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  1. I was looking for more coverage of the twins online and found some of Nick's articles and really enjoyed his writing and point of view. Led me to Twins Daily, (10 years ago?), where the depth of coverage is better than anywhere else. Love the minors/prospect/development/roster construction conversations. I'm a die hard twins fan but you need more than just the major league team to stay engaged when its a down year which most of the 2010's were.... Thanks from all the Twins Daily users!
  2. Rodon for 7 years?! Holy cow, I'd be surprised if he gets a 3 yr deal this offseason.
  3. I love Arraez, I love his game, but he's a man without a position in the current roster. He also has knee issues that seem to come up every year. If you can get a solid everyday player/pitcher for him, you absolutely have to do it.
  4. We suffered through Simmons all last year, and frankly I don't want to have to do it again. I understand that his defensive metrics were still good but I watched most games last year and I just didn't see what I expected to see. Maybe he was so good defensively that nothing looked difficult? I don't know. I think he hurt the team more than helped it. If we have to go with a stop gap, I'd bring in Iglesias or Goodrum. But I think the FO might go youth movement, for lack of better options. This may have been their plan anyway. Give Lewis his shot to earn the job now. I'd be much more excited to watch the team with the upside of Lewis, Palacios, or Martin at short
  5. Bottom line is, the Twins need arms. Sign Pineda and Gray, both are reasonable money and steady production with some upside. Even if they go hard after one of the top line guys history has shown that it's highly unlikely that they would choose Minnesota if money is equal.
  6. I really think this has mostly to do with Bally Sports not being available on most platforms. MLB has to be careful because once people get used to it not being available, it will be hard to get many of those casual viewers back. I subscribe to MLB.tv to watch my Twins because I'm in the Brewers tv market. Still tune into part or all of Twins games most days via radio or tv depending on what I'm doing, but I always used to catch a Brewers game a couple times a week because it was on TV, now I can't via YouTubeTV, Hulu, or anything else
  7. Maeda has had no control ALL SEASON. He looks completely lost. This has definitely not come up the last couple weeks since the crack down on grip enhancers.
  8. While I always liked Eddie, the front office 100% made the right decision. I think Kiriloff, in a sss, so far has backed that decision up and it will be exciting to see what he can do the rest of the season.
  9. I've had Ulcerative Colitis (diagnosed) since about 2008, but had mild symptoms for a couple of years before that. I never got the help I needed until it got really really bad. I even had a bad bout of travellers flu like him in 2009. I cringed when I read about Kyle's diagnosis because it sounds like he's trying to work through it now then test more after the season. There is no quick recovery to this, its years of not feeling great. I have tried 3 different medication regiments over the last 11 years and only recently feel like i've found remission. I just hope he sees a specialist and starts a round of treatment ASAP.
  10. Love the move. Gonzalez makes the Twins better, bottom line. I know we all have our favorites and want that guy to make the squad for different reasons, but lets be realistic, we are arguing about the 25th, 26th, 27th man on the roster. It doesn't matter as much as finding at bats for a good player like Marwin. And I like Adrianza, Astudillo, and Austin!
  11. Say it ain't so Joe! I still think he has value to the team and was hoping he would keep playing.
  12. Yes, sign Gibby. If you let him go, you would not be signing an 'Ace' free agent, you would be signing the Odorizzi's and Lynn's of the world to replace him. I much prefer Gibby. And having Gibson around will not be holding up any prospects development, he will be a solid contributor while youngsters develop in the 3-5 spots in the rotation.
  13. I can see the situation where Rodney is a terrific failure and the Twins have to move him out of the Closer spot. IF that is the case who would get moved into the closer role? Reed should stay as the high leverage swing man. I don't see a great option to move into that closer role, Kinley? Pressly? probably too wild. Do you put a former closer there, Curtiss? Moya in his first taste of the bigs? No good answer for me.
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