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  1. Um, every single member of the starting lineup had either multiple hits or an XBH, or both, on the way to a 11-1 laugher behind Bundy's 8 solid innings. Welcome to predicting single-game outcomes, lol
  2. If it were TK or Gardy managing, I would be happy that the Twins have a 13th position player that doesn't require much playing time and has a defined, and definitely limited, role that he fills well, even if that role requires some versatility. With Rocco managing, Twins fans have to hope that every guy on that bench can play almost every day, because he probably will. Which isn't necessarily a knock on Rocco, but it is probably not a role you want for Gordon. All that said, with Lewis injured, even if Kirilloff comes back, Gordon is still the best 13th man the Twins can field right now.
  3. There are a lot of bodies that should produce. But not a surplus that are producing. Buxton and Polanco are playing hurt and underperforming, and Jeffers should probably get some minor league time to get right. With several guys who can play CF and 2B and take over Sanchez' DH at bats, sounds like that solves the crunch short term. And that's all you need to decide on for now. But you have to play the hot hand for now. If we can afford to rest Polanco and Buxton while doing so, all the better. Just make it real rest, and give those ABs to guys with a future in your lineup, not Gordon and Garlick.
  4. No dispute with the rankings so far, but it would be fun if Winder, Lewis, and Celestino make this an epic battle.
  5. Bill James understood this, as his models had a single as worth more than a walk. It's all codified in the Runs Created stat, or "wRC+", if you want the version that controls for era, ballpark, etc. Not as easily computed as OPS, but a much better all-in-one hitting stat, in my opinion.
  6. I think the future is bright on team speed, with Lewis and Martin complementing Buxton, Kepler, Celestino, Gordon, and Polanco. That may not translate into steals, however.
  7. Unknown, but pretty sure he outshines Rosario in all other aspects of playing LF. It is great to have 3 center fielders again.
  8. Besides the excellent question about the opposition, the other question is what will happen when hitters remember than line drives have a better BABIP than fly balls, and they become willing to sacrifice power for it? The outfield defense still matters, but will these pitchers still be able to induce futile contact?
  9. I agree that the leaps to "not a hard worker/not coachable" are complete speculation. Clearly, a livable balance between contact and power for Sano is not there, and hasn't been since he was a rookie. It's hard to tell whether that is due to his executing what the coaches advise, or not. Tragic either way, since there are few players who can punish a baseball like that.
  10. Moreover, the analysts probably only saw the Dodgers series, so...
  11. Definitely looks like an opportunity for both Miranda and Arraez to play every day.
  12. The next opening on the MLB roster will be when we have to add a 13th position player. *If* we are ok with Celestino being our 4th outfielder, which is looking better, we have a bench of Sanchez, Gordon, and Celestino, with our main DH being Arraez. So, a catcher, middle infielder, center fielder, and corner infielder. We could add a corner outfielder. If Kirilloff is ready, great. If not, who do we bring up for that? Do we give that spot back to Garlick? Or, if 5th outfielder seems a little excessive, maybe we go with another infielder, so Lewis. But then he won't have playing time unless Gordon and Urshela have theirs cut. Good problems to have options. We can wait out injuries to Sano and Kirilloff, and we don't have to rush top prospects. We can even develop likely MLB bench players like Celestino and Gordon appropriately. I guess that's my question: who do we groom next for the bench?
  13. Maybe take this poll later in the season, too. It would be wonderful if Winder and Duran started to have the sort of impact Ryan has had
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