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  1. I agree. The M looks more like Miami Marlins logo, and quite frankly, it stinks. Its the biggest eye-sore in terms of our new uniforms.
  2. This isn't the end of the world. He can provide RH hitting and serviceable defense in LF. Also, he is only making $750k so if we decide to roll the dice and make a trade or sign another RH OF, we can always DFA him. Its not like another team is going to want to pick him up. He's had injuries, can't really hit Righty's, and he isn't a great fielder. He is average to slightly below average.
  3. I don't understand the bandwagon of non-tendering Urshela. He was our most consistent hitter outside of Arraez and Correa. He was one of our more solid defenders. He earned the right to be able to get the spot on the Twins roster. All he showed was consistency on a team that was bruised, battered, and bloody all season.
  4. Honestly, it should be whomever is hot on the mound. If Lopez is hitting his spots and getting K's at a wicked pace, let him have it. If Duran is blowing it past everyone, let him have it. I understand that we as fans have been lucky enough to see Steady Eddie, Joe Nathan, Perkins, Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, and Eric Gagne all hold these spot for years, but that was a different era of baseball. Today's era is having multiple guys that can come in and shut the door. It's a gut feeling type of thing. You gotta trust the guy who's been heating up. Then ride them until they start showing kinks in their armor and then throw the next guy thats heating up.
  5. Sano is a true 3 outcome player. Everyone loved him when he was hot. Because he was always the hottest hitter when he was hot. But more often than not, we had the COLD Sano. Could buy a hit, let alone make contact with the ball. Opposing teams knew that. If he was cold, they throw everything at him and he would miss. Honestly, If he does come back, I think it should be on a minor league pact where he has opt outs at various points in the season.
  6. I agree with the article. Maybe a few of the these players will hold a showcase if no one decides they want them. But I would for sure stay away from Rogers. IMO he never really showed me that he was a dominant "Closer" for our team or any others. He seemed more like an inning eater or "lefty specialist". He has struggled since the 2019 campaign and there wasn't much convincing me that we should have kept him.
  7. And we have to remember: If any teams do decide to take any of these players, they have to stay on the Majors roster for the whole year, otherwise they get sent back to the team they were drafted from.
  8. The guy ain't young anymore. He's 32. In terms of MLB experience, yes he is young, but he didn't break into the Majors until he was 28 and has struggled since TB made the WS in the shortened season. Also, Anderson is a broken player looking to get in somewhere that'll take him for a low cost-high reward. MN is that place. We always love the comeback/feel-good stories. But this guy isn't the guy right now.
  9. Based off everything I could find, he has decent numbers. Only an 18% runner throw out rate does hurt. But I think if he can spend another offseason with some development and maybe picking up some more stuff from Conger and Jeffers, I think he will be a solid player behind the plate.
  10. I am all for upgrading our BP, but there is realistically only one player on here that could have good success in our system. Rafael Montero. The other 2 would be flyers that could certainly implode or they are works in progress. The plus side to Moore, is that he could be used in spot start situations. But we also have more than enough starters looking for spots in our rotation/BP. So to put this bluntly, there is only ONE pitcher that we should go after. And that pitcher just won a WS ring.
  11. This looks like the Twins prospect might be trending in the right direction. This week was a solid week for everyone. Yes, we expect Martin and Julien to play at this level, but I didn't think they would play ABOVE that level. I would believe both of these players will see Target Field sometime next year. Maybe Martin gets up to be our 4th OF as a RH batter. Julien is in a predicament because he doesn't field very well, according to metrics. So using him as a utility is typically not the best idea. Which throws a wrench into things if Kirilloff comes back and Arraez is not our regular 1B. But there are a lot of if's to go with these statements. Now maybe is Isola is showing us that he should be given a ST Invite next season. It might actually be a good fit. He can play 1B when we need him and he can back-up Jeffers (assuming we don't sign anyone from FA) when Jeffers needs a day off.
  12. I am absolutely fine with every single one of these moves. I have been begging the Twins to move on from Sano for a while. The only reason he was kept around is because when he get hot, he gets HOT. But the flip-side of the coin is true as well. When he's cold, he's really COLD (which I guess fits MN weather as a whole). But we all knew that Bundy and Archer were going to be FA come the end of the WS. Now a reunion may be in the works, but in limited fashion or Relief roles for both of them. I don't think either of them belong in the starting rotation, but if they need to give us some work out of the BP we may be able to use them. But now we officially 4 more players off our 40 man roster. Need to get down to a respectable 35ish players to be able to make some moves this offseason.
