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  1. With Arraez coming back, I really hope Nick Gordon keeps a roster spot. I know short sample size and all that, but he has looked great. He has dealt with a lot of injuries and different things the last couple years from a health standpoint. However, when he's been on the field he has shown he can hit. Someone with his former prospect status playing like he currently is has to stay on the roster. He is still 25 this entire season. If you haven't read The Athletic article Dan Hayes wrote about Nick Gordon recently, I would definitely suggest checking it out.
  2. Not sure why we're up in arms about a minor league game where the result 100% does not matter, but just from looking at the box score it is clear this was a bullpen game for the Saints. The Twins have had a lot of moving pieces on the pitching staff, which in turn means the Saints have had a lot of moving pieces on their pitching staff. Maybe Toby Gardenhire didn't want to have a quick hook on a guy when he already knew he would be using a big chunk of his bullpen that day. Maybe the Saints didn't have many options at pitcher because of previous days and all the moving pieces.
  3. What was that first pitch from Winder in Tom's video? Oh my lord
  4. I think it's pretty lame to hit a homerun off a position player on a 3-0 count when you're up by 10 runs. However, when a position player is pitching, batters need to be up there swinging so they can put the ball in play and get the game over with. No one is striking out. We can't be telling batters to just give up. On the flip side of this, the Twins still have an at bat. There's no running out the clock in baseball. Obviously incredibly unlikely, but it's not like a team hasn't scored 10 runs in an inning before. We can't be asking the White Sox batters to give up and not ask the T
  5. So since the question is asking what kind of return I would need for Byron Buxton, I am going to answer it honestly. I am not going to pretend I'm the GM of the Twins. I would need an absolute haul to trade away Byron Buxton. I mean a top 25 prospect, someone in the 50 range, and another in the 100 range. Preferably a SP prospect leading the package. After that I'm asking for a low A SP prospect I like and an 18 year old position player prospect for throw ins. Trading away Buxton right now would be such a gut punch. I came across Twins Daily the year he started with the Kernels. The Twins
  6. Glad to see Cavaco get off to a good start, even if it has only been two games. I'm sure that was a very long wait for him after his performance in the GCL.
  7. I really don't like reading that the pick we used at #1 in the draft still has swing mechanics and defensive play questions at this point. Hopefully he made big strides in that last year while no one was watching.
  8. Littell was outrighted off the 40 man and cleared waivers.
  9. This is hilarious. If you don't like it, then don't lose.
  10. Something to also ponder is Byron Buxton's defense. He's a game changer out there. In a 60 game season it creates an interesting dynamic. Every single game matters. Because of that, I don't want him playing cautiously out in center. On the other hand, every game matters so we can't afford to have him missing a few days here and there for minor injuries, or worse.
  11. Seems like some people are forgetting quite a bit about how the MLB draft works. You never draft based on the needs of the big league team. Best case scenario this guy gets a mid-season call up two years from now. Nelson Cruz is not going to be on the team by then. If it takes 3 years, then Miguel Sano would be on the last year of his current contract. We can only guess what the roster will look like 2-3 years from now. This also goes without saying that if Sabato shoots up the minor leagues in two years he is going to be a guy you find a spot for. Secondly, at this point in the draft the
  12. With the position the team seems to be in, it's hard to say anything less than a World Series is a success. In reality, winning the World Series is very hard. I'd say minimum for a successful season is playing in the ALCS.
  13. Looks like last night YouTube TV and Sinclair agreed to a temporary extension for the channels
  14. I moved to Minneapolis back in the summer. Definitely planning on making it this year for the first time!
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