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  1. Glad someone finally wrote this article. Last night is a perfect example. Why didn't Correa score in the first inning on the error at first base? He seems to be trying to coach other runners instead of just running fast to the next base. Either they ignore Watkins or he is too cautious. Why don't they actually practice situational baserunning?
  2. Great article. I'm so jealous. I grew up in the 60s and was passionately in love with baseball and softball but there were no girls teams then. I never got to play on a team until adult city league 3 pitch. Luckily my daughters played fast pitch through HS and I was at every game. Funny, but I'm a lawyer too. Keep writing!
  3. Good points by mnfireman. Kirby had highlights at the wall, but I never saw him lay out or dive for a ball. Can't blame him since the ground was concrete, but he never did it on grass field either.
  4. Terrific article! Keep it up. Lin had a good spring and hopefully gets a chance at the big club.
  5. Ironic that we have to go to a sports blog to find such beautiful writing. Just marvelous,Matthew. Keep writing, please.
  6. Twins should have done some due diligence. SF Giants claimed they wanted to compete and they kept Bumgarner and Smith, even though both are free agents in 2020. Yet they were willing to deal Dyson, who is team-controlled in 2020. IF SF honestly believed they had a chance at the playoffs, why not keep Dyson, too?
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