  13. I still don't understand why people want catchers to be this huge hitting machine when they need to be able to play DEFENSE. They need to be able to call a game, throw baserunners out, and block pitches in the dirt. Yes, pitch framing is nice especially if it helps us, but that shouldn't be the "go to" metric we look at for catchers. And if the catcher has a bat, that is a positive for us. As of right now Jeffers is our best option unless we chase a catcher that can field phenomenally and hit well. For a catcher, I will take a below average hitter if their defense can save us over the course of a season.
  14. You have to look at it like this. If you have a pitcher throwing 100+mph fastball 50% of time, eventually the other team is going to catch up to the fastball after a few batters. Now if he comes into the game out of the bullpen, the players don't get the chance to speed their bats up because he will be in for 1 inning, then switch pitchers. Also, him knowing that he wasn't going to be a starter probably helped him this past season. He knew he could air it out, reach back and throw, or let if fly (whatever metaphor you want to use in this situation) because he knew he wasn't going to throw every 5 days at 70-100 pitches. When in reality he was more than likely used 3/4 times per week at 20ish pitches. Yes the number come out to be about the same, but he had more rest time in-between those pitches. So I think the bullpen is a great spot for him to stay. I agree with you. Could you imagine how the fans would react if he was shutting down the opposing team every 5th day and Rocco decides to pull him after 5/6 innings. There would be an uproar.
  15. I couldn't have said it better myself. In a previous article I stated we were spoiled in the last 20 years from the catching we were able to have. But I agree that a catcher needs to be able to call the game, block balls in the dirt, and throw baserunners out at a high mark. Hitting is definitely a secondary trait that is a + if the catcher has a bat. And pitch framing is a situational skill that might help in a pinch when the pitcher needs to get out of an inning or things are starting to get out of hand.
  16. I mean could you imagine how many SB Ricky Henderson would've had if he has larger bases? But I do agree that with the larger bases, the throw over limit, and the pitch clock starting, I think teams are going to start utilizing more defensive catchers first. Soon enough their bats aren't going to carry them to a MLB team, unless they plan on switching positions. And as I stated in a previous article, I would honestly prefer the catcher to be more of a defensive specialist behind the plate.
  17. Honestly, I am okay if our catcher isn't the best hitter in the world. As long as they can hit around .240-.250ish I will be okay with that. What a catcher needs is to be a ball player behind the plate. Smart game calling, being able to field the ball in the dirt, being able to throw that runner out stealing 2nd/3rd (especially now that bases are slightly larger), and the ability to frame a pitch or 2 per game so our pitchers have a change to get out of a jam if need be. As Twins fans we have been pretty spoiled for the better part of the last 20 years between Mauer, Suzuki, Castro, Garver, and Jeffers (when he's hot) at our catcher position compared to some teams. Right now, I am all for Bechtold and Banuelos earning a shot to be the split or back up option. Bechtold has the ability to play multiple positions so right now he is seen as more valuable comparatively than Banuelos, even with his defensive prowess. We will have to see what happens when the FA opens up after the WS with options being exercised, players being DFA'd, and contracts expiring.
  18. At this point in his young career, he hasn't really shown the organization much that warrants us holding onto him. Yes, he has a high OBP and can steal bases. But his avg isn't great, his defense is avg-below avg, and he isn't developing at a rate that the Twins need him. Maybe he is going to be our next Nick Gordon. Won't have a permanent position on the team outside of Super-Utility. He'll be our player that gets into the games because others need rest days. Or better yet, maybe we trade him to some rebuilding team and see what happens (given we're not too far from being a rebuilding team). Right now is his window to EARN the starting SS spot at the MLB club if we are unable to resign Correa or be able to sign Bogaerts, Turner, or Swanson. Come ST he needs to show that he deserves the spot.
  19. I mean c'mon. We all had to see this coming. Teams who don't care about the CBT will go over to win anything. They don't care how many draft picks they give up to win. They have shown time and time again that winning is the only thing matters (look at the Padres for example). AND they are willing to sign the BEST to win. The thing hurting the Twins is our market size, the owner's/FO unwillingness to go out and spend, and that their fan base is dying due to poor broadcast rights. MN sports teams are in a complicated place because of BNS. Also, with at least 5 states that could "potentially" get the game, whose fans are subject to blackouts, the Twins are constantly at a disadvantage compared to others. So if anything is rumored about Correa, you gotta take it with a grain of salt because its headlines and headlines sell media.
