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  1. At this point I'm just worried Pineda may be our big FA signing of the year and our Opening day starter....
  2. I can see everything shaking out like you indicated, but also agree that it is more likely than not that Sano is not part of our team then and someone else will be our DH.
  3. I'd kind of prefer we go shopping in the pile of players not having the "one team's trash" label in their description.
  4. Lets be honest - we're all just jealous wishing the Twins made these moves aren't we? That would be fun! Great time to be a Rangers fan I bet.
  5. Would love to have him on our team, however with that said - can't see any possible way the Yankees trade him to us for anything we would be willing to offer them. Do they want Jake Cave back - he must have some special powers we don't know about.
  6. I'd absolutely tender Arraez, Can't trade him while he's still able to walk on those knees if we don't tender him first. Garver is a no brainer to tender.
  7. To see us not sign anyone of significance as the top players fly off the board is very very disappointing. What will our starting rotation be like come August when injuries have hit us?
  8. Yea- good point - I think I'd prefer to keep Taylor at SS and put Gordon in center in that scenario. Not sure I'm ready to rule Gordon out at SS, but I think the Twins pretty much are.
  9. Just another reason why I think Chris Taylor would be a great signing for us - can start at short, and play CF when Buxton is out.
  10. I really don't think they are serious about drafting a proven free agent pitcher when someone like Gray signs for only 14M/year. In today's MLB, that is a reasonable contract. I expect they are seeking something that has higher club sided value in a trade like we did with Maeda. If can't find that kind of a trade, welcome back Pineda I think will be the best we end up doing. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. I know a lot of fans will gripe about this signing - $15 M for a player who's always hurt. Fact is however if he plays even half the games every season, we're still getting what we're paying for. For a full season he should be a $30M player. Thus any games he plays over 80 simply is added value.
  12. I just don't see any reason to mess with Polanco. He's a well above average 2nd baseman, so why weaken 2 positions by switching him to SS and putting a limited Arraez at the 4 spot? I do however like your plan of trying to develop Martin and/or Lewis for the SS role in the future - as early as mid 2022 perhaps?
  13. Has Cave shown he is anything better than a 4A player himself?
  14. Even if we simply cut him at some point - Why? Corner outfield depth is a strength of our roster. To even offer him anything seems pointless when he can be likely be replace with someone both better, and cheaper.
  15. I think something should be done if a team every loses 100 games - yet alone tanks it. To have a professional team lose that many games indicates the owners have absolutely no interest in even trying, which reeks of a baseball team being "just a business" that couldn't care less for the fans who support them. I fully support something (such as a salary cap floor) that would encourage teams to at least put a product on the field that warrants fans spending their money to see. Yes - I know its a business, but some owners don't have to spend absolutely as little as possible to prove that.
  16. Fine, I understand your point John. BUT - if the Front Office thought this type of contract was unreasonable for Jose, why would we believe they will wisely spend that $20M anyway. We had a known commodity in Jose, while not an Ace, a durable number 2. I have high hopes for the 2 guys we got, and felt it was a good trade when I thought Jose was going to price himself out of MN. Did he really do that, or did we simply make him a low ball offer and possibly new low ball offers to others very soon. I recognize the new regime has a habit of middle of the pack spending - awesome! BUT, do we have any idea what they tried to get Jose to agree to, and why would a different FA SP might agree to what they consider a "fair" offer? I fear we may have some financial strings being tightened after 2 years of poor revenues - but knowing what we offered Jose might give us a better idea of what this Front Office considers a fair offer for a pitcher of Jose's quality - thus what they might feel are fair others for Free Agents they make overtures to this off season.
  17. Cruz would fall into the Want category instead of the Needs. We have too many Needs to consider putting significant money at something we Want when we have in-house options that while not as great as Cruz, allow us to spend our dollars elsewhere. He's a luxury.
  18. Chris Taylor is my choice all the way - Won't require a 200M contract and can play at SS until Lewis is ready to go. Then you can use him as your utility guy. Try to trade current utility guy Arraez for something now since his knees will prevent him from ever reaching his full potential.
  19. I don't think it necessarily applies to people who are fan enough to subscribe and post on sites like this - but really, this is what a percentage of Twins fans really deserve. They complained about Mauer, well like the article said - here's a possible opportunity to experience the opposite. Have fun with that - I think we'll wish they signed him if he walks.
  20. I'd move Arraez - sell high on him. While we all enjoy his hitting - he's not going to get any better with his bad knees. Instead, his value is only going to decline as injuries pile up until he simply can't play anymore. Its a shame for such a young guy, but not everyone was meant to play sports in the bodies they were born with. Get something for him now while we can.
  21. So Nick - thanks for the article. Of your 4 suggested reasons. What does your personal insight tell you as to what is truly the most likely reason? I know you are giving suggestions, but what does your gut tell you is the cause?
  22. How the Front Office handles this off season is really going to determine how I feel about them as leaders long term for our Twins. They've demonstrated in the past the willingness to spend money on players like Donaldson and Nelson - but perhaps they're being forced to rein in the spending now? To lose Berrios on what appears to be a fair contract, and now to potentially lose Buxton as well isn't a good look. If they "whiff" on all the FA starting pitchers this year and elect to go with retreads or in-house guys won't look good despite their ability to develop pitchers elsewhere. If we elect to simply resign someone like Simmons at SS will also simply add to the impression that either they simply don't truly desire to put a quality product on the field - or are the Polads turning frugal again after low revenues in 2020 and 2021? Either way - as fans we should not be pleased. They have a lot on their plate - I hope they elect to be competitive.
  23. Who was our top SS in St. Paul? Are they even a possibility as a stop gap for half a year until Lewis is ready?
  24. Hope we can keep both Garver and Jeffers as our backstops for another year. Give them more time to see how good Jeffers can be, and don't really feel good about who would be an acceptable #2 if one of them were traded for a position so frequently injured.
  25. I'd be pleased if we could make that move - but not for both Lewis and Martin. I'd be ok with Martin plus others, but not both SS's in our pipeline. Martin, Kepler, and someone in our 20-25 prospect range. We got Martin for Berrios - that seems like a pretty high level offer to me.
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