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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! Just NO ! I do not want to build a team this way. As Cuba Goodin said : "Show me the money, Jerry !" Just spend the money and keep and reward the good players and sign some really good FA pitchers. Please. And start promoting players while they are younger. What more does Miranda need to do to get promoted? Get some more hitters, and jettison those hitters who are strikeout artists. Throw the ball hard and accurately, hit the ball where they ain't, catch the ball. It's not that complicated. Damn.
  2. At first I did not understand what you were saying. Now I understand your position and I agree.
  3. Good article. I think the Twins must keep Rooker over Garlick, due to Rooker's outstanding power. However his defense is lacking, and I am concerned about the number of Twins who have similar traits of big power and huge, rally killing strikeouts, when a single punched to the opposite field is needed., To be frank, I would like the Twins to adopt a new hitting strategy, which favors more singles and less strikeouts.
  4. Outstanding synopsis Nick. "Macro vs. Micro". I felt like I was reading an article from The Atlantic. Really a well written article. Thank you.
  5. How about we lobby MLB to require that relief pitchers must go back to their former teams. Let's name a few the Twins would get: Pressley, Hendricks, Graterol, Shaggy, May, Curtis, Anderson, Littel, Romo ( no wait a minute), Fernando Rodney ( uh oh...not again), Blake Parker ( I need to take a phone call) and Sam Dyson..., Astudillo... ? My wife is calling , it is time for me to get off the computer. See you guys later. Now if I can just find my delete button on this new laptop..
  6. Can you tell from my grammatical errors in my post above, that I am upset about this issue? I think I'll get off this site for now and go take a walk.
  7. No to any of the 5 shortstops mentioned here. Let's see what we have already (Lewis and Martin and Miranda) and sign Buck and a top SP and a top, FLAME THROWING RP. Let's get some more heat and promote our existing flame throwers. Did anyone else notice how many former Twins relief pitchers are on teams which are in the playoffs this year? Will somebody on this website please explain why the Twins have waived, traded, lost so many flame throwing relievers, some of whom are now still pitching in October? I am sick of seeing former Twins minor league stars languishing in AAA and AAin the Twins system,, only to be waiver and then succeed on another major league team. We here at Twins Daily invest a lot of our time and energy learning about these rising stars by way of the excellent writers and our minor league reports (Thanks Seth). Seth,, you put a positive spin on most of your articles. Can you explain how these relievers have slipped away and who is to blame? Or am I just over reaction?
  8. I have said it before, Buck is the most exciting player that I have ever seen play for this franchise, and I've been a Senators/Twins fan since 1953. Pay the man whatever it takes to keep him a Twin for life.
  9. They did not agree on the incentive bonuses and that is the holdup now.
  10. According to prior reports, I think the Twins and Buxton agreed on $80,000,000 for 5 years (I think it was 5 years) with incentive bonuses added. Therefore it will it will need to be at least $43,835.62 per day for 5 years plus the incentives to be agreed upon. Maybe an extra $3,000 per day for meal money plus a team paid nutritionist assigned to Buck..
  11. This was an interesting article. Thank you for writing this article, Tom. I believe you are on to something here. The Twins have traded away, given away, lost a lot of flame throwers over the past 5 years. The big question is "Why ?". A flame throwing swing and miss gives the team and fans more energy than a swing and miss change-up, which fools the batter. I really think many of the the Twins pitchers lack energy on the mound. Gardy used to say, "It's a long season." That is true, however I say, "It may be a long season, but you can only live one second at a time. Do all you can to win now, whether it is a cold April day, a drizzly June night, a sweltering day game in Tampa, or the last games in September.. Go all out...every time...every bunt...every batter's ground out to the shortstop. Run to first base, damnit, run. Play with energy. Pump each other up. Get excited and share the energy. Make every game a "playoff game" in actions and energy.
  12. I agree with Ashbury. SS needs range and a rocket arm. By the way, I don't know how to measure this but, looking at the games on my computer at MLB.COM, I thought Simmons' arm was very good. But then I'm having a cataract removed Thursday, so that may have affected my judgment. When the doctor told me I had a cataract, I told him there must be a mistake, I drive a Jeep.
  13. Wait a minute folks. Simmons had the 6th highest fielding percentage in the American league at SS in 2021. . He made some awesome plays at SS. He also made some heads up plays at SS. However his batting was pathetic. His swings looked like my high school teammates. I don't want him back either, but my reasons have nothing todo with his fielding percentage.
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