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  1. Remember being at the game In Sept 2006 when Liriano attempted to return to the rotation that year, before the playoffs. Our seats were just above the third base dugout and we could hear a ton of the A’s chatter during the game. Liriano had just dispatched Frank Thomas, and made him look silly doing it, and when he walked past the on-deck batter he told him “good luck to anyone trying to hit that #%+*%#+% today”. HE WAS BACK!..and we knew what that meant!! The feel at the Dome that day was something you can’t forget; Peak Liriano back for the playoffs - no one could stop us!!! Alas, a few innings later, he was pulled from the game and….the dream was over. Regardless, 2006 was the most remarkable and most interesting Twins season I’ve ever seen and Liriano was a massive boost to the plot all summer - thank you Francisco!
  2. In my mind, he took Cave’s spot on the roster and that makes the Twins better with this signing.
  3. Doesn't seem like putting limited discretionary money toward a relative strength is the most impactful way to invest. With that being said - if we somehow turn his signing into another trade deadline acquisition like Ryan you might squint and see a win-win situation.
  4. It’s actually 72%. There’s a rounding error in there somewhere.
  5. It hurts we have been cheated out of perhaps an all-time home run call... "Its hit well, its deep....its Yaba Da Baddoo!!!" (thank you Scooby)
  6. I think I understand what you are saying - but they are quite effective at operating in the world they live in. I can't say for sure they would remain as good at or committed to their development machine if given different resources. This trade restocks and augments their 'next wave' we'll be admiring soon. Let's say they sign Snell to a massive contract and he flops for whatever reason - the odds are they then face the same difficult reality of the MLB middle-class revenue teams that suffer the noose of a massive and non-productive investment and don't have the +4 prospects they just acquired to fall back on. Would that make baseball so much better?
  7. If we trust the analytics as much as we say we do - the discrepancy between regular season performance and playoff performance needs to be addressed! It would be similar to pulling one of your top pitchers after 5 innings regardless...well...cause analytics. We don't need a re-load, re-tool or re-build... I propose we have a 'regular season manager' (Rocco) and pull him for a 'post-season manager' with better analytics in games and series that count extra with a different brand of pressure to perform.
  8. Does Kiriloff's inclusion on the playoff roster impact his service time clock in any significant way beyond what was accrued with his status on the taxi squad over the summer? I'm all for any longer-term benefit he might gain from an early playoff exposure - but hope a year of team control isn't lost in tradeoff?
  9. Perhaps my eyes deceive me, but it seems to me that Encarnacion is one of the biggest "Twin Killers" around (especially true now that we have hired Donaldson and won't face him anymore). My guess is that if Encarnacion played the Twins every game he's be a runaway MVP....at the very least we have to be his favorite team to hit against in the AL? Maybe he's just a guy I enjoy not liking.
  10. I don't have the science to back this up - but any team with Encarnacion on it is capable of splitting a season series with the Twins.
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