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  1. Not to be too optimistic as the O's are terrible.....but that's 6 outta 7
  2. Very true, but when there are only 2 players on one side of the diamond and 5 on the other, a lot of time you don't need to rocket a ball out there to get on board.
  3. It's just the way the game has changed. You see it once in awhile, but pretty rare to see any hitter change his approach, even when staring at an extreme shift. The same goes with hitting with 2 strikes. I grew up playing you choked up on a 2-strike count and made sure you made contact. Now you seem the same swings on 0-2 as you do on 2-0. With league wide batting averages going down and strikeouts still on the rise you have to assume that we are do for change in philosophy once again. But who knows.
  4. My finger was hovering above the "stop" button on my MLB audio feed before that Ref-ie came down with that one.
  5. Good call, he played 3rd in the 8-5 win against Cleveland....I apparently didn't pay that much attention.
  6. I hate to sound optimistic because opponents were not of high quality...but that's 4 outta 5
  7. Team must have loaded up on Wheaties during that rain delay. They have as many hits in this inning as they had the 7 before the rain.
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