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  1. I agree, we have a very good core of players. It'd be a shame trade them away at probably discounted rates and flood our 40 man roster and end up losing a ton of prospects for nothing. We need to sign both Berrios and Buxton and make a run at another '65 or even '87 season. In order to do that we need to do some drastic changes otherwise we'll have another 2021 season. You can't keep on making the same decisions and expect a different result.
  2. In the beginning the Twins had a perfect set up. They brought in Simmons to complement Dobnak high GB rate that should turn into low run production by opponents which translates into wins. The problem is that Dobnak found his new strike out pitch in his new slider. The FO went crazy, they wanted to push his slider and transform him into a SO pitcher. The result was and is to develop his slider, not to capitalize on his efficient sinker in crucial game winning spots. They have him throwing that slider far too much and the opposition is whacking it. They need to allow Dobnak to go back to h
  3. We'll have very little to none interest in this group of players. Only players I see any interest drawn is Simmons and Cruz. I don't see us getting any worthwhile trades from them but I see us absolutely and miserably tank as the Twinkies of old. We'll probably have to DFA most of them to reduce payroll. Speaking of reducing payroll we'll need to talk about dumping Donaldson's salary if we can find suiter. Many talk about trading those under contract and those whose arbitration will soon be up. This saddens me greatly, from a highly ranked team optimistic of taking advantage many gre
  4. Very interesting article,Cody! It makes sense now that we're basically out of it and TB could be an interesting trade partner. I'm sure they are looking at trading many other players without shame of absolute tanking. We too have a very big 40 man problem. With the flood of possible prospects, the loss of very good prospects will occur.
  5. Great article, Tom! Something that needed to be addressed. Tanking isn't necessarily an answer. Like you said wise trade acquisitions, development and evaluation are essential, couldn't agree with you more. Just expanding some more evaluation. We need to better prioritize what's really is important, to see real opportunities and take advantage of them. Not blinding ourselves with wrong mindsets. We are a team that was a couple of pieces away from going to the big dance. But these wrong mindsets, kept us from opportunities which kept us from winning games which put us in this big hole
  6. It's one thing battling to getting out of last place with hope and being hopelessly in last behind despised Tigers. Simmons keeps us in the game and occasionally winning a close one. Adversely getting blown away when he's not in the game. Hopelessness is a difficult hole to dig out of. And if we're not in the game who'd want to watch that humiliation.
  7. Totally agree with you Bighat. We have the team that can go a long ways, just missing a couple of key pieces. We've been rated above TB but they have out maneuver us the last 2 years. Like I said the damage has been done, it'd take a miracle for us to make the PS this year even if we totally right the ship. But I'm not talking about this year, I'm talking about avoiding the coming Twinkle Era which would be years.
  8. Simmons and his importance to the team has been so underrated by twins fans that who want to correlate bats to defense and never figure range in as defensive importance. Until covid bit, his bat was was close to Arraez. I'd hate to imagine where'd be without him.
  9. 1st time I saw Rotsedt (forgive me for slaughtering your the name) I wasn't impressed. He never got set fast enough to give the pitchers a good target. The OF was indeed scary, as Garlic anchored in CF and Astudillo tried to navigate through unfamiliar waters.. When will they realize that bats can't substitute the need for a true CFer. Umpiring was terrible! Uniforms helps to project a vibe team wants to instill. They have accomplished that objective. By bringing back the baby blues, looks like they have brought back the Twinkies Era. Missing opportunities, many wrong mindsets a
  10. I'd also like to add that I think Baddo needed more time in minors to develop before being called up. Now with Detroit he'll have to develop under fire.
  11. Thank you, Hosken! Appreciate your comment. I think many could see his talent and his left handed bat would've been a great CF asset. The problem is properly managing the 40 man.
  12. Not surprised one bit about Dobnak's successful outing, it was how he was used from the start. If Simmons is on the field he'll be our most reliable starter. Refsnyder is much better than Cave. Cave should be DFA, no one would be stupid enough to take him now. Refsnyder is proof that you can't totally rely on stats. Although I really like Refsnyder, Broxton is a better choice if you can build up his confidence again. Farrell, I hope he can find sustainable success with his changed pitching selection
  13. I suggested Thorpe in the beginning of season to pitch long relief. Still do, this season we need at least 2 long relievers. To keep the starters fresh and not be so depending on the short relief.
  14. It was great to see Dobnak return to his starter role. I wasn't sure he'd return with that unshakable confidence after his misusuage at relieving, but he has. Dobnak is a starter, you have to give him the opportunity to win the game. Baldelli's excuse of not pitching Dobnak was that there was too many close games. That was EXACTLY the time to use the hot Dobnak, coming off a hot ST. That statement, showed a lack of confidence in Dobnak and misplaced confidence in a shaky BP, coming out of ST. If management had used Dobnak in those situations we wouldn't be in the hole that we are in.
  15. The problem is getting a hit when we really need one. The team seems to be unmotivated except Buxton and maybe Cruz. Is there a reason behind it? I also question validity of WAR. Defense seems underrated and hard to believe we are 4th in WAR at LF. Something is definitely broken.
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