out runners, etc. We've been spoiled with Mauer and then Garver. Hope we can find someone with a little more upside very soon.
  14. Buxton (if can stay healthy), Lewis (if knee can stay healthy), AK (if wrist can stay healthy), and Ryan - IMO Would be ok with Duran in there as well, but have trouble putting a reliever in there as a core player when their careers (like Duffy) can be so brief.
  15. What evidence do you have that Rocco has done this? Don't you think he wants better options also?
  16. Same story different day. When is the F.O. going to give Rocco some help in the pen? Do they think it is going improve on its own?
  17. Love having Cruz with us in the past, but unless he can now suddenly pitch, we're not a good fit. Like all teams - we have limited trade assets, I'd prefer to use those assets to acquire pitching, not hitters - we have those.
  18. Hopefully we get some new bullpen arms before this post blows completely up so we can talk about the new guys. Can't get them here fast enough. Can't fairly blame Rocco as he can only put out there who the FO puts in his pen. But, something needs to change.
  19. Lets draft them and throw them in the MLB pen right away. Can't do worse than what we got can they?
  20. Time to see if some our our young pitchers are ready to make an impact in relief. Can't be worse than Pagan or Duffy. I can't blame Rocco for this - he can only send out there who is in his pen. If a game drags on, options become more and more limited. Nice to see him using Duran for 2, I wouldn't have sent him out for a third inning either.
  21. I completely agree! But as we know, contracts don't really appear to mean much in pro sports.
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