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  1. It's on MLB gameday. I found it under the "Feed" tab.
  2. Watching the replay of the overturned DP, why does this team have such difficulty turning two? Polanco looked like he took his time transferring the ball and then flipped it to Simmons, who was waiting flat-footed and could get nothing on the throw to first. Frustrating.
  3. Looked very "Rosario like" on the replay, and I like Eddie....
  4. Looking back at last winters FA relievers, there aren't very many pitching very well and there are quite a few out for the season or who have missed big chunks of time. FA is crapshoot at best, especially with pitching. Nobody saw this big of a fall off from Maeda, though he has time to turn it around, or Pineda getting hurt. Happ is a bit of a disappointment, but not much was expected of Shoemaker, who may have found a spot in the BP. Sano's fall off is also highly disappointing, as are the injuries to just about everyone. I believe Simmons was originally signed as a bridge to
  5. If he was batting, as someone else pointed out earlier.
  6. Happ's ERA actually went down after tonight's game, for those who still believe in ERA.
  7. These are part of the growing pains of letting the kids play. It was Kirilloff yesterday. However, watching Happ toss taters up there is not.
  8. Home plate umpire has been very inconsistent with borderline pitches.
  9. Horrible strike call on Polanco, but he chased the next two...
  10. Twins won 2 WS with Dazzle Man Dan Gladden in LF..... And if you go back in time HOF Goose Goslin manned LF for the Senators.
  11. With Buxton and Kepler due back and Gordon showing (so far) he can handle MLB pitching, and Garver due back in July, I would for sure entertain offers for Cruz and Simmons. I don't think Sano will draw any interest, but DFAing him should also be considered. The everyday line-up could look something like this: C - Jeffers, 1B - Kirilloff, 2B - Arraez, SS - Polanco, 3B - Donaldson, LF - Larnach, CF - Buxton, RF - Kepler, DH - Garver. Bench players would be Gordon, Astudillo, Refsnyder, and take your pick of Garlick/Rooker/Riddle or whoever may have been acquired in one of the trades.
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