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  1. Are any of these players+the cost it will take to acquire them a better short term solution than putting Polanco back at SS? Or are the Twins done playing him there? I love Chris Taylor. MLB Trade Rumors estimates him getting 4/64. I don't love him for the Twins at that contract. He's also 31 and has hardly played SS at the major league level. I'm also not convinced the Twins would be on paying someone like Taylor, who isn't a full time shortstop. $16 million per year and not be in on paying Story 6/126 for $21 million per year (again MLB Trade Rumors projection). I know we're talking about the Twins, but $5 million/yr for a much better player at a premier position is certainly something you can stomach. Nick Ahmed is one year younger than Andrelton Simmons and actually has worse career offensive numbers. If he's available for a random relief prospect, then maybe. After watching Simmons be a black hole in the lineup last year I'd rather put Polanco out there and deal with the defense. Not very interested in Wendle as a starting SS. Turns 32 in April. Again has hardly played SS at the major league level. His arbitration estimate is only $4 million. I think he is a good overall player, so if he's available for cheap I'd be interested. Again, not convinced it's a better solution than Polanco and looking to improve the team elsewhere.
  2. I'm not a fan of a draft lottery at all. Especially in MLB where the draft is much less of a sure thing compared to every other league. I'm also not 100% convinced teams are actively tanking. I would agree certain teams aren't necessarily trying to win, but that doesn't mean they are tanking. Purposely tanking is bad for business. You're also betting that you hit on all of your top picks in the draft, which we all know isn't going to happen. Just look at how the Twins drafted when they were losing 90+ games every year. It wasn't good. I would be in favor of considering a salary floor.
  3. He's not off to a good start, but no reason to call him a bust. Just let him play it out and see what happens. If we're being honest, the Twins don't exactly having a good record with their 1st round draft picks the last 10 years. Hopefully a couple of these guys can turn it around.
  4. Is the roster expansion to 28 in September a covid thing or a permanent rule? They have to find room for Joe Ryan either way. They have plenty of options to make that happen. I was just curious on that.
  5. I'm sorry for wanting to see the catcher make a better effort to move his body in front of a ball with the tying run on 3rd with two outs in the 9th inning. That's literally all I said. I don't expect every single pitch ever to be blocked by the catcher. It was a horrible pitch by Colome. Everything else you added is putting words in my mouth.
  6. Sure, that's fine. I understand not every pitch can be stopped. It was a terrible pitch by Colome. The problem is Jeffers seemingly made no effort to get his body in front of the pitch. I think the cause of that is how the Twins are having their catchers set up to receive the pitch. Just seems to me in that situation every effort should be made to not allow the tying run to score on a ball that gets by the catcher.
  7. Sure Colome didn't have his best outing, but Jeffers absolutely has to make a better effort to block that pitch that allowed the tying run to score. It was not a good pitch whatsoever and that's on Colome. However, Jeffers absolutely has to get in front of that ball. All he did was kind of move his body and throw his glove in front of it. You can't let a ball by you like that when there are two outs in the 9th and the tying run is on third.
  8. I voted Thorpe. I feel like at this point the Twins already know what they have in him. With all of the 40 man discussion we have had on the site recently, it would make the most sense to get one last look at him. I would like to see Strotman but he hasn't been impressive in his starts so far at St Paul. Joe Ryan would be my top choice but I don't see how it makes sense for him to come back from the Olympics, not throw in a competitive game for however many days, then throw him into a MLB game. That's not a recipe for success at all.
  9. Matt Canterino is an absolute madman out there pitching and I love it. I love how he sprints off the mound back to the dugout and makes sure he jumps over the foul line. Then he has a big smile for his player picture on milb.com It's great.
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