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  1. The Giants rotation is good inspiration. Obviously, we would need to develop our own Logan Webb and that's tough, maybe it could be Ryan, maybe Balazovic. But Gausman, Wood, and Descalfani are 3 historically average starters who were former high rated prospects from so long ago that post hype sleeper is an understatement and all went on to have great years. Unfortunately, that's even harder since identifying 1 is hard, let alone 3. We could live with 2. Our front office found those guys in Odorizzi and Pineda and that's part of why we won 101, but there's also the misses in Perez and Shoemaker and an NA in Bailey since he got hurt. I don't count Happ or Hill since at that age it's an attempt at stability not upside. So yeah, shows that our mission this offseason of making an entire rotation does have a good ceiling if you hit an absolute jackpot. And if it fails, we just DFA them and kick off the prospect rotation debuts a little sooner with an eye towards 2023.
  2. Season's over anyways, might as well avoid worsening this and just get it over with I guess. I am a little worried about Kirilloff's health since he had a wrist issue mess with his 2019 and now it happened again, but hopefully it's all good. Regardless, a big blow for watchability. On the bright side, now Sano can play every day these last 2 months so that we can know for sure if we should dump him in the offseason or not.
  3. They signed someone named Willians Astudillo, who had a 3.9 K% and 3.1 BB% with only 4 homers in AAA last year. So basically the anti-3 true outcomes guy. Maybe he's number 3.
  4. He better get the Gold Glove. If not, the voters are idiots.
  5. I think it's that the Yankees feel like they need to win so they're in denial that the Twins have any chance. Meanwhile Twins fans are realistic about the odds and are just going with a relaxed "whatever happens, happens" attitude.
  6. I say that the Twins need to be patient and drive up Severino's pitch count. The Twins have taken the 6th most walks in the league and they need to get the bullpen in early. The Yankees have a lot of good relievers, so we need to make them use them all up. The most important thing is that Santana needs to be on. I don't like our chances in a slug fest.
  7. We're finally back to the playoffs. That probably means that Garver, Vargas, Goodrum, Adrianza, Granite, and Gimenez will all play tomorrow. I'm predicting a 5-0 loss. But who cares, we got a shot at knocking out the Yankees.
  8. Most of the players haven't made the playoffs yet, so celebrate now, and save the celebrations for when you reach the top 4 AL teams in later seasons.
  9. Maybe they can skip Berrios in his next start and start Slegers so that Berrios can get some rest and then he can start game 1 fresh and Gibson has an extra day of rest to start game 2. We can get away with this because our magic number is 2 so we might not need Berrios the rest of the regular season to clinch and we would get to see more of Slegers.
  10. That 2.5 game lead is a lot more comfortable. Obviously there's still a lot of time left, but it's a nice cushion.
  11. I really hope we extend him. He's hitting over .310 with an OBP of almost .390 to go along with elite defense. Even if he declines again, he'll still be useful. Plus, I don't really care about the lack of power. We're getting power from everywhere else and Mauer's high average helps keep the lineup balanced.
  12. The Twins seem like they'd be a better playoff team than regular season team. With huge issues in the back of the bullpen and back of the rotation, you can easily hide that in the playoffs by relying on the few good pitchers. Plus, the lineup has a bunch of solid guys instead of relying on a few elite hitters meaning that one player going cold isn't as big a deal.
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