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  1. And Molitor won it two years before Rocco, and was fired for finishing 78-84 the next year. As for this year, yes, it was a very outlandish suggestion. But you are entitled to it.
  2. Something else comes to mind along this subject, or at least to me. It wasn't that long ago that Sano was playing 3rd, and to make room for Donaldson we moved him to 1st (2020 if I remember right) In '21 we started to play Kirilloff at 1st and he took to it well; well enough that a lot of people thought he would be the long term 1st baseman of the future. Now, in only the 3rd year since moving Sano, we find both Sano and Kiriloff on the IL and...............who is our first baseman? Miranda and Arraez? What it has brought to light is the lack of depth at 1st we have in the organization as a whole if there is not one true first baseman we feel we can bring up and fill in even short term. Curtis Terry is the only one I could find on the Saints roster. For all our great prospects we have coming up through the system, we have no 1st basemen and Jose Godoy as our fall back catcher? And let us not forget how many people are wondering if Sano's days here are numbered, this being the last year of his contract, and not knowing if Sanchez will be here next year as well. If Kirilloff is not well soon, these are two positions we may want to address in free agency in the near future. Or the trade deadline?
  3. I have heard so much about the starting staff and how it is right up there with the best so far this season. They have done well within the leash they are on, but is it possible that Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, KC, and Oakland would make a lot of staffs look good? Three straight bad starts in three days suddenly? And go back to the Dodgers. It will be interesting to watch the next month or two to see if the pattern continues.
  4. I have heard so much about the starting staff and how it is right up there with the best so far this season. They have done well within the leash they are on, but is it possible that Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, KC, and Oakland would make a lot of staffs look good? Three straight bad starts in three days suddenly? And go back to the Dodgers. It will be interesting to watch the next month or two to see if the pattern continues.
  5. You bring up a very interesting point (at least to me). Pitch to contact, hit to the opposite field, sacrificing runners along, stealing bases and using the hit and run,,,,,,,,,,,,,vs..........., power pitching (leading to more arm injuries and huge pitching staffs), launch angles for more power hitting (leading to lower averages and more strike outs), refusing to bunt for sacrifices or hits, fewer walks and, basically, waiting for the home run to win the game. We link Ryan/Smith to the first style and Falvey/Levine to the second. I know I am going to be a minority of one on this page, but give me A over B every day of the year.
  6. Before I get in too much trouble here, I'm looking at the Twins stats so far this year and Celestino has 8 strike outs in 39 at bats, while Arraez has 6 strike outs in 73 at bats. What about Miranda? Not getting hits much, but only 1 strike out in 30 at bats. I guess the "King of contact" concept is based on what? Advanced analytics? What does that mean if it still results in a strike out every 5 at bats (so far - that might improve)? I like Celestino so far, and I hope he is for real, but what do they mean by contact? Do foul balls count? Or only balls put in play?
  7. Good point. And we also have to remember that Bundy was our first toe in the pool, so to speak, when we started to rebuild the pitching staff. Gray, Paddock, and Archer all came after, leaving Bundy as the 6th man. Winder is a pleasant surprise, giving us 7 possible starters which is nice, considering all the injuries this team has every year, but it will come time eventually to fish or cut bait, and Bundy will likely be the one cut.
  8. If this teams history is an indicator of things to come there will be at least one pitcher on the IL much, if not most, of the season so we are going to need all 7 of them at one point or another just as we have through the first 27 games. We may want to put him in long relief, but I would wait to DFA him until closer to the trade deadline and maybe we can buy this year. In the meantime, The Mad King just might be right and being ill made him weak and we will see better days. I would go for a handful of more starts and go to long relief if it doesn't get any better. Just my extremely humble opinion.
  9. "He was in command of all his pitches. He probably could've gone longer." So why didn't he? Maybe this isn't just a Rocco thing after all. It is starting to look like an organizational edict. When your starter is clearly firing on all cylinders, why leave it to 3 or 4 different relievers to win it for you? On second thought, maybe Rocco is managing by Zoom and no one knows it.
