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  1. I agree with some of you. Nothing here. No details, no facts. Nothing. The same crew here eviscerating our Twins for not moving Simmons also lambast the org for their "being in on" X Player but never following through. Total reporting Garbage. Don't get sucked in. Seth said it best: Throw away sentence.
  2. Turtle a great story, teammate, energy, personality. I don't believe he is currently one of our 25 best players.
  3. I really want to see 6 Gibby walks tonight. I feel like this fanbase is owed that.
  4. I've never tried monkey, but if I see that Mr. Rally I swear by all that's holy it will be on my grill tonight. Free samples!
  5. I prefer: 1. Cruz 2. Cruz 3. Cruz 4. Cruz 5. Cruz 6. Cruz 7. Cruz 8. Cruz 9. Cruz Bench: Joe (just so I can tell everyone I'm a big leaguer, not that I'd ever crack that linup.)
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