  20. Seemed to be a pretty good week for ALL of the Twins' minor leaguers that were sent to the AFL. Yes, Martin has cooled off, but that is the nature of baseball. Julien is keeping it hot like he did all summer with the bat. His command of the strike zone has really helped him out. Only swinging at pitches he believes he has a high chance of putting in play. That is a great approach to the game (Now if only we could get some of that approach to leak onto other players in the majors). Isola seemed to finally be able to notice and hit the ball. He seems to have a good eye at the plate, as evidenced by his OBP. Now if he can show his bat to ball skills, I think we have a decent C/1B backup on our hands. The pitching has finally seemed to start working. Olsen is finding his stride and proving that he deserves the invite to the AFL and potentially a non-roster invite to ST. Shreve is looking like a guy that is solid in clutch situations or at the very least, can quell the bleeding as it's happening. Maybe he'll earn a non-roster invite this year. Now Bentley, has everyone head scratching. He is "wildly" effective. Clearly he on the game plan of "If I don't know where the ball is going, neither do the batters" philosophy. This can only work for so long. Maybe another winter with the mechanics coach and he can dial it in? Peguero seemed to have an off week compared to the previous 2. He needs to right the ship before anything else. Allowed too many hits, but he kept the walks down to a minimum.
  21. Interesting numbers. But if you look at the 2 world series teams, we're just behind Houston who sits at 122 and only 8 behind the Phillies at 129. So, I don't know if these numbers have any direct correlation to being in the playoffs or not. It is an interesting detail to note about the SS though. Maybe our pitchers were more of a Flyball pitcher than they were Groundball pitcher. I mean the Twin's were 8th in the MLB for the most HR/9 with 1.2, whereas, the Phillies and Astros were towards the least amount of HR/9. So, its hard to judge these numbers off anything as there really is no correlation between playoff teams or not. It could show that our pitchers don't pitch to GB contact but instead let our outfielders take the outs more than the infielders.
  22. Honestly, wouldn't surprise me to see Maeda start the season in the bullpen. Especially with coming of TJ surgery, I could see him getting that to help stretch out. But I could be wrong and that they do that during ST for sure. But of all these pitchers, I think Varland definitely gets the most starts during the season. I think Winder will end up as a bullpen arm similar to Jax who was also similar to May when he was with the organization. I think this will more suit his style as he did show that he had some dominant stuff but IDK if it was the Twins' philosophy or injuries, but he seemed to peeter out after 4 innings of work, sometimes 5 innings.
  23. Hopefully this Trainer is better at diagnosing injuries or creating a plan to get them back to speed in a timely fashion. Not saying Salazar wasn't good at it, but it seemed as if his training staff was just throwing darts at a board and hoping something stuck that was remotely close to what was injured. Then when it wasn't that, they went back to throwing darts. Also, this guy may have a better insight as to how they help Buck stay on the field and not just the batters box.
  24. I agree with you with you. Canterino becoming an Ace is low. A solid 2 or 3. Yes. But he has lost so much time with injuries that players are starting to pass him. I mean, Varland, SWR, Ober, Ryan, and Sands have all reached the big leagues and are now throwing their hats in the ring for the chance at a rotation spot. As a young Twin's fan (29) I witnessed the Brad Radke and Johan Santana days and thought that was peak Twin's pitching. And for me, it was. I was spoiled growing up watching Johan magically control that change-up and make really good hitters look silly. I also thought watching Liriano throw that sharp Slider was awesome. Now, I look at our current pitchers and nothing they throw shows me "Ace" material outside of Duran. Now I'm not saying that our current starters haven't flashed signs of "Ace" material, but that's just it. They've only flashed a sign here or there. Nothing has been consistent. So in conclusion, the FO needs to take a gamble on a FA pitcher, or a make a trade for one. Maybe Mahle is that guy if he gets over the shoulder/arm thing. Who knows, but I look forward to 2023 with as much excitement as the next person.
  25. The supposed pipeline has been...okay. Balazovic needs to perform this upcoming season, or he might have his seat on the 40 man taken. SWR, IMO, should be under this groups pipeline because he came over in a trade and has only been part of the organization for just over a year. He is a product of Toronto's/Met's upbringing. I understand that Enlow has upside to go with his injury, but he really needs to start showing he deserves the roster spot. It wouldn't at all surprise me if he were to end up on the 60 day for TJ surgery, he would end up getting outrighted off the 40 man. 2 year lost at crucial time for development is tough on players. We will have to see how he does in the spring and early parts of the season.
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