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  1. My hope is that Bundy’s tenure is tied to his innings completed tonight: 1 inning = gone in one week. 2 innings = two weeks…
  2. Agree that it is difficult to ignore that the contact incentives that did seem well aligned for both the team and player’s best interests have created, at the very least, a reason to consider what unintended consequences managing to those playing time thresholds invites.
  3. This time last year - the season was over and depressing any way you looked at it. Abysmal performance and little confidence in any discernable direction contributed to what was a hopeless low of lows. (IMHO) Fast-Forward to 2022: Beyond the inherent excitement that comes with simply being if first place as summer starts, this edition of the Twins is a wildly interesting (and entertaining) intersection of prime-level superstars, new acquisitions, core players and exciting prospects all contributing to what feels like a team with a compelling trajectory. If all those storylines aren't enough - it now appears that the White Sox are ready to join the race and a dogfight for the division crown...sign me up! Last - FWIW, hot rookies typically enjoy a shelf-life of surprising production before the league adjusts. Perhaps 'hiding' Lewis in AAA for a bit longer extends the tail end of any honeymoon period to a point in the season where his extra juice will be even more important. We'll find out soon enough (yet another reason this season is among the most engaging I can remember).
  4. This changes everything, the magic number algorithm is going to need some adjustments ASAP.
  5. When does this prediction start to win awards?? Kepler’s on fire! Please do more of these!!!
  6. Pre-emptive trade deadline deal? Will be interesting to see how the value in return compares to comparable moves in late July.
  7. I get that there is a bit of flotsam on the 40 man roster - but +3 and -1 over the weekend means two spots needed? Does a pause on the rule 5 draft work in the Twins favor in this case?
  8. Converting future value to immediate value makes sense and if the move(s) don’t end up creating a contender - we can readjust at the trade deadline back to prospective value. Taking a shot!
  9. Remember being at the game In Sept 2006 when Liriano attempted to return to the rotation that year, before the playoffs. Our seats were just above the third base dugout and we could hear a ton of the A’s chatter during the game. Liriano had just dispatched Frank Thomas, and made him look silly doing it, and when he walked past the on-deck batter he told him “good luck to anyone trying to hit that #%+*%#+% today”. HE WAS BACK!..and we knew what that meant!! The feel at the Dome that day was something you can’t forget; Peak Liriano back for the playoffs - no one could stop us!!! Alas, a few innings later, he was pulled from the game and….the dream was over. Regardless, 2006 was the most remarkable and most interesting Twins season I’ve ever seen and Liriano was a massive boost to the plot all summer - thank you Francisco!
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