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  1. Buxton is our main CF, Castro & Gordon could help us get there. Like Julien, Martin should make an impact when he comes up plus an added impact with his glove. As of right now we look pretty set if something comes up then we can take a look at our options, Although I like Julien as our 1B man, they say that Kiriloff will be limited to 1B so that makes Julien more dispensible but I'd rather use him to trade him for a front line SP
  2. Good point Dr. Wu. Like Miranda we need to see what they can do at their natural position when healty. Both will eventually not stay with the Twins, but it'd be nice if they show their worth so at the trade deadline or next off-season we can get their full worth in trade. Our best option will always be trade & we need to maximize our return.
  3. Thank you Cody for showing Polanco's worth. His clutching hitting & walk-off hits are truly great that's even playing a good amount of the time unneccessarily hurt that also effected his defense. '24 he'll be 100% & with Paparesta supervision he should stay that way for most of the season. Most other teams have a glimpse of Polanco's worth but want to pay for the hurt version of Polanco & sell us a bunch of lottery tickets. We must not overlook his true value & short ourselves. I doubt we can come close to get his true value so we should not be so quick to dump him.
  4. I understand your angst mnfireman because of the catching situation that this FO has gotten us into. But trading Jeffers away for a "Lopez type" SP can be easily resolved. There has been a very good crop of MLB ready or soon to be catchers that can be had, That with the mentoring of Vazquez anyone of them will become a better catcher than Jeffers. We must not overlook the best opportunity that we have,
  5. I expect positional players serious negociations will begin, As soon as Yamamoto signs then the SPs will start, it shouldn't be long before Yamamoto signs, It should be a grind but at least it's moving. Funny how the SPing is hinged on Yamamoto & not Snell. I don't disagree but it's weird. After all that then the Twins will start moving.
  6. I agree with you Stringer that Martin could be a MLB OFer or 2B man. But like Lewis he could play 2B but they'd like to keep him at 3B, so he'd get established there. So I expect them to keep Martin in the OF until he gets established there. To be an utility player isn't easy because you have to be established in every position & it takes time. That's why Castro is such a valuable & underrated player. IMO Castro finally felt truly established as an utility player & that translated into confidence & his offensive prowess. Some project him to have regression, he might but IMO it'd be slight. Gordon on the other hand IMO in the MiLB wasn't that great as a INF. It wasn't until he was converted to the OF that he became a MLBer. Trying to reverse him back into the INF was a big mistake because not only his adaptation at those positions were bad his offense dropped off. I hope that with their analytics they can see it & keep him our out of the INF.
  7. I was bummed out to hear you said that. MIA was focusing on upgrading at SS & catcher & that's the areas that they were willing to trade for one of their SPs. IMO only the offense from SS & catcher trade will land you one of these players. MIA is looking for an upgrade at catching Betancourt is not much of an upgrade. IMO it's leverage to negogiciate with serious clubs & IMO they should be open to negociate for a catcher if the right deal comes along. FO is good at waiting for teams come to them but is really very bad when it comes to be proactive when the opportunity is there. I hope they prove me wrong. Maybe MIA'll do the same thing at SS & if don't get the offer they want. They keep all their pitchers. It's not the 1st time that it has happen. IMO MIA won't trade a SP just for a non SS/ Catcher big bat. Unless it's a pretty good deal on a CFer.
  8. Putting all sarcasm aside. Because I think some people would really get confused reading your blog. If Flavey has 0 to say about the the Twins '24 budget how much do you think that Correa has? minus something. Levine comment about Correa is only meant as they'd favor his opinion when needed as I hope they talk with Pablo Lopez about MIA's SPs that are up for trade, that's it. I agree with Brandon that we can do some Lopez type trades that can fills our holes & significantly upgrade our team w/o any significant losses & w/o touching any FAs
  9. Very interesting, Just think of the team we would have had if we still had Santana, the concussions problems that effected our top players starting with Morneau, that really hurt and losing Nathan all elite players. Very impressive what they did w/o them. The 2 players that really stuck out to me, were Thome & Valencia (I had high hopes for him).
