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  1. I will gently remind you of the then-unhittable Jacob deGrom a few years back when he was a Met. 10 wins versus 9 losses, with a 1.75 ERA. The Mets were so bad that 2 consecutive starts (both CG shutouts - if I remember correctly) were won by deGrom at bat as he drove in all the runs scored in those two games! At the season's end, people said he wasn't Cy Young material because he only had ten wins/wasn't much more than a .500 pitcher!
  2. Hear, hear! (or here, here - never can remember) Suck the Fox!
  3. Over reliance on analytics has hurt the Twins (and all of baseball)! fixed that for you 😉
  4. The pitching staff - at least the starters - indeed might be built for an October run. Unfortunately, the lineup is performing in a manner that will lead to a very disappointing September. (not to mention August, July, June...)
  5. You're talking about the same people/person who thinks it is a "good idea" to run Joey Gallo out almost every day...
  6. Funny thing... the same people who believe that "swing and miss" pitchers are an absolute necessity for a quality staff don't seem to think that an offense that does little but swing and miss is an acceptable part of a quality team! We have a staff that will assuredly break (more likely shatter) any and all Twins strikeout records. And an offense that will have even more Ks (and shatter MLB strikeout records). And a front office that thinks that what last year's strikeout plagued team needed was Joey freaKing Gallo! Fire Falvey and Baldelli now. Not at the end of another hugely disappointing season, but now. No heart, and no willingness to adjust are now the hallmarks of the Twins, and this starts with the decision makers both on (Baldelli) and off the field (Falvey). Bring in fresh eyes to see what is salvageable, what HAS to go via trade, and what just has to go into the old circular file cabinet.
  7. 5 hits and 9 strikeouts (against some pretty average- at best - pitching). Either a) the "promise" is worthless, or b) the offense in that hog-confinement pit wasn't even close to floating! Pretty sure the actual answer is "c)", all of the above. Truly sad to see. Almost as sad as it is painful to watch... Been a Twins fan long enough to remember rooting for Roy Smalley in his prime. Long enough to actually be able to compare the Buteras. Long enough to have seen Killabrew at the old Met. This year's team is simply the most unwatchable team I can remember. Not the worst team, just the worst to watch. The worst part? No one seems to care enough to try to improve their performance. Case in point, an unnamed 9th year vet, career sub .200 hitter, doing NOTHING to cut down on his universally acknowledged mega-weakness. And if he has done something, it has been nothing positive as he is hitting worse than his career average AND now striking out over 40% of the time for this season. (and approaching 50% over the last two months!) And he is about as close to being an everyday player that we have, judging by the lineup cards being turned in every day by Mr. Roboto... Can't even imagine how bad this would be if they had an average Twins pitching staff.... but it'd likely provide solace to this year's Royals fans. The old adage is that a fish rots from the head. Unfortunately, that rotting head has spread throughout the entire fish since about 2016. November of 2016 to be more precise...
  8. You may be correct. Except for one small point: he really doesn't get enough outs any more! He isn't on the 40 man roster, isn't really much of a threat to anyone on it, and might be a good example to the Saints' youngsters. Not a bad "reach/reclamation project" signing. If he shows signs of life, great! If not, you can just sign next year's former star and try again. It is not like signing some overhyped, one-dimensional "player" and handing him a roster spot for one productive at bat a week like, ... not to say Joey Gallo, but... Joey Gallo!
  9. I can't think of a WORSE signing by the Twins in many years. Anyone who shows even an occasional pulse with the Yankees is touted as an all-star (at worst). Don't pull a Canseco in the field, and you are a gold glover! Just show potential with one tool and you'll be a prospect into your early 30s. He is very expensive Kingman or Adam Dunn. A black hole anywhere in the lineup, utterly overrated on defense, and worst of all the exact opposite of what you want as a veteran leader (the lesson he shows is that you'll earn the yearly salary of a small town while producing next to nothing while doing NOTHING to adapt your game to improve yourself). I thought coming into the season that he was about as bad of a FA signing as the Twins could have made last off-season. Now, halfway through the season, he has been even worse than I feared. If the front office is serious about being a contender this year, there is simply ONE option: eat half the contract and DFA him immediately. Basically anyone can replace him as an overall player. Leave it to the Twins to find a way to somehow get rid of a lineup albatross (Sano) and replace him with the Bizarro World version of said albatross...
  10. Thanks! I didn't realize that I needed a laugh until I utterly lost it reading that any position player from the Twins was a possible all-star.. When you put out 7-8 Dave Kingmans out there every night, worrying about who is an all-star is pretty low on the list of things you want to worry about!
  11. Even mentioning Gallo as a possible leadoff hitter is a sacrilege! Actually doing so should be grounds for firing. From a cannon, al a the First False Dimitry! True, the Twins lack anything approaching a leadoff hitter (Buxton is probably closest- he of the career .245 batting average- based of his skill set - but having multiple bad choices doesn't mean you need to make the dumbest f####### choice available!
  12. You could live in Iowa like me and have both a "winter storm warning" and tornado watches at the same time.

    Ahhh, spring in the upper Midwest!

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