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  1. Okay. Good. Guess I can have another shot or two. But if I see those fingers waving...
  2. Okay, I'll confess to already having my two shots of Jameson and I know I need new glasses and I realize I'm three feet from the iMac but does anybody else see five fickle fingers of fate sticking up in the left field top deck?
  3. There are many mysteries in the Twins universe. Perhaps he's being saved for the playoffs.
  4. Ober over Shoe? Kind of daring... The Shoe only had an ERA around 243 his last start. Hate to see Rocco give up on the guy (that's sarcasm by the way).
  5. Revenge is best served with two shots of Jameson and a slaw burger. Antacids for dessert.
  6. Okay. Let's say you can cut one and only one of the following Twins pitchers: Colome, Shoemaker, Happ, or Dobnak. Who goes and who stays?
  7. Pitching coach: What happened? Dobnak: I threw the ball in there and he hit the Sh*t out of it! PC: Try to avoid that. Dobber: Good advice. You need a ride home after the game?
  8. Sounds like my wife. Got her a new Electrolux wash machine and she hasn't stopped talking about its spin rate since.
  9. SPITSBERGEN - Baseball Style I had this buddy growing up; we called him LB, though it wasn’t his real name. He became LB when a high school nun who made a habit (chuckle) of misremembering names called him “Little Boy” because he was only five and a half feet tall. We teased him about it of course, but out of the kindness of our hearts we eventually cut Little Boy down to LB and he was thus christened from there on ever after. Me and LB were a Mutt and Jeff team. I hit six feet in junior high while LB labored to reach 5’4”. We took a lot of kidding about
  10. Defecate or extricate oneself from the porcelain disposal device.
  11. I think it amazing they could find any positive headline for Sano, no matter what format they put it in.
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