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  1. I like the rookie line-up. Might as well give the kids every opportunity to pick up as much experience as possible. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  2. Didn't Rocco have built in scheduled rest days for Arraez? You know, like Buxton and Correa?
  3. This could have been a more lengthy article. There's only about three Twins who don't have anything left to prove.
  4. Word down at Riley's Pub And Prognosticators is that Captain Checkdown has retained Hookem, Cookem and Snookem to launch his own legal suit against the NFL for deliberately scheduling him to play on Monday nights. "It's hard to justify my $50,000,000 salary when I stink up the joint on national TV," he argues. "How am I supposed to ask for another salary bump to $70,000,000 a season when I'm throwing passes two yards behind the line to Cook when he's surrounded by a linebacker, a cornerback and a safety? I got a family to feed, you know? I need a couple wide receivers capable of getting open." The Prognosticators at the baseball end of bar reported that the Twins' Falvey claims he's found another starting pitcher for next season, soon as he recovers from double Tommy John, a herniated disc and a deviated septum. "I'm sure Rocco can get a couple innings out of him before he hits the 50-pitch mark and has to go on the IL," Falvey insisted knowingly. "Maybe we can use him to close games." Riley accepts all the sports talk with a knowing grin. "The more the Twins and Vikings choke the more beer I sell and the more money I make," he says with a snorted laugh. "And that's not even considering what I take in when the Timberwolves start up. God, I love this state!"
  5. Yeah, we could pickup 10 Archers for the money we'd save on Correa. That's almost enough guys to pitch one game. you know, considering how many would be on the IL at any particular time.
  6. I'm tempted to hang around for the rest of the game but I have something unimportant to do.
  7. In my experience... the two don't go well together. Came home with a horse once... Not sure how.
  8. 6' 9" vs. 6' 6". Who will measure up? Baseball is climbing to new heights.
  9. Does the pitcher have a history of injuries? Does his medical report (necessary for a trade) reveal current "minor" injury problems? Does he have a history of going 6-7 innings each time he takes the mound, or is he pulled after 3 or 4 innings? How much time has he spent on the IL in the past? What for? Chronic-type injuries a la Buxton, Donaldson, Kirilloff etc. or single fluke-type injuries like taking a line-drive off the shin, or the hand, etc. Not a perfect window into the future but better than snapping up someone who's already proven to be damaged goods, at the end of his career, or ineffective just because he's cheap, which seems to be the Twins preferred yardstick of late.
  10. "If they lose Correa they will have a big hole at SS, and lose games because of it; they have had two of the best fielding SS for two years and there is nothing to replace that skill set." And what did that get us? I'd rather spend that money on a top-notch starting pitcher; someone who can take the ball every five days, pitch 6-7 innings and keep the Twins in the game without spending every other month on the IL.
  11. End of Season Truths and Consequences Pictures Worth A Thousand Cuss Words Rocco, time to get your head out of… Learn to protect your players against weird injuries. When it comes to conditioning, cut back on the weight-lifting, it’s hard on the joints. Instead, go for suppleness and flexibility. But what the hey, keep doing things the way you want. It's your funeral. Today's Pitchers In A Lost Cause Twins: Dylan Bundy 8-7 4.68 ERA 87 SO (4 innings followed by 6 relievers) Royals: Zack Grienke 4-9 4.67 ERA 67 SO Line-Ups Twins: Unknown at this time but sure to defy all baseball logic. KC: TBD (Who knew TBD could also bat?)
  12. Just had time to check back on the game... I hear Dandy Don singing in the background. Sonny Gray has apparently darkened our skies.
  13. Our skies were sunny gray (light fog) this morning. Has to be an omen.
  14. Oh for the God's sake! Ober couldn't do the 6th? He's been in command thru 5! Rocco, you make my heart bleed.
  15. Miranda lines out to 2nd after hitting two doubles... I think he can handle the twoths
  16. Ober still in the game. Miranda not afraid of any stinking RBIs
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