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  1. Donaldson was fine. The problem last season was obvious for anyone to see. Pithing, pitching, and more pitching.
  2. Gardy was a throwback guy. Play fundamentally sound and you have a chance. And I always found his interviews entertaining.
  3. I'm a little sketchy on the spin rate factor after the decline we saw with thw crack down on sticky stuff last year. I also agree that a trade for bullpen help would have to wow me if I was GM of this team at this point.
  4. Any bullpen arms will need to have "rubber arms" because they will be used often. We need guys that are able to go more than 1 inning at a time or we need them to have options to be sent up and down. Unless the FO has a surprise up its sleeve we will be having plenty of short starts I believe.
  5. I think keeping Polo at 2nd and not at ss as much as possible is the best thing for the club and for Polo. Arraez is not a very good 2b anyways.
  6. I think he would be a few steps up from Bundy anyway, though I think we can do better through the trade route.
  7. I still think Pineda is the best fit. Last I heard he wanted to stay with the twins, yet I heard nothing about any talks with him before the shutdown. Of the 3 listed above, I could see taking a chance on Odo, depending on his health. He had personal issues in houston from what I've heard and read and that was never something that was talked about here.
  8. 1 thing will fill the stands better than anything and thats winning. We need pitching to win. We can afford to sacrifice some hitting for pitching. Simple calculation says trades will need to be made in order to win, and winning is a must or attendance will drop like a rock.
  9. So sad to lose so many quality people. I remember all of these people, though I didn't know Schilling was ever a member of the Twins. I lived in Az. the year they won the series and the common phrase for their starting staff was "Johnson & Schilling & whoever is willing". A very wise person once told me long ago the older you get the more dead people you know. Unfortunately, that is the truth.
  10. It would take a whopper of a deal for me to trade away Martin at this point. There has only been 1/2 a season to evaluate him at AA ball. As a fan I would like to see what he can do at AAA and then hopefully with the Twins. All the reports say his hit tool is legit. Lets find out.
  11. I think its obvious that this author must have Puck as his #1, though I would have rated Killebrew #1, Carew #2, Puckett #3 myself. Just my opinion. Also note how Carew was so great but never felt the need to swing for the fences. A different era, but more interesting IMHO.
  12. It would probably be fun to watch. If we could shore up the pen a bit it just might even be competitive. Give the young guns some time to learn anyway.
  13. Although I would love to see a trade like this happen, it probably is just toobig with too many moving pieces. Also it probably makes too much sense.
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