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  1. No to all Carlos Correa or we aren't serious about winning
  2. Royce Lewis also showed why he was the #1 overall pick. Can't wait to have him back They're very young but 3 international OF signings had pretty good years in the DSL as well. Acuna, Mercedes, and Jose Rodriguez
  3. Late inning defensive replacement or pinch runner. That's it
  4. At some point you have to just let the starter pitch. The bullpen isn't going to be perfect every single game
  5. Julien reminds me of Arraez when he was coming up. Arraez had an elite hit tool that made it clear he had a shot at being a good hitter in the majors, but no one seemed to really care. Primarily because his other tools weren't above average and he didn't have positive tools as a defender. Julien to this point has an elite ability to get on base, which Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill taught us to be incredibly important to scoring runs. He also has much more pop than Arraez. But again, no one really talks about him much. It would be awesome if he had a similar path and become a successful major leaguer.
  6. Canterino easily. The possibility of him being an impact arm for the Twins just went way down. It was already in doubt so seems pretty unlikely he'll be a SP for the Twins. If everything goes well he debuts in the middle of his age 26 season in the bullpen. A second ACL surgery sucks, but Lewis showed he clearly has the potential to be a good MLB player. Knee injuries in baseball just don't seem to be in the same category as elbow/shoulder injuries. I'm more concerned with Kirilloff's wrist surgery than Lewis or Rodriguez.
  7. No chance he's getting $35 million this offseason. I hope he listens to an extension offer from the Twins
  8. This article is pointless without any proposed alternatives. Who were realistic SP or reliever targets the Twins did not sign but should have?
  9. I was just wondering to myself when I saw the return if the injuries to our pitching prospects/rookie pitchers this year has impacted our ability to trade for some of these SPs
  10. It's Royce Lewis and it always has been. Seeing so many people put Austin Martin above him preseason was so weird
  11. I was at the game on Tuesday. It was not fun getting to the parking ramp. There were quite a few people there well over an hour before first pitch. It would be nice if they could figure something out with traffic and getting to the parking ramps around the field. It was a fun atmosphere. It's nice to see that many people in the seats. I'd prefer if it wasn't the other team's fans filling the stadium though.
  12. I feel like there is more to the story for Fernando Romero than just visa issues. This isn't based off of anything. Seems weird to me to give up on a career in MLB from that. It's not like there aren't hundreds and hundreds of international players playing in the minors/majors.
  13. We need 2-3 relievers and 1-2 SP before even considering catcher. At this point Jeffers/Sanchez put up similar, or has been shown in previous comments potentially slightly better, offensive production than catchers around the league. Unless we're trading for Yadi Molina, which isn't happening, I'm not convinced there would be a noticeable upgrade in defense at the position. The fact that either of these two guys have ever been in the lineup as DH is a much bigger concern.
  14. Without getting into hyperbole, if Cam Collier is there at 8 and the Twins don't draft him I'd have a stroke
  15. I’m not sure why he is being written off so quickly by so many people. Sano at his best is a better hitter than anyone on the roster. We can’t pretend there is no room for him when the DH for 3 of the Cleveland games was Kyle Garlick or Gary Sánchez. The problem is we haven’t seen his best often enough recently. Let’s at least see how his rehab assignment goes. There’s zero reason to write him off beforehand.
  16. I was at the Saints game last night. I was surprised to see Schulfer hitting 99. With that said, I really hope the radar gun there isn't hot. If that's true then Balazovic was sitting 90-92 with his fastball. He looked terrible last night to put it nicely.
  17. Any solution that isn't keeping him with the Twins is a failure
  18. Man that Taylor Rogers trade really did not work out this year
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