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  1. Who is currently calling for Baldelli's head as manager? I'm not seeing it. And it's perfectly legit to "complain" about a strategy that is not conducive to playoff success. A team might be able to consistently get away with short starts during the regular season, but in the playoffs that doesn't work against stronger teams and effectively wears down the pen. It is a valid criticism.
  2. Agreed. It always amazes me that people push one another into different camps if you don't agree with them and this article does that to a tee. If you are not 100% behind Baldelli being manager of the year and a fantastic manager you "are a hater," lol. Talk about labeling. The author goes even further making nebulous statements about a large portion of the fan base this, fan base that, because they don't totally buy into the homer hype of Baldelli. That happens all the time in sports franchises and is not unique to the Twins. We saw this with Tom Kelly, Ron Gardenhire, etc., and for good reason. It's not unique and it's called freedom of thoughts and ideas. Once you shut down alternative ideas and perspectives because you don't agree with them you are boxing yourself in and shutting off constructive feedback that could actually help the team, and that's when things stagnate. We as fans should know this from the Gardenhire era. Sure the Twins won several division titles, but they stagnated and never made any headway in the playoffs because they stopped improving and got complacent. I as a fan want the Twins to win World Series and if that means showing the manager tough love because he CAN improve i will. And for the record i think Baldelli is a decent manager, but he's still quite young and has room for improvement. My two cents and no author is going to shut me down by calling me or anyone else "a hater" for having a different perspective.
  3. Couldn't agree more. As I and many have harped on for a long time, he's an all or nothing player, but the "nothing" far outweighs the "all" as he just swings like a mad man in almost every at-bat. sometimes he connects and hits moonshots but most of the time he strikes out. It's like his only objective is to hit homeruns not get hits or even walks at the appropriate time. In my opinion he's not a disciplined player nor a smart one at that. Time to move on, i've seen enough. I won't comment any further on this as it will like draw the ire of some, but I'm being a realist. He's no Ortiz and likely never will be. David Ortiz was a disciplined hitter with power and a smart one too.
  4. I very much doubt it even if he does return this season.
  5. From what i've read it happened during the celebration or after. jerky movements when carrying around 50 lbs of extra body fat leads to such injuries. He's out of shape and he's not disciplined as both a player and a hitter. I've seen enough. i don't think he will be a Twin after this season and I don't blame the front office if they choose to walk away from picking up his option as he's had MORE than enough time to get his act together.
  6. I don't think he will Big Pappi anyone. he's not a disciplined hitter at all. In contrast Ortiz was a disciplined hitter it just took him time to develop the homerun power and the Twins at that time were being "cheap" as always and didn't want to offer him a contract extension. He was also in better physical condition than Sano. Sano's main problem right now is that he's 50 lbs. overweight and that is not an exaggeration. He may have lost 25 pounds this offseason, but he obviously ballooned up towards the end of last season, because if we believe the headlines he'd be down to around 245/250 which he's not even remotely close to.
  7. I agree on the lack of hustle as that's hard to swallow, but I disagree that that it's all the fault of coaching on his hitting. They've worked with Sano for years and yet we see the same old same old from him. I also don't think he has good plate discipline. In fact I think his plate discipline is absolutely atrocious hence the strikeouts. He swings at almost everything. The ability to discern what to swing at and what not to swing at ultimately does fall back on the player at the plate at some point and he has to take SOME responsibility for this. He doesn't need to hit homeruns each and every time he's at the plate either. Sometimes making contact and getting a good hit to advance runners is good enough and in line with the game plan instead of the moon shot whiff attempts.
  8. I don't buy it either. I've seen too much of this from Sano that I'm not buying all the "happy talk" excuses that are being posted here. I'm sorry Sano stinks more often than not. He may hit quite a few homeruns and display stunning power when he connects but mannnn his brutal k's, mediocre defense at first, and seemingly lackadaisical plate appearances are cringe worthy. He's just not an intelligent hitter from what i can tell and there doesn't appear to be any sort of progression from one year to the next, just a consistent 38-45% strikeout rate from one season to the next and routine "slow starts." I think it partly has to do with his conditioning, but that's just my opinion. The lack of eye at the plate is a skills thing. You can have all the power in the world but if you can't see pitches and figure out what to swing at and what not to swing at you are going to do what he does. He's always been a sucker of sorts for offspeed stuff and it's really hurting his career. I agree time to move on, i've seen enough.
  9. yep, this is his last year as a Twin most likely and i can't say i'll be that upset when he goes. I've seen enough of his slow months, lol. The bad outweighs the good in my opinion, time to move on.
  10. I think this is a good thing, not sure it will happen, but hey if he's a good clubhouse presence and picks up production to more of what is expected of him, i can't imagine the front office wouldn't be interested.
  11. I just chuckle whenever i hear the slow start excuse year after year. Maybe it has to do with his conditioning. The Star Tribune's April 27th headline pic of him crossing home plate proves the point. The guy is overweight and by a significant margin (gut is clearly visible) and he's easily 280 pounds. I really don't believe the headline that he shed 25 pounds in the offseason, it's just not believable unless he ballooned up to 300 this offseason which is certainly possible given past occurrences. I'm 6'-5" and 230lbs and there's no way he's down in the 250's, not a chance. David Ortiz had a similar build at 6'-4" and 230 pounds and he was nowhere close to as big as Sano. Being overweight like that clearly impacts an athletes performance and flexibility. Look we know the guy strikes out a TON and is not disciplined at the plate. This team can't afford to have such a prominent position player with a sub .200 batting average well into May every season, it just can't. I can settle for SOME of the strikeouts as he's a big strong hitter, but the extended slow starts every season and him showing up out of shape EVERY single year is intolerable. I thought with time he would develop into a more disciplined player and hitter. I think ALL of us hoped with time he would develop more patience and a better eye at the plate, but i see no signs of much of a progression. I've seen enough. Personally if it were up to me I'd trade him this season, or wouldn't pick up his option and let him walk. The Twins have given him MORE than enough time for him to start figuring things out. What we need is a more DISCIPLINED consistent hitter at 1st base or DH and Sano ain't it. To be honest what he really needs is a coaching staff and manager that just hounds him constantly about conditioning, diet, plate discipline, etc. and I suspect the Twins aren't such a team. Let someone else sign him to a colossal contract after the opt out, but that's just my two cents.
  12. I agree, i've seen enough. The Twins have tried for years with him, but it's not working. Time to move on.
  13. They don't have a whole lot of talent. I think the pitching is on the way, but it will take some time. The offense is anemic and I'm also extremely tired of the Sano strikeout show. They should have traded that guy a couple of years ago when his value was at it's highest. He's a poorly conditioned non disciplined hitter and he's not the only one. This is easily a 100+ loss team in my opinion. The best the Twins can hope for is that Correa does fairly well up until the all-star break and then flips him to a playoff contender at the trade deadline for several top prospects.
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