  10. "Miranda's hit was the second of his young MLB career. In a world of quick judgment, it should be applauded that Miranda has two hits in his first three MLB games. " Now, I know this is going to be somewhat nitpicky, and I know I will catch a fair amount of flak, but it is his 4th game and he is 2 for 17 with one of those being a little blooper. 1 bloop single, 1 double, and no walks is not what a lot of us expected. The good news is he has only struck out once, meaning he is at least making contact. Overall, I wonder if part of it is the mental part of the game playing in a position he doesn't have a lot of time at in his career. I wonder if maybe DHing him a few games might let him concentrate on his at bats, talking with the hitting coach in between plate appearances. Or is he only here at all because of injuries, and he will be sent back when Kirilloff gets back? I would really like to see more of him, but I am not sure if first is where. One more guy you want to give at bats to, but no position open that he excels at.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself. I tried saying this last year and got chewed out, albeit somewhat mildly. Last year only Donaldson, Simmons, and Buxton (and we all know how many games he played) played the same (and only) position they are designed to play. Even Sano saw a day or two at 3rd. Now, having said that, I don't count catchers in this mix, although if they play 1st, as Garver was known to do once in a while, or DH, that is playing out of position as well. This year the names have changed, but the positions haven't. This is just who Rocco was, is, and always will be. The same for the pitching changes (or lack thereof?). We overcame him in '19 with 307 homeruns. We couldn't overcome him last year, and the jury is out right now for '22. He believes that everyone needs to play as regularly as possible, and he will find a spot for them somewhere. I have said forever that you need to find where a player excels, or at least is as good as he can be, and put him there. Yes, I know, that means regular players and reserves; not exactly the thinking today it appears. I have also been a proponent of starters and relievers playing their roles, and some of you might remember where that has gotten me as well (you may be the ones who tried educating me). Regulars and reserves, starters and relievers. Put players where they play the best, and find a lineup where hitters strengths and weaknesses are where you want them. Too old fashioned? Apparently. Instead we get a musical chairs lineup in the field, at the plate, and on the mound. Rocco's computer likes it that way. Personally, it makes my head spin. I hope we have a mix of players who can make it work. I will be the first to congratulate them if they do.
  12. I know I got caught up in the euphoria of the win streak, I'm sure a lot of people did, but the reality is it was against 2 teams playing extremely poorly right now literally throwing 2 of those games away with errors. We may have relaxed a little bit after such a good homestand that we weren't quite as sharp. The weekend against a good team will show us a lot more about where we are right now. Hopefully they will turn it around.
  13. With all due respect, that is pure nonsense. They are free to walk away anytime their contract expires. And speaking of their contracts, they contain a crap ton of clauses about MLB rules, just as much as their organization's rules. They work for MLB just as much as they work for their organization. If I work for a company with multiple sites they have the option of transferring me at will. If I don't go, I don't work for them anymore. If I apply at an organization that has multiple sites and I only want to work in one particular site, but they don't need me there, I don't work for them either, do I? People make choices like this every day of their lives; athletes are no different. And they get paid; quite well, thank you. Binding arbitration and the CBA has seen to that. That wouldn't go anywhere. Again, the only players that benefit from free agency are the stars/superstars; the majority (vast majority?) of the players do not benefit from it at all. And you could make a strong case that the huge contracts for the few adversely affect said majority of players by taking the bulk of the team's payrolls. Bottom line: The organization that puts the kind of investment in making a major league player out of you deserves the rewards of that investment. When the players start sharing the costs of development, they can write their own tickets. Not sure what is so unusual or unfair about that, but you apparently think it is. And since it is not going to change any time soon, you win the debate by default. Thanks for it. Keeps my typing skills sharp.
  14. Well, shut my mouth! Jeffers has a double and a HR so far this game and hammered both. Maybe he is turning around??
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