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  1. Was he the only guy in the field? I won''t be surprised if the Yankees went with only one fielder and a pitcher. You know, they never have any trouble beating the Twins.
  2. Why is that? I mean not just the Rockies, but what causes teams to slump on the road? Travel fatigue, uncomfortable feeling, strange surroundings, angle of the sun...
  3. Sano needs to go. The Twins have been trying to fix his batting approach and failing long enough. He needs a change of scenery and so do we.
  4. The Twins prefer perspiration instead of inspiration. Instead of using a new colt we prefer to beat a dead horse.
  5. Can't agree with you on the rookie thing. The current Twins are not a playoff team. Cleveland just proved that. And a team doesn't "improve" by keeping average players in the lineup when it has rookies that may be better. But the only way you can prove a rookie can do a better than average job, is to play them. A lot. And give them all the chances in the world to play at the position they have been trained for at the level of competition you need them to play at. If you have to play them at a new position, then its only fair to cut them some slack while they adapt instead of immediately condemning their performance and ruling them a disaster. I've been preaching all year that this season is for the Twins to kick the tires on their prospects if they want to be a playoff team next season. Witness the negative effect the absence of Sano and Donaldson has had. None. Yet the 2022 team is better than the 2021 team because getting rid of those two made room for Arraez and the rookies. Yeah, the rookies will make mistakes, but that's how rookies learn. And if they get enough playing time this year, they won't be rookies next season.
  6. I have the same optimism. Gio has done an okay job at 3rd in my opinion but he's not the future answer for the Twins. Miranda will be an upgrade, if he gets playing time at 3rd this year. At the major league level. He has nothing left to prove in the minors. Use him or lose him.
  7. Forget the position player, bring in a pitching machine loaded with wiffle balls. But don't let it throw more than a hundred pitches... Tommy John is expensive.
  8. Rocco and FO; If you're not going to use Duffy, release him. If Buxton is going to sit out two out of three games, put him on the IL. Bring up a fresh arm from the minors for the bull pen and a rookie hitter that at the least can be used as a pinch hitter. This is no time to be carrying dead weight.
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