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  1. He’s certainly the Straw right now.
  2. They would be absolute fools to put him on the playoff roster.
  3. I think Popkins wasn’t allowed to make adjustments. This year was a real time experiment in 100% nerd baseball. Long past the time when it became apparent that it wasn’t the panacea we were led to believe, they finally gave the OK to let the actual baseball folks make adjustments.
  4. It’s telling that the picture from less than ONE year ago now shows only one player who is a part of the Twins future.
  5. “This winter the Twins “got their guy””. Well, they got A guy.
  6. “We'll never know why 2023 has gone how it has, but inconsistency has been the name of the game for the Twins”. When the whole team is under performing, you blame the coaches. It is statistically very unlikely that all the players expected to drive this club are all having career worst years at the same time. Not to mention that our prospects seem to do much better once they leave this organization.
  7. Really no reason to do anything. This team isn’t good enough to compete outside the ALC. Seems wise to to hang onto prospects that are doing well and not trade those who aren’t but still may down the road. Admitting this is probably the smartest thing this FO has done.
  8. All the aforementioned returners or three other guys could be hurt by the end of next week. Still probably won’t be enough to propel CLE past us.
  9. Based on what? All the other pitchers they’ve developed??? I hope I live long enough to see these two picks debut.
  10. I agree with most of this, but moving Kepler to CF would be a disaster. He already looks, most days, like he doesn’t want to be here. Not running out balls, terrible play on the base paths and league average Defense overall. If he’s put in a position by force, he’ll probably be even worse. Time to try to trade or DFA Kepler and Gallo. Buxton should be on the DL if he can’t play.
  11. One day or even a series against one of the worst teams in MLB doesn’t erase the past three years.
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