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  1. I don't get understand where you're going with this. Donaldson made the play, the run scores even if its a clean play. That's right, trade him because he isn't worth what he's being paid....
  2. The run scores regardless of where Donaldson's throw is, they still got the out......
  3. And he gets credit for a save.....Rolaids Fireman of the year Award.....
  4. He was at 7, the MLB record is 10. Long ways to go, even against the Cubs....
  5. Astudillo and Cruz (if they signed him) would be in the way of getting the younger guys up. Cabbage, Miranda, Lewis, and Martin should all be up at some point next year. Kirilloff, Larnach and Buxton should all be healthy (hopefully) and need to play regularly. Astudillo could place hold, but Cruz would be a luxury, a nice luxury, but still a luxury.
  6. I would be happy never seeing Arraez play 3B again. He has a hard time making the throw and he should have more fielding errors as he has had a lot of balls hit off his glove. If they could package Kepler and Arraez for starting pitcher that would be a plus. C - Garver 1B - Kirilloff 2B - Polanco SS - FA (Galvis, J. Iglesias)? 3B - Donaldson LF - Larnach CF - Buxton RF - Kepler Bench/DH - Sano, Gordon, Miranda, Jeffers, Rooker/Refsnyder/Garlick/Cave(pick 1, 2 if Kepler is traded)
  7. This years team has been terrible defensively; a lot of errors (physical and mental), misplayed balls that could have been called errors, throws to the wrong base, missed cut-off men, etc... This then makes me wonder if the pitchers are unable to relax on the mound, trying to be too perfect, not pitching "loose." Constantly throwing from the stretch, having to throw extra pitches, trying to make the perfect pitch to get the strike out, etc... could be hindering their development. We are seeing a lot of bad pitching seasons here.
  8. I think they keep him as a mentor/on field coach for Miranda. I also think they work out some sort of rotation @ 3B, 1B, DH and LF/RF with Sano (who I personally would like to see traded), Donaldson, Miranda, Kirilloff and Larnach. Days off and positional flexibility may help keep everyone on the field and performing.
  9. Umpire was doing a good job, now calling strikes out of the zone.
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