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  1. Urias has thrown 90 pitches and 72 have been for strikes. He threw 6 balls in the 1st inning. He has thrown 12 balls in the last 6 innings. That accuracy is off the charts.
  2. No excuses for not getting the tying run home in the 10th, but that ending is BS, we should be going to the 11th.
  3. Nice to see the other guys running themselves out of an inning instead our of boys!
  4. Walk off win would have been great, but they extended the game....
  5. I have a feeling Pagan isn't going anywhere and would wager he is back on the club next season as well.
  6. 2 runs in 5 innings for Archer, certainly could have been worse!
  7. I like to read over the game threads, especially games I am not able to watch. It wasn't an attack on anyone, just a broad statement based on what I read.
  8. This is one of the uglier game threads in recent memory... and they won. The negativity is pretty astounding.
  9. I love this statement considering the way the Twins won this game tonight.
  10. Yeah, the bottom doesn't inspire much confidence. Kepler will be such a welcome sight when he heals up.
  11. In Pagan's last 12 outings.... since the blow up against Cleveland.... he has been pretty great. 11.1 IP, 3.18 ERA, 2.23 FIP, 1.91 xFIP, 21 K's, 2 BB. The game against San Diego he took the loss for, the hits against him were a grounder an average 1B makes a play on and a flair off the end of the bat that fell into RF. He does give up the occasional long ball, but when he isn't walking guys he is a + reliever.
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