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  1. Thank you Nash for expressing what we Twins' fans are feeling today. And a big THANK YOU to Nelson Cruz. I hope the Twins will make a serious attempt to bring him back to this organization in a coaching capacity immediately upon his retirement, whenever that may be. Nelson Cruz is a great ambassador for the game of baseball and the game of life.
  2. If he would/could hit the ball to the left side during the shifts, he'd raise his batting average and eventually eliminate many of the shifts against him, thus allowing more hits to the right side of the field evetually.
  3. " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Who knew that the two cities Charles Dickens was referring to were Minneapolis and St. Paul?
  4. Nick, This was a difficult article to read...because it is accurate. This season has been an unmitigated disaster. And I really had looked forward to watching Twins' baseball again,, However this season has not been good for my pandemic-bruised emotional state. Fortunately I can take a break from this disappointing series of events and lack luster play, and just not watch for a while. I feel badly for the TD writers, the broadcasters, the reporters, the players, staff and FO who must continue to watch this train wreck day after day, and cannot turn away..
  5. We need Arraez, Buck and Kirilloff playing ever day. We need Donaldson to run out his groundouts. I know some may say, why should he risk injury running out a ground out? I say because it is the way the game should be played, "The Twins Way" and it sets a poor example for the younger players when the see Donaldson dogging it. I told the FO not to sign Donaldson, due to his long history as a catcher and his resulting recurrent leg injuries. Did they listen? Nope. Sano needed to be traded several years ago . His excessive strikeouts will continue to stifle rallies the rest of his career. The Tigers will love to have another ex-Twin. For the love of all that is good and true and to honor the Hall of Fame player with a .341 career BA, Wee Willie Keeler, every player who faces a shift should be able to hit the ball " where they ain't", and get on base 50 % of the time there is a shift. Finally every pitcher who walks the first batter he faces in an inning should be fined $100 for his first offense, to be increased by $100 for each subsequent offense. Thanks for reading this. I feel better now.
  6. Polanco has to move the runners along with no outs and the bases full. I wonder if that has anything to do with Polanco not playing today and Gordon being brought up to start. I hope today's game helps Gordon and Polanco.
  7. In an interview after the game, Arraez said he had worked with Kent Hrbek in spring training to perfect the left-handed push-off move.
  8. Seth, Thank you for your dedication and your informative and entertaining writing about the Twins minor league players. Your hope-filled and positive minor league reports have been missed by us all. Let the games begin. Let the enjoyable reading about the minor leaguers begin. Play ball.
  9. I may be the only one, but I feel like the Twins have already given Sano too many chances.
  10. Ted, you wrote a most prophetic article on the eve of Kirilloff's breakout game last night. May I borrow your crystal ball so I can know when to buy and when to sell stocks?
  11. The main reason to have hope in the Twins is because: "The lark's on the wing; The snail's on the thorn; God's in His heaven; All's right with the world !" Thank you, Robert Browning
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