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  1. Alcantara's value has fallen because he had TJ surgery and will miss 2024....
  2. I never said that, but yes he was.... '21 A, A+, '22 AA, '23 AAA, He also made it to MLB in '23, but all or parts of 3 seasons in the minors. This will be Lee's third minor league season and he will also be starting it in AAA. If he not called up early, it will be because no one got injured, but I imagine by summer he is pushing hard for a roster spot. Lee is also 2 years younger and most likely will have played fewer games in the minors.
  3. Can't use the lost season argument on here, I have tried and been told by the resident experts on here that player development was not hindered because all college and MiLB players were equally affected.
  4. I was just going to point this out. Add in the fact that Lee's defense is already MLB ready, though he did have a few yips when first promoted to AAA, and I don't think Lee is the type of player you trade; he's the type of player you build around.
  5. Maybe, maybe not. Kepler comes off the books after this season, as well as Farmer (if neither are traded beforehand), Polanco, Vazquez, Paddack, Castro, Alcala and the dead weight of Dobnak's contract the season after. This opens up approximately $50 MM, $22 MM of which will go to Lopez. They will be replaced by league minimum and arbitration eligible players who are among the teams best prospects.
  6. Actually, the Twins could make rarely used C work for this season, if Buxton can play the OF this year. If not, they keep him as long as they can and let him go back if they decide he's not a fit.
  7. I've watched a lot of video of Brooks Lee, and he is closer to MLB defensively than he is offensively. He may not stay at SS due to his size and projected growth, but his defensive game is MLB ready.
  8. I don't think his new home park is going to be very friendly to him, but congrats to him on being able to cash in after last season.
  9. Jeffers was 2-19 (.105) in the play-offs this year, 2-24 (.083) for his over 8 play-off games in his career. Vazquez is 23-92 (.250) over 31 play-off games in his career. Sometimes experience counts for something, but we won't know because Vazquez didn't even sniff an AB in this years play-offs.
  10. How low have our standards fallen that we are now content to expect 100 innings out of a starter and that $13 MM is a reasonable amount for that production?
  11. Awful lot of money per year for 100 innings, Paddack should be able to replace those anyway for roughly $10 MM over the same period. If you think he would give this team 200 innings per year, he never has. Only twice has he thrown more than 150.
  12. Let him find his game elsewhere, the Twins already have enough (too many?) middle infield options.
  13. Hard to be a Vikings fan in this day and age...despite a decent start, Dobbs is not Cousins
  14. Top 4 wRC, plus Kirilloff, who was 6th but only played 88 games, or not, none of Lewis (58), Wallner (76), Jeffers (96) and Julien (109) played more games than any of Farmer (120), Solano (134), Castro (124), Taylor (129) and Kepler (130). Only Taylor, 96 wRC, was below 100, so it's not like they didn't perform at or above league average. Doubling Wallner's numbers would have given the league more time to find and expose the holes in game, as the Blue Jays and Astros did in the play-offs (and I am a Wallner fan and understand he made adjustments throughout last season). Lewis, Julien and Jeffers all would have also regressed with more PAs as well. I am all for getting the young guys in the line-up, but without those veterans (Castro is only 26) to fill in during times of injuries and ineffectiveness, and RpR is right, the Twins would have been closer to battling Cleveland for 3rd than running away with the Central last season (the ChiSox and KC were horrible last season).
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