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  1. I fear this is a prime example of Betteridge's law. Even with his slight down year right now, I can't believe there isn't a team ready to pounce and give him a 9-figure contract.
  2. So great to have a lead going into the final few innings and not feel like it's guaranteed the bullpen is going to blow it.
  3. Legitimately what do you think teams are going to give up for less than half a season of Correa? Best case scenario, the Twins get a middling reliever of the type that's always available in the offseason for cheap anyway. They're not going to get anyone who's going to meaningfully help the team long term, but they would torpedo the current team. There's just no upside to it at all.
  4. He'll be so uncomfortable in his shrunken cotton uniform that he'll probably pitch really poorly
  5. I like Sanó probably a lot more than most Twins fans, but it's definitely time to move on. He's just not worth $14 mil unless he has no cold streak for an entire season (which he's never done) and the Twins are lousy with 1B/DH types that are a lot cheaper and have much more long-term upside. Would be great if he could come back and show enough in limited time to net pretty much anything in a trade, but it looks like the most likely scenario is extremely limited playing time and an ignominious buyout at the end of the season. Bummer to see his Twins tenure end like this, but such is the business I guess.
  6. This is an obviously uninformed comment regardless of the outcome of the game, but is especially odd when commenting about a game where the strategy worked. The Mariners left their starter in for the 7th and he unraveled and cost them the game. The Twins pulled their starter in the 5th and won a shutout. And yet here you are saying it was the winning team that managed things wrong. At a certain point, you gotta accept that a) this is just how the team is being run, and b) it's clearly working, as we continue to win series and lead the division.
  7. Yeah, Mancini makes no sense. 1B/corner outfield is where the Twins should trading from not adding to
  8. I dunno -- Gleeman makes the point a lot that people don't focus enough on the counterfactual of taking guys out when they do, and this is exactly it. People keep saying "he was doing well, why did they take him out?" and you see it in last night's game. You take Smeltzer out after 6 and he's got a gem of a game, but you send him back out for the 7th, and he gets roughed up. It's fine to do in a laugher, but in a close game sending him back out there like that would have been really costly.
  9. Selfishly, I don't want Buxton to make the all star team. I want him to have 4 straight days off to rest his knee/hip/whatever else for the second half.
  10. Forget holding them to one run, the fact that the pitching staff held the damn Yankees to only getting two players even in position to score is truly something
  11. He replaces whoever gets hurt next? I feel like every time we think there's a log jam anywhere in the lineup, an injury sorts that out right quick
  12. When people were howling about Lewis being sent down, one of the retorts was "do you want a guy with a surgically-repaired knee running all over the outfield, potentially running into walls?" and sure enough, he doesn't even get through a full game in center before he injures the knee. Here's hoping it was nothing too serious, but it is worth noting there aren't any walls in the infield in St. Paul.
  13. Speaking of annoying contrarians, remember how many people on here last year were just excoriating the Twins for losing Akil Baddoo in the Rule 5 draft? Yelling about how dumb the Twins were for losing an obvious superstar. Anyway, I'm sure they're losing a lot of sleep about not having his -0.6 WAR on the team right now.
  14. They already do that! That's the point! They're in the upper-half of innings pitched by starters! It's not currently 1975!
  15. Friend, you need to watch some baseball played by other teams as well. No one is regularly letting their starters throw that many pitches so far this year. The average number of innings for starting pitchers this year is less than 5. You can have problems with that, but it's not a Rocco thing, it's an everyone thing. Hell, last year the Twins were one of the leaders in terms of innings pitched by starters across all of MLB. This is the dumbest complaint people keep trotting out, because it's just plainly not true about the Twins. They are average to above-average in how long their starters go.
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