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  1. You can have an analytical ball club with good fundamentals, they should co-exist.
  2. Considering we are already thru 5 1/2...maybe you should
  3. August 30th against Boston. The Nick Gordon grand slam, 6 RBI game.
  4. Varland certainly does have potential. K-K-K there in the 2nd after the double.
  5. Hamilton has always been an OF. Starting him at 2nd base because he has less career OF errors than Gordon does in the IF this season is like comparing apples to oranges. Since leaving Cincy in 2018, Hamilton has hit .221/.282/.308. He's had a lot of chances to show he can hit, he can't. If he didn't have his speed he would have been out of the league years ago. He's 32 years old and will not be around next season.
  6. Correa is not a forgone conclusion yet. The opening day rotation looked like this: Ryan (5 career starts), Gray, Bundy, Archer, Ober. The 2023 rotation is looking like: Ryan, Gray, Mahle, Maeda, Ober/Varland/Winder. The bullpen is already looking better as well than what they started with. The offense of course would take a hit if Carlos ends up signing elsewhere, but there is room for hope with a lot of young players. Pessimism IS a downer and I believe skepticism is warranted and fair game. But when almost every thread is about or derailed with fire the manager/front office, woe is me, Twins are dead to me etc.....it makes it hard for some people even want to come post and be around. Even the most skeptical fan base should have some positive chatter out there. EX: Varland throws 6 shutout innings and there are 10/1 more comments about how the manager/front office is dumb for pulling him rather than the great performance. Just my two cents.
  7. A guy who doesn't play the position or the infield is no worse than Gordon? Hamilton also doesn't hit. I know Gordon has made 3 errors in his last 5 games but he had 1 error there in the 130 innings before, let's not get crazy.
  8. Hamilton has played 5.1 innings in his career at 2nd and 6 total innings in the IF, it makes zero sense to start him at 2nd.
  9. I would make a prediction that 4 maybe 5 players in the lineup are even on the opening day roster next year. Arraez, Miranda, Gordon and Urshela. Maybe Wallner.
  10. They are in Chicago. Everyone will be packing their things when they get back. I am going to stick by a prediction that Carlos will be back next year on a new deal after he opts out of the remaining 2 years.
  11. There isn't a lot of hope? The Twins should go into next year with 1 maybe 2 players above the age of 30. The entire core of this team is under the age of 28. I know everyone is on the extremely pessimistic, all hope is lost, fire everyone train, but good lord. Injuries decimated this ball club this season. The 2023 already looks a lot better on paper than the 2022 did coming into the season and we are months from opening day. Call me optimistic, but IMO the pessimism has gone off the dead end around here.
  12. Judge hasn't had a day off in 50 games and has struggled at the plate in the last 2 weeks, I don't blame the Yankees who have everything sewn up to give him the day off.
  13. Not how anyone wanted to see our boys end the season but going out with a win would be a nice send off! A leadoff hit for Luis would almost assure him the batting title outside of an insane game by Judge.
  14. I've posted this before, but here's what I would do: If he opts out of the final 2 years, I offer 7 years - $200M. 2023 - $35M 2024 - $35M 2025 - $26M 2026 - $26M 2027 - $26M 2028 - $26M w/player opt out 2029 - $26M w/player opt out. Contract would still give him the original $70M for the two opt out years, but would be adding a 5 year - $130M extension on with 2 opt out years at the end of the deal. Realistically there might be more lucrative offers out there, but I would imagine it would be somewhere in the ballpark. It would also give him some flexibility in the last 2 years if he wanted to opt out and try for a last multi-year deal right after he turns 32. With the current year, total contract with Twins would be 8 years, $235M which comes out to $29.375 AAV. It's about $3M a year short of what Seager got last year. You could always tack on some incentives to up the ante, or add $4M per year and add $20M onto the deal to put it on par.
  15. Man, I haven't seen any of the game, but what a line for Ober!
  16. I mean.....it sure seemed like surgery this offseason was inevitable for awhile now. Waiting until they were mathematically out of it to announce to get it seems accurate.
  17. Yeah, I see the 1st 20,000 get the hat. The game I went to after every half inning they listed like 20 numbers.....I think it was seat numbers or maybe raffle tickets, but they gave away a ton of stuff. The guy in front of me got a signed 87 World Series jersey.
  18. I made it out to Minnesota in April and saw a 3 game set. I would most definitely try to go as many of the 6 games left I could if I was anywhere close to making it manageable. I absolutely love going to the ballpark, especially at discounted prices. I'm not sure if they still do all the giveaways during the fan appreciation nights, but I won a really cool retro Joe Mauer jersey in one of Target Field's first years. Edit: I have never seen another Mauer jersey like it. It's this one but Mauer with the 7.
  19. I would take him back in a heartbeat. The Twins should have decent money freed up with declining the options of Sano, Bundy, and Archer. Sanchez is set to be a FA.....and decisions can be made on Kepler and Urshela. Optimal situation in my book is Correa stays and they still have room to add.
  20. Meh, bringing up Martin who obviously isn't ready for big league pitching doesn't seem like the solution.
  21. I will see if I can find the highlight, but I remember it being well inside the bag. It wasn't a line drive, it was a chopper.
  22. Palacios now 5 for 47 with zero extra hits, just 2 walks and 18 K's.
  23. Rough start for Bailey. I was hoping for him to build off that great start against the Guardians too.
  24. So you are assuming anyone that has been called up this year was strictly because of injuries and no one was promoted on performance? Any specific examples of players performing well being denied a shot? I believe this was an issue with the old FO, but the current one has been pretty aggressive with promotions of deserving players.
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