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  1. You are assuming that he was willing to resign with the Twins, which we never got any indication of. The Twins tried at least 3 times (that we know of) to extend him and he rejected every overture they made to him. By all accounts he wanted to test the open market, free agency. That screams I want to get out of Minnesota. The Twins would have been absolutely foolish to just let him walk in free agency if that is the case. They made the right move in trading him while they still had a chance.
  2. sounds like the Twins have already made multiple offers to extend him and he's turned them all down. Time to trade i guess.
  3. Can the Twins accidently improve moving forward this season? Not likely, their pitching is the worst it's been since the mid 90's. This team will get worse once they peak on this current winning streak. They will quickly slide down into oblivion forever and ever and ever.
  4. Exactly. What is his average now .100? We'll be half way through the season with a sub .200 average season from him and the excuses will still be flying in on this forum. I call a spade a spade.
  5. I agree, at 80 pitches there's absolutely no reason Pineda can't at least start the eight inning. Facing the lineup a third time is overrated that late in the game IMO.
  6. yes that is true but he's starting REALLY slow this season.
  7. I agree. I think a trade would be beneficial at some point to free up the spot at 1st or permanently move him to DH. it is what it is.
  8. Yep. I've never been impressed with dumpster diving moves or looking for great deals in tent cities.
  9. That's a reality of being a Twins fan unfortunately. It will take this team another 30 years to win their next world series with the way the FO and ownership are currently puttering along. That is if they get lucky. Been watching this team since the mid 80's and i see no signs they are willing to go to the next level. NONE.
  10. "HAD" not has until he can prove otherwise.
  11. We aren't going to see a return to pre 2020 covid attendance levels for the next few years i think. That's gonna hammer ALL sports franchises, not just MLB. I fully expect it to drag down salaries / reduce what owners are willing to spend on payrolls, and even cause contraction or relocation of many of the marginal franchises in MLB, NFL, NHL, etc. An Example is Tampa Bay which has consistently low attendance numbers and low revenue, but is being held hostage in a toilet bowl of a stadium by the City of St. Petersburg. In a few years they will be splitting games or will flat out relocate to someplace like Montreal (which i personally think is a terrible location given the LONG history of very low attendance numbers the Expos had in Olympic Stadium, another toilet bowl of a stadium), orrrr they may fold altogether.
  12. I have MANY Canadian inlaws and totally disagree with this post. Montreal IS NOT a baseball town period. In their 35 year history beginning in 1969 and ending in 2004 they only drew over 2 million fans 4 times, all in the early 80's. Most seasons they finished around 1.5 million fans and that is TERRIBLE. If the Rays must be moved, move them to Nashville or Charlotte. Almost every Canadian i know couldn't give two hoots about baseball. In fact most of them loath it. The Blue Jays are the one exception being in the mega metropolis of Toronto and even they are middle of league (low to mid 2 millions) in attendance in most years.
  13. 2006? In 06 they had Santana, Liriano, Radke, Bonser, Silva, Baker, Garza, Lohse. If Liriano hadn't gone down with TJ and Radke hadn't torn his labrum they might have been able to pull it off that season, but of course hindsight is 2020. I just remember Santana being followed by Liriano seemed like an AWESOME 1 2 punch and Garza was coming along as well. If that core group could have stayed together uninjured for 4 or 5 years, man oh man what could have been.
  14. You still have to fill the stadiums. You have to provide a playing environment and fan environment that is safe, appealing, etc. That all costs A LOT of money.
  15. I think it comes down to how far are they willing to push each other. Are they really gonna push it to the brink? It could very well reach a point where the owners just say screw it and shut down for good this season. They are not gonna lose 10's of millions of dollars for charity. It's a business and people need to realize that. That said both sides need to be humble in order to salavage the situation or they might lose some of the marginally profitable franchises forever.
  16. No worries. Yes i agree. But there comes a point where an organization and it's union become bigger then their own shoes and lose perspective on their roots.I'm not gonna play one side or the other because i'm sure their is blame on both sides for what has taken place so far in negotiations. I just have a difficult time empathizing with players and owners making millions upon millions of profits all coming from you and I and our hard won wages. Part of the reason our cable bills and county taxes are so high is money being directly funneled to sports teams.
  17. Wow. I'm UAW and was UFCW in my early 20's and you absolutely don't get it. The job of the Union is not "PUNISHING" management or the owners it's protecting the employees. The statement you just made is why so many are anti-union.
  18. EXACTLY. I'm not pitching (no pun intended) for either side. They are both greed SOB's that are spoiled rotten and entitled after decades of explosive upward salary and revenue growth. I like the sport but if they (owners and players) want to squabble and lose the whole season in the process and thereby endure some belt tightening pains, well.... I think it looks good on them to be honest. Their salaries and lifestyles are rediculous anyways and when they start whining "ohhhhh we can't play for 50% salaries" my eyes glaze over and i have no patience to listen further. I mean seriously give me a break. 99% of American's will never make what you make on a one year average salary their entire lifetime to PLAY a DAMN SPORT or OWN a team were almost all of the stadiums were built from taxpayer (yeah that's our money) funded stadiums.
  19. it's too bad that Liriano's season was cut short in 2006 by TJ and that Radke partially tore his labrum. That starting staff was good enough to win a world series in my opinion if fully healthy. Santana, Liriano, Radke, Silva, Boof, + Garza and Baker. They also had Joe Nathan to close em out. If they had pulled it off that year Santana would be getting in for sure.
  20. I never said they had a union. But Tony Clarke could have said more than "it's a start but there's a long way to go before these young players are being compensated and treated fairly.". Pretty pathetic. Where was this concern back in 2016 the last time MLBPA negotiated with MLB baseball. They could have made a bigger deal about their minor league brethren then.
  21. Is that private first class civilian (tongue in cheek) or private in the army? Because a private in the army makes less than a AAA ball player. That's a fact.
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