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  1. Johnson will be missed for sure. I hope the guy replacing him has picked up some of his wisdom and ideas with the pitchers. From what I've read quite a bit of Johnsons success was his attitude and personality. That just can't be replaced.
  2. He's looked good in the past. Is he healthy? sometimes bad luck is just that. Sometimes its more. I haven't seen him much if at all this season so its hard to guess, but the A's have to be down in the dumps after trading away so much and rebuilding again. A change may be just what he needs.
  3. Pagan looked good using a new grip on his slider last time out. Question is can he be consistent with it? That split finger change he throws can be nasty but here again is that consistency question. So After Duran and Jax is an inconsistent Pagan, a former LOGY Thielbar and Smith that has slid badly before going on the IL. Cotton shows promise but those walks!
  4. I would wait until the end of this season and evaluate the whole scene then. As several have pointed out we have many young guns that are coming up through the system. Which seems to me would be good trade chips for some help now. How many of these youngsters are going to have to be exposed to the rule 5 draft this winter? I'd be looking at that now and thinking about some trades for at the very least some bullen help. Another quality starter would sure be nice.
  5. That's the way it is supposed to work. But I question, if a college can spend that much on 1 assistant coaching position (yes I call a pitching coach an assistant) Perhaps they could spread that money around better be for tuition or maybe into other sports or womens sports etc..
  6. Karbo

    Wiffle Ball

    My brother and I did the same thing. Made us pretty good switch hitters too! I agree with you about the bomba days being long gone, but the mindset seems to still be there. Homeruns are sexy. Gets you on Sportscenter I guess. This management team doesn't seem to stress fundamentals like bunting and stealing and baserunning like past management teams have. Maybe they need a longer spring training? Or maybe different Coaching? The game is changing and the teams that are winners will make the adjustments to the game.
  7. He's pitched well this season. I could see him in the rotation. I could see a possibility of putting Ober in the pen (where I thought he had the best chance of success when he 1st came up) where I think he could be a shutdown type of reliever, at least for the rest of this year.
  8. I don't like the way they are baby caring for Archer, but I have to admit it seems to be working. A question I have to ask though is, do the games in Sept. count more than the games in June and July? I keep hearing thats why they are keeping his innings down, but what happens if they start falling behind Cleveland or Chicago before September? With this bullpen it seems like an extra inning could make a big difference. Would it harm Archer at this point to expand his pitch count from say 75 to 90? I hope that decision is up to the Trainers and Docs, not Rocco.
  9. Yes Houston has a manager that knows what he's doing, and players that know whats expected of them.
  10. The simple solution is to stop using Sanchez and his ;ow 200's avg as a DH. Rotate between Miranda, Urshela, Arraez, AK, Larnach, and Kepler. Theres plenty of AB's to be had and a way to get some guys a day off their feet here and there.
  11. Did they already change the size of the bases in AA? The Twins are in big trouble when they do with the catchers and the way they have them set up on 1 knee to try to "steel" the low strike. And if they do reconfigure 2nd base it could turn into a track meet.
  12. Rocco has that record based on a couple of seasons of "bomba" ball. I don't think the guy can actually manage, just play odds that are spit out of a computer on spread sheet. Now the ball has changed, the game has changed, other teams are running more and starting to play more small ball, but that's not on Rocco's spread sheet yet. On the few occasions we have seen the Twins bunt it has been the players doing it on their own according to reports.
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