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  1. Let's say you're out at a bar, and somebody sits down next to you. Who do you want it to be: Patrick Reusse or Jim Souhan?
  2. The "it's 2022" argument falls on the simple fact that there is a "pride night." If the topic is in fact done and dusted, as some suggest, then there would be no "need" to host any such event - we don't have a left-handed night, or a big ears night. So, clearly, the implication of "it's 2022" means nothing in this context. Here's the real equivalent to the Rays' rainbow patch: what if a team decided to have it's players wear a "life begins at conception" patch? Would you still argue that players should put their own morals and opinions aside and wear that patch no matter how they felt about the subject? If we're going to discuss the topic, let's at least argue honestly.
  3. Not to nitpick, but Jobu himself doesn't hit anything. He come, take fear from bats. So, hitting coach?
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.
  5. Some interesting points, but it felt like listening to a game on a distant AM radio station (KMOX?) sometimes it's clear as a bell, but then the signal fades for a moment and you're left wondering what you missed.
  6. While Donaldson has not played many games this year, his most important impact on the defense has been the shifting Sano off third base. The domino chain from that has led to improved defense across the entire diamond. When Donaldson has been on the field... that's just gravy.
  7. This doesn't apply this year so far, since they've been calling games off TV screens, but has anyone else noticed that Bremer often seems to have difficulty with his depth perception? Fly balls to the outfield in particular: not just whether or not a ball is going to clear the fence, but balls "hit to the gap" that are corralled routinely by the center fielder.
  8. The Twins must take one game in each series against Cleveland. They do that, and the lead is 4-1/2 games. Anything better than that is gravy (delicious homemade, Thanksgiving turkey gravy - not the gooey, store-bought kind). Anything less - if Cleveland were to sweep either or both series - I'm not sure they could survive that salvo as they did the earlier passing.
  9. Isn't Hicks the right fielder of the future - with Buxton in center? (Arica in LF?)Looking ahead, the Twins have more outfielders than 1B. The preference, clearly, is for Sano to anchor 3B. But it that isn't viable, 1B seems a better choice than supplanting somebody in RF.
  10. Of course, it's easier to find a first baseman than a third baseman, but if Sano keeps growing and/or his glove doesn't get any better at third, I've gotta think he's a logical successor to Morneau.
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