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  1. Trading Cruz does hurt the team chemistry. But from an organizational stand point, it makes total sense. Clear up some cap space, allow some rookies to get more AB's, and when Garver comes back, he can be our DH. I know some of you might be wondering why Garver and not Sano, Rooker, or Jeffers. Well to be frank, Garver is a better offensive player than what he brings on defense. We all know that Garver isn't the best catcher in the world. Prior to his injury he was hitting very well, considering the season we're having. He was drawing walks, striking out less, getting good contacts, and finall
  2. This season will hurt the Twins just based upon the fact that there is no roster expansion to 40 when September rolls around. That is usually a decent time to give some of these prospects their "cup of coffee". Especially if we are going to have a season like the current one that we have.
  3. Even the MLB app is ripping on Sano. Can we please not use him in situational hitting? I personally believe that letting Celestino should have stayed in the game. Gotta let the young guy do something. You can't protect young players forever.
  4. This is a very unique story. I mean, I wouldn't put it past the Colonel to have cursed them for sure. Especially with the that long of a losing streak. I mean, in MN we have the Wolves which have suffered very similar in terms of success.
  5. Honestly, this is not being a baserunning wizard. This is more like First baseman makes a blunder and causes his team to look foolish. This was seriously worse than watching children play the game. Lets break this down a little: 1. There were 2 outs. All the first baseman had to do was step on the bag 2. They continued to throw the ball around the infield. That is a little league mistake. 3. The defense clearly forgot how many outs there were in the inning, otherwise he wouldn't have ran the runner back home from first base. 4. The manager let this happen. Unacceptable. He
  6. This was a nail-biter throughout. Neither team hit particularly well, as both teams combined for 9-58 ( .155 avg). Instead today was all about opportunity and timely hitting. And the Twins just happened to get their big hit when it mattered the most. Now I'm not saying either pitcher was dominant, but Pineda's experience showed as compared to Lopez, as he was able to work out of the 3rd inning with back to back walks while facing the run producers of the O's. Of course, after the 3rd inning Pineda settled in and was firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately the first 3 innings really ate up
  7. Wait!?! Are the Twins reading whats on here? Because we were just talking about hits and working the pitch count and what do they start doing? Getting hits and working the pitch count.
  8. Big Mike is having a decent game. Outside of that one bad pitch, he is rolling along. Falling behind but still able to get the K and getting routine outs. Too bad the offense is squandering his good outing...again
  9. Only slightly. Or at the very least working the pitch count.
  10. I saw the play. They clocked it at about 82 mph. Which isn't bad, he just isn't enough to throw from deep in the hole. Is he quick enough and have good instincts to play SS? Yes. The only thing that will hinder him there is his arm. But I believe when Lewis gets back and able to fully recover, Gordon and Lewis might make a troublesome middle infield for a lot of teams.
  11. I totally understand that, but at the same time as I said, Berrios has shown us that he is interested in testing the waters come FA. Also, we have a slew of veteran contracts expiring this off-season. Again, we would have to clear a few spots on the 40-man if we are going to try get some big names come the deadline. I would say keep who we can, and everyone else is available for the right price, regardless of our standings. Of course if things take a turn for the worst, we have a fire sale and shed a lot of these veteran contracts to teams that can and are willing to take them.
  12. If we went 40-10 that would be a horrible strategy. I wouldn't offer Duran or Balazovic just for the simple fact that if Maeda keeps his form, he's going to be demoted to the bullpen or sold off for cash considerations or another bridge player. Berrios has clearly shown us he isn't interested in being with us long-term. He has all but said he wants to test the FA market when he's available to do so. On top of that, Big Mike's contract is up at the end of the year. Yes he has been consistent, but he may want too much for our team to keep him, with young arms in waiting. And Shoemaker and H
  13. Garlick has been dealing with a groin injury for the past week or so. He is choosing to be a team player and play through it until we start getting some bodies back from the IL. Now that Kiriloff is back, I think you'll see him play just a bit less (due to injury). Maybe more PH situations. Now with Arraez out, we need another utility player outside of Austidillo, (as he is now our official back-up catcher) because Gordon just doesn't have the arm to play anywhere outside of 2nd. Maybe a spot defense switch in LF but IDK if he has any playing time there in the minors.
  14. I agree. Pitchers do have the upper-hand because they know that hitters are not going to change their approach. If they're a pull hitter, they will always be a pull hitter until they cannot catch up to the pitch anymore. As you mentioned before, Kepler is struggling because teams are starting to figure him out. They know that if a ball is tossed middle-in, it is going to be sent over the right field wall. So how to you counter that? Throw away, whether that be high, middle, or low. And if he beats you that way, then so be it. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that hitters are too predi
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