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  1. I don't see payroll increasing much until attendance does. I don't see attendance increasing until wins do, and I don't see that happening with the current management team, from Falvey on down. I hope I'm wrong. I've been a die hard Twins fan since day 1. Management does make a huge difference. Where to fix this is problem? I'm not where where to start.
  2. I'm a firm no. For what we pay him he is probably the best value for a proven, high quality player. I don't see a bad infielder, but rather a slightly above average fielder, regardless what advanced stats say. He has hit since the day he came up. Last year he played hurt from mid may on. IMO no team would provide the talent back in a trade. Arraez did fine 1B and can't play the field every day. Julien was great with the bat at AA, but lets see what he does AAA. Gordon is better off used in the OF or utility, Farmer doesnt and hasn't hit righties enough to start there. Lewis is still a question and Lee have a lot to prove. And lets face the fact that trading him wouldn't be enough of a savings to sign a FA top starter(even if they could talk one into playing here).
  3. IMO the jury is still out on Ryan. A young guy that is learning as he goes. I can agree at this point he's not an ace, and probably won't be until he can keep his pitch count down and get deeper into games ( if the staff lets him).
  4. After the last few years of teaching and coaching him to stay low with the twins, and I don't know if he crouched in school or not, That could take some time. Also, this whole staff from FO on down seems a little slow (or stubborn) to adapt.
  5. I think Padack will be the "ace" of the staff if/when he returns.
  6. IMO base stealing will go up quite a bit this season, which makes holding guys on and being able to throw them out is going to be much more important. This coaching staf, as of yet, hasn't showed the ability to "coach up" the pitching staff much if any, so it looks to me like they better get a catcher that won't be as overmatched as Jeffers has been so far in his career.
  7. IMHO, the Twins would be better off sticking with what they have. Why go out and get an oft injured pitcher that up to this point in his career hasn't shown much more than #3 starter quality? Just taking innings away from the youngsters that may or may not prove to be just as good, if not better, for a fraction of the cost.
  8. Probably a dream, but I'd like to see 120 games in the field and around 20 at DH.
  9. The only way I'd extend him at this point is if there were some opt outs included, and I doubt his agent would go for that at this point in his career.
  10. I see he hasn't hit 100 IP at any level yet. Looks like relief is in his future. Yet another MiLB pitcher in the system that has injury issues.
  11. I hope he does a better job in this position than he did designing/approving the rebranding. I still don't understand why that was a need. What is wrong with traditional Logo's? Seems the yankees have done well sticking with the NY caps as long as I can remember, back into the late 50's.
  12. I could see them signing Narvaez on a 1 year make good type contract, or even 2 year small contract, but not over 3-5 mil AAV
  13. I agree that RBI is still a very important stat. You looked a lot at runner on 3rd but I would like to see stats with runner on 2nd and how effective guys are. I personally like Abreu but don't think I would spend a huge contract on him, due mainly to his age and lack of defense, & position he plays.
  14. I hate the "M" caps! Keep the TC logo! Its traditional a lot like baseball is!
  15. AK has a lot to prove. To unseat a gold glove finalist at 1B is going to take much better health and some progress at the plate.
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