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  1. Yes. I do. But then I am optimistic about the Twins beginning in late January and all of February and March this time every year as we start planning our 10 hour drive to Ft. Myers for early March spring training. Is it time to load the equipment trucks for Ft. Myers yet?
  2. Michael Clair wrote a great piece yesterday(1/25/22) for MLB.com about those players whose names were on the 2022 HOF ballot, but who were one and done. He pointed out how good those particular one and done players actually were. He included Justine Morneau and Joe Nathan. Did you know Nathan had the 8th most saves in major league history. He was a consistently dominant closer and led the majors (including two Hall of famer closers, Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman) in saves between the years 04-09. And Morneau won an MVP and an NL batting title and Gold Gloves and was a feared slugger for years with the stats to back up Morneau's reputation. He also include AJ and mentioned he was known for having a big mouth and for being part of one of the most one-sided trades in ML history. I loved this article.
  3. This has been one of the most "fun" posts I can remember. No disagreements are possible for one's favorite player. Not the best, not the most value, just who is your favorite. Nicely done guys. And thank you.
  4. Congratulations to David Ortiz. In hind sight, of course the Twins should have kept him. . So be it. It's not like a curse or anything has been placed on the Twins. (cough, cough...18 straight cough, cough playoff losses...cough, cough).
  5. After watching Cotton's interview when he was promoted to the Texas Rangers ML ball club, I will be rooting very emphatically that Cotten makes the Twins club after spring training.
  6. I still live in Statesville. Since you used to live in Mooresville, you know that Statesville is about 40 mile north of Charlotte, which was a Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins' farm team from 1937 to 1942 and 1947 to 1972? Many Senators/Twins got early experience playing in Charlotte. My father used to take me to Charlotte one Saturday a month for my monthly orthodontic appointments when I was a boy. One Saturday we were at a sporting goods store in Charlotte and the owner and I were talking. I told him I was a Senators fan. He told me that the Charlotte team used old Washington Senators uniforms from the prior season. They sent the uniforms to his store and he removed the red "W" from the uniforms and sewed a red "C" onto the uniforms. He then went into the back of his store and gave me a red "W" from one of the prior years uniforms of one of the Washington Senators' players. I always pretended it was from either Roy Sievers or Jim Lemon or Camilo Pascual.. I still have it 60 years later.. It was quite a treasure for a small town North Carolina boy.
  7. I too am cautiously optimistic about this player. I wish him much success this year with the Twins.
  8. Would you bet the farm that Donaldson will remain healthy? Not me. Trade Donaldson while we can. His legs are going to only get worse based mainly on his multiple years as a catcher.
  9. My favorite Twin is Mark Davidson, since he was from my hometown in Statesville, NC and we worked out at a gym at the same time early in the mornings during the winter of 1986-87. I was thrilled when Mark made the team that spring as the 4th outfielder. In July or August I flew to Minneapolis to visit Mark and to watch the Twins. I sat with beautiful Linda Davidson, who was then Mark's fiancé. One night I ate the best steak I had ever eaten, but I don't remember where we were. Things had gotten a little fuzzy for me due to my new best friend, Wally the Beer Man, who kept coming to my seat at the Metrodome to visit with me and give me another cold frosty beer. After one of the games Mark introduced me to Harmon, who later that night autographed my baseball glove in a hotel hall way as he and I and some other Twins fans were sitting on the hallway floor eating pizza. If I'm lying, I'm dying. Mark also introduced me to Tony O, who Mark called "Chico". It was the weekend of the Equitable Old Timers Game. I got to see a lot of my favorite retired Twins players in the game. Later Mark introduced me to some of his Twins friends. If all of this that I had told you weres not enough, the mighty Oakland A's came to town that weekend, tied with the Twins for first place. The Metrodome was jam packed for all 4 games with the A's and the Dome was rocking. The noise was deafening and my ears were ringing. I Seem to remember a "noise meter" which the crowd loved to see the noise level rise on the noise meter. Every time Jose Canseco would swing and miss or take a strike, I would yell at the top of my voice: "Jose can you see?" I thought it was funny, but my buddy who had flown from North Carolina with me. told me to stop yelling that because I was embarrassing him. Mrs. Greg Gagne sat beside us and Mrs. Kirby Puckett was in the row in front of us. The mighty Oakland A's left Minneapolis 4 days later, 4 games behind the first place Minnesota Twins. The Twins had won every game. This probably will qualify as the best weekend of my life. Thank you, Mark Davidson.
  10. Lewis. To whom much is given, much is expected. I have a feeling that nobody expects more of Lewis, than Lewis expects of himself.
  11. Is it possible that Pressly and Berrios wanted out of Minnesota? Naw. Couldn't be that. Could it? I don't believe it.
  12. If the lockout remains in place, will I be able to see some games at Spring Training between teams using players who are not on the 40 man rosters? I have reserved an AirBNB Mach 5-March 12 in Ft. Myers and I can only spend so much time at Ding Darling wildlife refuge and searching for sea shells and eating BBQ at Mission BBQ.. I need some BASEBALL !
  13. Based on Joe Ryan's success, I'd suggest young HS and college pitchers take up hiking and water polo.
  14. After reading FanGraphs article which was placed in this good article, I have decided to become a huge Cotton fan If he can keep his walks down, he should be a good addition to the Twins starting staff. His spin rates on his FB and changeup are terrific and his slider looker nasty. I wish him lots of success next year. He is my pick to click on the mound for the Twins in 2022.
  15. I confess I was against this trade at the time. Now after reading this interesting article and the fine comments to the article, I believe Falvine may know more about running a baseball team then I did at the time. It looks like it may turn out to be a good trade for the Twins. I'm not worthy.
  16. Good analysis of some of the unknowns and variables in this trade. Thanks Dman.
  17. I agree with you about Donaldson. Thanks for saying what I am thinking.
  18. I hope we do play. I've got to decide shortly whether to cancel my reservations and save almost a thousand bucks at an AirBNB for Fort Myers the first week of 2022 ST games. The last 2 springs it was Covid, now it is disagreements between rich owners and rich players, which are ruining my spring training vacations.
  19. I agree with Mike. If predicting which prospects will succeed is as difficult as ranking the order of the Twins top 10 pitching prospects (which Seth discussed at length in some of his replies to our comments to his recent excellent Twins pitching prospect ranking), meaning any of them could succeed beyond our wildest dreams, why not forget the older slightly below mediocre, pitchers and just see which of the existing "quantity " of prospects will be the next "Ace" for the Twins. Will it be Ryan, Canterino, Duran, Balazovic, Winder, Petty, etc.? Thanks to the FO intentionally signing and trading for, young flame throwers, the Twins do have the best "quantity" of "quality" prospect pitchers that I can ever remember.
  20. You've got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative,, don't mess with Mister. in between. Thank you Johnny Mercer..
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