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  1. Morales is still relatively young. Sign him for three years @ 30-35 million. He will be our full time DH. Our 2014 outfield will consist of Willingham, Hicks, and Arcia. Next year (or the year after) Buxton will be up but by then Willingham will be traded or gone as a free agent. The Twins have the money, spend it to improve. For those of you who say "what about Parmilee, Kubel or _______," remember that Morales is a proven hitter and fills a big hole in our weak line up right now and in the future. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush leagues.
  2. I will be excited if they spend money on an ace as well. Unfortunately, Terry Ryan has already said that he will not try for the top free agents (he says you have to be realistic) ie cheap.
  3. I was looking forward to seeing Arcia, HIcks and Benson also, in AAA. They don't belong in the majors yet. Further, they won't be as good as Span or Revere for at least two years.
  4. Until they actually sign a good pitcher they are punting. With the loss of Pavano and Caps they had enough money to buy a pitcher on the free agent market. As of now they have refused to spend any money and have indicated that they will not do so. Right now they are much weaker on defense, they are much weaker on offense and they don't have any depth. Hardly moving forward in 2013. Terry Ryan could just spend some money to get the one pitcher (4th starter) he has so far. He did not have to trade two position players to do so. This is clearly giving up in 2013. Furthermore, he is giving up in 2014 as well. All of our prospects are in AA. They will maybe make the team in 2014. They won't be any good until 2016 or 2017. Because of poor of a drafting strategy he could bite the bullet and make the organization pay for it by spending some money, instead he will make the fans pay for it by runnning out a minor league lineup with no chance for winning until some far off future event. No matter how much whipped cream you put on it this season is still crap.
  5. Congratulations, lets throw a party, we are now the Minnesota Royals. Great minor league teams, two major league players. Maybe we can trade Willingham and Maur also. Next winning season 2020 (if everything breaks right).
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