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  1. Again, Buxton is a career .247 hitter. He’s passed 50 RBI’s ONCE. He’s surpassed 20 stolen bases ONCE. He’s surpassed 80 games played ONCE. He’s a LOT closer to Billy Hamilton than Mookie Betts, yet he wants Betts money. The Twins can’t/won’t/shouldn’t give him that kind of money. Time to trade him for some even better pitching prospects.
  2. Buxton is a career .247 hitter. He has only reached 50 RBI’s ONCE. He has only reached 20 stolen bases ONCE. He has only played 80 games ONCE. He is a LOT closer to Billy Hamilton than Mookie Betts. Despite this, he (and a lot of people on forums) seem to think he’s worth $30-35M per. I just can’t see a 1/4 of the payroll sitting on the bench for over half the year.
  3. I would have been happy with a bag of chips for Happ or Robles if they paid their salary.
  4. Strom and Gausman ARE Berríos. Look at their stats. Solid #3 starters. I think Berríos wants $25M+ per year. No way.
  5. The Twins have already made an overly generous offer. He is a career .247 hitter and his yearly war is just 3.0. They offered him more than the Yanks gave Hicks. Berríos apparently wants $25M per year. Was nothing learned from the Mauer contract?
  6. The Twins will get one top 100 prospect for Berríos. His career numbers have him as a middle rotation reliable guy. We either trade him or Buxton. There’s no chance they sign both. Time to pull that fire alarm.
  7. I think the folks on here have vastly overrated Arraez and Polanco’s value. A “haul” for either one? I just don’t see that happening.
  8. I would go 6/100 on Berrios. Put him on a good team, and he’s a #3. I don’t think he would take 5/100 anyway. He’s looking for 5/150. Buxton will never get $100M from the Twins. Just not durable enough, and the sting of the Mauer contract is still to recent. I’m afraid the best move is to trade both at some point with predictable consequences. The Twins cycle.
  9. They take a guy who hasn’t thrown out of the pen his entire career and call him up and call him out of the pen vs the Yankees? That should do well for his confidence. No wonder he got shelled like a peanut.
  10. This team is MUCH less than the sum of it’s parts. That usually means management.
  11. “I would offer Berrios 5/$110 this offseason.”. For a #3? Never going to happen. 3 years $45M tops.
  12. The next night it was remarked on the broadcast that in the past 20 years,(over 500 instances) when a team was up by 10+ and a batter had a 3-0 count, Mercedes is the ONLY one who had swung. Classless.
  13. Good deal. Solid #3 starter for a maybe. Plus, he’s a bargain. Smart move for a small market team.
  14. He’s a 2 at 3b anyway. Of course Sano is at best a 3, and Polanco is a 3. Still have D issues. It will help if Buxton can stop running into walls and sliding head first.
  15. The Twins won the Division. They had 101 wins but got smoked by a team with twice our payroll. Winning the division doesn’t move the needle? How about last place? How about 95 losses? All you recliner GM’s are ridiculous. Boo hoo hoo.
  16. I think this was a good trade. People on here are bitching about the Twins paying a little extra for help immediately? Isn’t that what you all have been demanding the Twins do now? Also, it can’t definitely be said that Jaimie didn’t help. The rest of the team lost a bunch of games, and we went from certain buyers to probable sellers. Then they went on to make the playoffs. Baseball is funny.
  17. After reading through all of these posts it is apparent that no one believes the Twins will ever sign a top Free Agent. EVER!! A Cole or Strasburg or Harper or Rendon or anyone that is considered to be "one of the best" is out of reach. If we can't do it now, why would we be able to do it next year? Or the year after that? or EVER? So with that thought in mind, why should we support this team? If the goal is to only be competitive, we are there and we can be disappointed every year, whether the Twins get into the playoffs or not. If the goal is to win another World Series then the mindset must change. Teams that invest in the best players adding them to their already competitive roster will be the winners, not the teams that play it safe and are satisfied with less than the best. Once you show that you will spend the money and sign the best then other Free Agents will start to come as well. Why, Because you have shown you are willing to try to win it all, not just to get there. Until then, the Twins will always be one of the last place destinations for any top free agent. Best case is $150m payroll. If we sign two top talents, that’s half the payroll for two of 26 players. We wouldn’t be able to field a competitive team. Why would any top talent want to be on that team? Why should we support this team? Because they are our team, and we support them or stop supporting baseball all together.
  18. There needs to be a real hard cap in addition to profit sharing. Shelling out 25-30% of payroll to one guy isn’t wise or sustainable. How did that work out last time? The team is MUCH better now that they are out from under Mauer’s contract. Also, virtually EVERY FA they signed last year panned out. Let them do their work. Bottom line is, as a small market team, this is how it must be.
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