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  1. I notice no one is mentioning Dobnak or Smeltzer for rotation or bullpen. Are the Twins just going to release those two?
  2. I think they can afford to put a Gordon at SS until another option is ready. There are much bigger issues to hash out. We need 2.5 OF guys. Larnach May or likely may not ever amount to a dependable OF option. Without a better backup for Buxton, CF isn’t elite. Kepler is a 4th OF defensive replacement at this point. It would be cheaper to just keep Hamilton. There isn’t a legitimate MLB catcher on the roster or minors. IF defense was ranked 29th? The entire lineup is a mess or at least in flux. Time to rebuild.
  3. Well written and well articulated.
  4. At this point, assuming Correa opts out, (I think he would be foolish to give up two years at $35M for a $200M contract that he could probably still get in two years regardless) the pitching staff, even minus Bundy and Archer is the strength of this team. They will NOT in all likelihood be signing or trading for a #1 or 2. Just not going to happen. The lineup, injuries and strategy are the things that most urgently need attention.
  5. Between Buxton and whoever else they were forced to run out there, Twins got about 2 WAR from CF. That’s worth about $15m, so probably correct, except whatever we paid Celestino was lost money because he was replacement level and has no other reason to be in the show except to spell Buxton.
  6. Rocco will be back. I think a lot of strategy is coming from on high. I think they have a big enough sample size on the pitching strategy experiment to change course somewhat. They are reputed to be bright guys.
  7. I think it’s a little early to be penciling Lee into the MLB lineup. Didn’t Mauer spend 3 years in the minors? Do we really want to put Lewis with a twice surgically cobbled back together ACL at SS? Because of his “range”? I hope he has a full recovery, but he may be a bit of a ticking bomb, especially at short. Palacios clearly isn’t MLB ready. There does seem to be a bit of pitching that may pan out. I think pitching is this teams strength going forward. There are several questions that will need to be addressed if next year is to be better than this one. Sounds like there is some help in the minors in the next couple of years. Like I said to myself before the Vikings/Eagles game: this year feels different…
  8. I’m not sure what you’re disagreeing with. For the most part, what I stated above is based on stats and performance. It’s not an opinion. Would left field be better if patrolled by Larnach or Kiriloff who have proved nothing at the MLB level? Possibly. I just take issue how many on here take prospects with extremely small sample sizes and place way outsized expectations on how they would perform. I’m just trying to look at it pragmatically. Larnach, Kiriloff and Lewis are not locks for the all-star team. All three may never contribute much at all. It is unknown at this early part of their careers. No, Buxton is not the best player in baseball. Far from it. With him and the backups we’ve run out there, CF has produced about 2 WAR. Not bad, but far from the best. “Not going to get into the specifics as I really don't want to write a lengthy text, but given good health I believe the only position really needing work is catcher...as I said previously.” I, and the stats, simply disagree with this statement. Unless the goal is a losing record.
  9. You must be joking. We have legitimate questions at almost every position. CF-Buxton has a 4 War , but Celestino is at 0. Buxton had slightly more PA, so call it a 2. LF is a huge question mark because we really don’t have anyone reliable above average to play there. RF is slightly above average only because of Kepler’s defense. Huge falloff after him. Kepler’s offensive WAR has declined every year since 2019, and there’s really no reason to believe that won’t continue. Keep Kepler or Billy Hamilton? 3B is slightly above average with Urshela. SS is ok with Correa, but Palacios is not MLB ready. 2B is a crap shoot with an aging Polanco. 1B isn’t well patrolled by Miranda or Arraez, but it is what it is. Catcher is below league average with no help or reason to believe it will improve in-house. Ironically, the pitching staff is the strength of this club going forward. I think Miranda and Duran should be locked up with Dobnakesque contracts. That is how small market teams keep players. Low-risk high-reward contracts that are entered into before players really establish themselves. There needs to be answers as to why virtually everyone was hurt this year. There also needs to be a re-evaluation of how they are using metrics and how rigidly they are employed. The FO is not going to go out and sign a legitimate #1 and 2. They may go out and sign a few depth SP aka Bundy and Archer. It might even be them. They were signed to be 4 and 5 guys. They’ve actually done that at a reasonable level. Another legitimate RP will probably be signed. The big questions are on offense.
  10. Wow! After only one start in the show! Was that you Jimbo that signed Dobnak to his contract?
  11. Larnach, Kiriloff and Lewis have not played enough to be considered reliable. Kepler has been a 4th OF defensive replacement type player for 3 years. Re: the quote above- You have no business citing “counting categories “ in these forums! Don’t you know that the only thing that matters is potential??? “Nobody gets credit for what they should’ve done”?!?! Have you read the comments on here? EVERYBODY gets credit for potential! Correa’s offensive numbers are little better than Urshela’s, but on here, he has “earned” his contract. Now stop bringing up “reality”! It’s skewing the metrics!
  12. Agree with Trov. I liked the signing then; I still like it.
  13. From what I’ve read on this forum, I would be amazed if someone didn’t say it. There are so many people on here that take *any* sign of competence, no matter how small the sample size, to proclaim some prospect or bench player world beaters. See: how the Twins season would have been 180° better if only Larnach, Kiriloff and Jeffers wouldn’t have gotten hurt!
  14. There’s a lot of rosy assumptions in this article. The personnel that are going to be the future face of the Twins: Larnach, AK, Lewis et al, haven’t proved anything apart from they belong on a MLB team-when healthy! A whole team of Buxton’s? The stars would have to align just to be competitive. Correa has certainly NOT earned his contract, and I do not think he will get any $300M contract offers. He can get more than the $70M guaranteed, but he’ll be able to do that in one or two years regardless. He’d be a fool to opt out after the year he’s had. I think everyone will be back next year, and they will print more spreadsheets, and the fans will have to see this I’ll-fated experiment run it’s course.
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