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  1. I have come to appreciate what Arraez brings to this club. The biggest issue with me was the balky knees, but it looks like he got serious about being in great shape (unlike some other 1B/DH type) and, so far, has managed to stay on the field and put up good numbers. He is not a downgrade from Sano defensively and provides a little defensive flexibility. My issue is with the TD posters that are singing his praises after they demeaned and took shots at Mauer for being the same type of hitter. If 1B and DH were supposed to be "power hitter" positions when Mauer was there, shouldn't that still be true? Mauer's OBP and OPS were very similar to what Arraez is putting up and his defense was WAY better. He deserved the same praises, especially after the career altering concussion issue.
  2. They could, but it would hurt the team elsewhere. As has been written here on TD, the Twins make too many defensive miscues, and Cruz does not fix that. Even if Larnach is done for the year, Sano is DFA'd and one of Urshela/Sanchez/Garlick/Gordon is traded, there still is no room for a bat only player on this team simply because of how much Baldelli likes moving players around the diamond and the lingering issues with Buxton's health. A waiver wire transaction could be possible, but I also see a fringe playoff team with a worse record claiming him for the final push.
  3. Nevermind!! Nice hustle, way to show the kids how its done...
  4. Miranda's baserunning on that pick-off was horrible. Time for a little lesson, on the bench, watching closely.
  5. From Yahoo! Sports: Gonzalez has been a step up for the lineup every time his walk-up song — the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song, which he said he chose because it's a kids game and kids love that song — plays at Progressive Field. And he has quickly become a player to watch as the Guardians continue to deploy a roster that is younger than the average Triple-A team.
  6. From Bob Feller's Wikipedia page: To publicize Feller's extraordinary pitching speed, the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball commissioned sports film analysis pioneer and former major leaguer Lew Fonseca to pit Feller's fastball against a motorcycle in a "100 mph" speed trial. The test was conducted in Chicago's Lincoln Park, with Feller in street shoes, suit pants, dress shirt, and tie, pitching without a mound on an asphalt roadway. He was required to hit a target 12 inches (300 mm) in diameter from 60 feet 6 inches (18.44 m) away, "as control is as important as speed".[29] The still accelerating Harley-Davidson passed Feller going 86 mph (138 km/h), yet even with a generous head start the ball beat the bike to the target by several feet. Feller's throw was calculated at the time to have reached 98.6 mph (158.7 km/h), later raised to 104 mph (167 km/h) using updated measuring methods.[3]: 27 [6][20]
  7. Uh-oh, there's that bilateral word again....
  8. Granted Archer lost time due to injury and we don't know the lingering effects, but I looked up Bob Feller's BR page and saw that he missed the 1942-1944 seasons to fight in WWII and was released from active duty August 24, 1945. So, after missing 3 full seasons and most of a 4th, Feller made 9 starts in August and September, going 5-3 with a 2.50 ERA over 72 innings (8 IP per start). Not saying Archer is Feller (he is not even close) but I think that he can throw more than 60-65 pitches in a game when compared to a guy who missed 3.75 seasons and threw very little if at all over that time period.
  9. LSU is paying him $380K compared to his Twins salary of $350K, per MLBTR https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/06/twins-pitching-coach-wes-johnson-hired-as-lsu-pitching-coach.html
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