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  1. Cody, I'm just a University of North Carolina grad trying to be funny. I know nothing about Marcus Stroman. I assume he is a perfectly nice person.
  2. I believe a "lovably eccentric personality" also may have been used by the Dookie fans to describe several other Duke graduates, in addition to Marcus Stroman: Christian "Stomach Stomp" Laettner, Gerald "Elbow" Henderson and Grayson "Leg Sweep" Allen.
  3. The Twins players individual stats should have each improved in the second half of the 2023 season, due to the brutal first half schedule against really good teams, vs. the much easier second half schedule, which was rated as one of the easiest in all of major league baseball last year.
  4. I wonder what available non-tendered starters have the possibility of being converted to successful relievers?
  5. Nick, I based my statement about Varland wanting to be a starter because they are paid more on a September 5, 2023 Star Tribune article by Phil Miller, which quoted Varland as saying: "I believe the best version of myself is a starter. Starters also get paid."
  6. What is best for the team? I read that Louie stated he wanted to start because starters made more money, That may be true, however Louie would be more assured of being a full time major leaguer more quickly as a reliever, thus earning big money quicker. A bird in the hand....
  7. Really spot on article. Frankly I am puzzled why Rocco failed to play Vasquez any, any during the Twins playoff games. In my opinion, by his 2023 defensive play and his handling of the pitchers, Vasquez had more than earned the right to start a game or 2 in the playoffs, especially against the Astros, his former team from the previous season. He is a veteran leader, who was told, by Rocco's actions, that he was not good enough. And keep in mind, he does have 2 World Series rings.
  8. My hunch is, and it is just a hunch, that Anderson was one of the main reasons the Pale Hose were dysfunctional.
  9. Yeah, I heard that and it stung this Twin fan a little. But to be candid, if I were not a Twins fan, I would be a Cardinals fan, as are my son and grandson, even though we all live in North Carolina. The Cardinals just seem to be a classy organization. Plus the Budweiser horses trotting around the ball park are a spectacle I would love to see some day. Stan the Man was a childhood hero of mine. As a Little Leaguer, I tried to imitate his unusual batting stance, to no avail. Plus the uniform with the red Cardinal perched on a yellow bat and the red hat with the script STL are beautiful. I'll sum up my final reason to pull for the Cardinals in 2 words: "Bob Gibson".
  10. Satchel Paige said one of my favorite quotes, which I use frequently as I grow older: "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you."
  11. You are 50% correct. The Cards will not improve from their 2023 record and have no chance to be in the World Series in 2024. Gray, Gibson and Lynn will all perform more poorly than they did in 2023. Mark my words.
  12. Three former Twins pitchers will be starting for St. Louis. Sonny Gray, age 34, for the next 3 years at 25 million per year; 300 pound Lance Lynn, age 36, for 10 million in 2024 plus a 1 million buyout in 2025 or a 12 million contract; and old friend, Kyle Gibson, age 36 for 13 million in 2024 and a 12 million team option for 2025. I wish Sonny Gray and Kyle Gibson well. Lance Lynn...not my favorite. A total of 25m plus 10m plus 12m = $47,000,000 for 2024. Average age of 35.33 years with those 3 new starting pitchers. I am glad the Twins are not on the hook for any of these 3 contracts. Bill Petti wrote an interesting article on Pitcher Aging Curves in Fangraphs published April 30, 2012. On the average, it does not bode well for the 2024 Cardinals having 60 % of their 5 starting pitchers averaging 35.33 years of age. Plus an aging Goldschmidt, age 36 at 22 million, Arrenado at age 33 at 35 million and Contreras (a 32 year old catcher) at 18 million. The Cardinals are an expensive, old team. With the signings of Gray, Lynn and Gibson, they just got more expensive and older.
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