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  1. Interesting question as Miranda, barring a trade, will be a core fixture for the Twins for at least the next 5 years or so. Part of this depends on his work ethic. There have been players who have worked hard and this resulted in going from below average to above average at the hot corner. Corey Koskie comes to mind. I would have thought that most 3B could slide across the diamond and do better at first base. Miranda’s performance at 1B should be a huge flag.
  2. What I would like to see is an analysis of the Twins pitching injuries in both the majors and minors and evaluating how this compares to other organizations.
  3. “The Twins have shown an eye for the right relief talent, but they've usually been unable to properly actualize it while in Minnesota. In order to escape their cycle of bullpen torment, they need to break the spell.“ Interesting article. Your last paragraph summarizes the challenge/ problem nicely. It would be interesting to have a more expansive summary as there are other pitchers who have moved on from the Twins. I would also add that under the Wes Johnson era, the Twins were getting more out of their pitching staff. However, concurrently, many pitchers in the organization both MLB and minors, had extended stays on the DL. These quantity of injuries, more than many other factor, decimated the talent available for the Twins. Not sure if the run of injuries is a correlation with trying to get more out of the pitchers or if it is plain bad luck.
  4. I don’t think the Twins should make a play for him at this point. Maybe 35 million per on a 2-3 year contract if it comes to that. For the top 10 SS by WAR, CC had the worst defense this year. (Data is from fangraphs). I also realize that this year was a sharp decline in defense for CC from 2018 - 2021 seasons and I am not sure why. I would much rather they spend the $ on pitching.
  5. Larnach reminds me of Michael Cuddyer. Not the most fleet of foot, but what a cannon. Of the 3, he is the only one with positive defensive value this year (data from Fangraphs). Kirilloff. If he recovers from his wrist injuries/surgeries, his best position is first base. I think he could be an all-star caliber / gold glove first baseman. After a rough start Miranda has done nicely at first. How would he do at third. Wallner. Hard for me to get super excited about someone who has averaged greater than 30% K rate in the minors although he did improve this year to 27% in AAA. It looks like he is making the most of his opportunity in the big leagues and it is too bad he wasn’t called up sooner as he is clearly seems to belong in the majors. His September play has earned him a spot on the team next year. I am assuming his current K rate will improve.
  6. I think in general this thread is too harsh on Max Kepler. He has contributed 2 WAR while playing in slightly more than 2/3 of the games (115). 2.0 WAR is currently 4th on the Twins team. His season was interrupted by a broken toe from a HBP and ended with a wrist injury). 1 WAR is worth about 8 million, so his value was about 2x his contract. Had he played a full season he would have had about 2.5 WAR. (Just prorating his WAR to 150 games). I thought he had made progress earlier in the season by hitting more to the opposite field. This was his worst offensive season in the big leagues, but his second best defensive season. Not sure how much his injuries contributed to his offensive swoon after the all-star break. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/max-kepler/12144/stats?position=OF
  7. A few comments. In the Byron Buxton era, the Twins have always had a significantly worse record when he wasn’t playing. What makes this run worse is that half the team (or more) are on the IL. I lack awareness of the extent of Buxton’s early season knee injury. If he would have been 100% with a month on the IL, then he should have been on the IL. https://www.mlb.com/news/byron-buxton-exits-with-injury-after-slide There have been a number of players injured sliding into bases. With investment that teams have in these players, developing more forgiving bases seems like a good idea.
  8. Considering how the MLBPA has repeatedly sold out on the minor leaguers over the past years, I think the minor league players would benefit by by being in a union distinctly separate from the MLBPA.
  9. Sam Dyson should also be included on getting fleeced trading for an injured player. 1 time could be accidental, two is questionable, 3 times is indicative of a fundamental problem in evaluating pitchers for injuries/ injury risk.
  10. Instead of splitting Archer and Bundy up, why not have them pitch in the same game. If we are lucky the two of then will pitch the entire game and the bullpen gets a rest. the problem with this suggestion is that we would need another starter
  11. Baltimore is ahead of the Twins in the wild card standings. Let that sink in for a few minutes. Yes, those hapless Orioles who play in the toughest division in the AL and who traded their all-star closer to our Twins. They also traded one of their better players, Trey Mancini, to the Astros. https://calltothepen.com/2022/08/04/baltimore-orioles-sell-season/amp/
  12. What does giving away 3-4 outs/game from a catcher include. Does this include pitch calling. I find this hard to comprehend. It is like having an error every other inning that doesn’t show up in the box score. I know what giving away 4 outs / game at first base entails.
  13. The greatest weakness is having SP that can only go 4 or 5 innings as this means that most RP will run out of gas
  14. There aspects of Pagan that are quite good. He has 55 SO in 38 IP (13K/9). This is slightly better than Duran’s 61 SO in 48 IP (11.4K/9). I am not sure all the reasons this doesn’t translate into results. Too many BB and too many balls that are crushed when he is ahead in the count are some of his issues. Poor command and too predictable pitching selection also contribute. It will be interesting to see if Pagan improves with Leon behind the plate. data is from Fangraphs.
  15. A W is W, but I found it undesirable that we needed to use our “A” bullpen to secure a series win against one of the worst teams in the league and then we surrender a very winnable game by marching out the “B” bullpen squad against Toronto.
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