  10. I believe Yamamoto will get at least $300MM, crazy!
  11. Great job Ted! What has held Martin back isn't himself it has been miss evaluation. He was a 3B man at Vandy, normally prospects go down positional wise not go up, Yet Toronto & MN persisted him being a SS, they should have known right away the he wasn't a SS, that took time away from him to learn CF. Martin has a natural line drive swing that could hit home runs. MN tried to covert him into a slugger, big mistake, it threw him off. When Martin reverted back to himself things changed. Even when he doesn't hit HRs he often stretches singles into doubles, double into triples (not sure if he has turned a triple into a HR but he surely can) by taking that extra base & stealing. He's an OB machine by not being afraid to get HBP or taking BBs. During AFL Martin was out hitting Julien until he got HBP. He still had a very good showing at the AFL also showcasing his potential of playing CF. IMO Martin will have a very good ST but knowing the Twins he'll be sent down. IMO Twins will be careful with Buxton & Buxton won't start out at CF & Castro & Gordon will cover there but Martin will be promoted soon not because Castro or Gordon would be that bad but Martin will shine at AAA. Martin has the talent, spunk & grit to play in the MLB & thrive. He's a classic lead off hitter.
  12. I'll state my view again, IMO the rule 5 draft is a great thing. It prevents big teams from hoarding minor league players & it gives those players the opportunity to be MLB players. And it helps a little, small teams to become more competitive. Because we are deep enough in pitchers & OFs, we haven't needed to dip into the rule 5 draft these last few years
  13. Ohtani, can bring in a lot of money, Marketing, tickets, TV rights along from Japan.
  14. Much like Colume`, It was clear very early that they couldn't handle high leverage so why did it take them soooo long to remove them & put them in low leverage & slowly build them up to mid leverage? We desperately need a front line SP to push Varland to a piggy-back role with Paddack. & have Canterino, Headrick, SWR, Winder, & eventually Festa (who's ever hot) to fill in in long reliever & spot starter. Resolvido
  15. Not only is Santana is an absolute rule 5 wonder he is an absolute wonder period. Santana is my favorite Twins SP, and I've seen them all. From Pasqual to Lopez. He should be in the HOF, one CYA was stolen from him, you'd think the 1st perfect game pitched in NYM (that was the start of his downfall) would merit love from them? He is the SP that I have enjoyed most watching, Besides his accolades, & records he was a great clubhouse guy, very laid back, fun loving, caring & anytime their was a rally he'd be the lead cheerleader. His career was cut short but if those who voted really knew Johann Santana, he'd be voted in the 1st ballot.
  16. For example MIL is going to lose Burns. They have Adames & a boatload of quality catchers. they can spare their backup catcher. MIA will cobble that up in a min. FO has to see the opportunity they have. If they think MIA will come & knock at their door with a wonderful deal they'll be left sucking their thumb. SEA will be waiting to see how Yamamoto & other firebrands shakes out before they decide & if none come to fruitation then they won't trade anybody. A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.
  17. All these promising prospects should be higher in the rankings while Prielipp hasn't proved anything in proball yet he's ranked 6
  18. Agreed, I stated take 2 steps but I didn't state ahead or backward. I corrected it. IMO when acclimated to MLB it'll all be forward.
  19. Great job Nick, same order as I would rank. Unlike Raya, SWR has been on the fast track all his career. It seems sometimes with him it's one step back, 2 steps ahead. Let's see him take 2 steps ahead this season.
  20. I thought MIA would deal. They want to keep Chisolm in CF so what they are looking for is a SS, a catcher that can hit. If we offer Jeffers & Lee, I think that 'd be enough to make MIA consider giving up Perez & a nice throw in. Myself it'd be hard to give up Lee because he'd be hard to replace but it might be worth it. My preference is Jeffers/ Rogers. Then MIA could get a Tim Anderson type to fill in at SS https://www.baseballtradevalues.com/trades/153732 Rogers is a LHP SP which we can extend. But I think the best idea is to ask Pablo for his advice, he'd have 1st hand evaluation. Hopefully it had been done. IMO we need to be quick because many teams need pitching that have excess SSs & catchers. After Yamamoto signs, the SPs who are up for trade will be gone soon.
  21. My definition of super utility is someone who can play SS & CF well which translate he can play anyplace well. Castro fits that bill all others are just plain utility. A good chance we can see a small regression from Castro but glove can play anwhere & his base stealing adds another benefical dimension to the Twins game where very valuable. They should limit Gordon only in the OF because his glove & bat don't play well in the INF. The turning point for Martin when they resolved Martin off SS (finally) & Martin resolved to focus on his own style of batting at the end of '22. Martin adapts very well & have the grit to make it in MLB at CF sometime in '24. It'll be a very interesting spring training indeed. Castro & Farmer can handle the INF.
  22. I was overjoyed when Buxton signed the extention. Because Buxton is a difference maker at CF and with the incentives based on games played, he be well worth the $. If he can't play CF IMO he shouldn't play. What I'd like to see is have Buxton play enough games at CF to help win the division & have him 100% in the PS. Then I'd be happy. It'd be hard to determine how many games he'll play. IMO they took care of the problem last year but he still has a chronic knee problem. IMO it can be controled so he can make a significant impact on this team.
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