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  1. Ask us this question on June 1st after the batters have caught up. Or July 1st after we have a meaningful sample size.
  2. I will call him nothing but “Slay Bunny” now. As in, “Slay Bunny is getting shelled tonight”.
  3. I hope it doesn’t hurt his extrapolated 162 game WAR!
  4. He’s a one tool A+ player. He can hit. He could have easily been charged with 3 errors last night. He should be the 3rd or fourth option at any defensive position. Should probably sell high.
  5. I thought he had retired or transitioned to coaching years ago…
  6. What does it do for the rotation? It adds one more guy to compete for the 5th starter job. The Twins are starting the season with a #3 as the ace and four #4-5 guys. Unfortunately, I think they are done. I think they took a flyer on Archer after the trade market was ridiculously expensive. If they’re close, get a guy at deadline.
  7. I think the FO has prioritized a one knee down approach. The metrics must bear out that stolen bases aren’t that bad in the big scheme of things.
  8. Grade this trade: Twins trade GArver, Donaldson, Rortvedt, IKF and a 1st round draft pick for Gary Sanchez Sonny Gray and Gio Urshela.
  9. Well, this didn’t age well, as they just traded away our starting 3b and Ss as well as our backup catcher. To be fair, they may not be done…
  10. I think the two major problems are that the owner’s refuse to open the books and the PA aren’t representing ALL players.
  11. I think they’ll lock him out along with the rest of the team.
  12. I’m thinking Bundy is the ceiling short of one of our young guys doing well.
  13. Maybe if Bally broadcast games to basically anyone outside the metro, it would go up?
  14. I like it. Didn’t think he would agree. When a ****ty #3 starter gets $15M AAV, this is a good gamble.
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