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  1. I don't like either one of them. Twins need to find a catcher this offseason.
  2. yeah they would love him for a year or two and then grow tired of him. (I spent almost 6 years in Japan teaching english)
  3. maybe. But his eye at the plate was always mediocre to poor except for two seasons when he seem to really connect. Not everyone becomes a superstar hitter and it looks like Sano is definitely never going to become one.
  4. it might not be enough. Professional athletes are notorious for blowing their money and being dirt poor after they stop playing.
  5. Rodon and Contreras would be my top pursuits this offseason if i were the Twins. Contreras will take BIGGGG money to sign and Rodon won't be cheap, but with Correra all but gone the Twins can afford it.
  6. i'd rather them make a reasonable offer and lose him than something utterly absurd that brings him back and restricts this team from other free agent acquisitions in the future, cause that's what it's gonna take to get him. He'll probably end up a Dodger is my guess.
  7. Willson Contreras declined the qualifying offer from the Cubs. The Twins need to go get this guy.
  8. laloesch

    Lets go big!!

    I'd go after Willson Contreras big time. Twins need a catcher and he's top of the line. I'd also go after Carlos Rodon. Correa would be icing on the cake.
  9. He had one really good year (2017) and 2 average seasons (2016, & 2019). Five seasons he was terrible.
  10. It's not low brow clickbait. I don't care that he's from the DR, and i don't care that he learned a second language which is his choice. He is not an above average hitter with the amount of strikeouts he's recorded and lack of eye at the plate aside from the homeruns. He has continuously flirted with the mendoza line the last 4 seasons and he was the fastest player in MLB history to 1,000 strikeouts. The guy he passed up Mark Reynolds who did it in game 747 in his career and Sano beat him by 86 games. He's also a very poor fielder at 3rd and at 1st. Sorry but he's a total bust.
  11. It certainly seems that way. I was never impressed with his approach or lack thereof at the plate. When he was on he was great and i cheered for him, but his inability to work through the droughts, minimize the damage, and the strikeouts was just maddening to watch. Towards the end he did try to take more walks and succeeded a bit on that, but the competition had him figured out a couple of years ago. Down and away is his Achilles heel, and he just can't resist swinging away at sliders and balls bouncing 3 ft. in front of home plate. We saw it over and over again, the last two years. Very, very frustrating. I guess this is a lesson to everyone, that not everybody that can club it 400 + ft. is gonna develop into a good all around hitter. Perhaps he can find a new role as a designated hitter full-time and flourish there, but he's gotta work on his eye at the plate (assuming he's motivated to do so).
  12. Molitor's take is interesting and it does seem to make sense to someone looking from the outside in. Perhaps it will be the wakeup call he needs. I certainly hope so because it would be a shame if this is all he ever does in his career. He has TREMENDOUS power AT TIMES and can hit the snot out of the ball.... at times, when he does manage to make connect. However, he has very very long droughts of nothing where he just seems to completely disappear as a hitter coupled with infuriating strikeout totals, which is why his option wasn't picked up. I'm just as frustrated with his career trajectory as are many others, because it's yet another hole the Twins need to fill in the lineup, but as many others have pointed out it appeared to be a prevailing sentiment here of "how dare you criticize his approach, his conditioning, his strikeouts," etc., etc. We'll this is where we are now. Hopefully he resurrects his career in the minors be it with the Twins or some other team.
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