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  1. I go with Berrios and then offer Buxton an incentive laiden contract with big bonuses tied to games played
  2. I honestly dont look at any of these 3 and think wow what a deal. I would hope we can do better for the best hitter in our lineup.
  3. I agree this team needs more pitching, but its not like you can go out in the back yard and pick them off a tree. Todays payrolls are such a headache to balance, and that doesnt take into account if the player wants to be here. In the past many teams have slugged their way to the dance with a weak set of starters but a good bullpen (1987). This year the FO missed on both. I for one dont want to see a total sell off at the trade deadline. Keep Pineda and Berrios. If the kids in the minors come up and show they can do the job, deal then from a position of strength. This has been one of those yea
  4. lets just hope its a case of getting all the bad luck out of the way in one season.
  5. I agree that this is an outlier year and I would be very careful trading away most of our hitters. I think other GMs are going to try to under bid everyone anyway sensing blood in the water. Pitching is our problem, much more than hitting. Might also need new field management. Not blaming RB but you cant fire the team so you fire the manager.
  6. Pay him. 17-19m per year seems fair. What is he asking? The guy is reliable, and any other team would love to have him. Pay him. Cant stomach much more of this kind of ball. Need pitching, it isnt free and it doesnt look like we have a bunch of sure things coming up from the minors. If the kids do come up and show they can take over trade him then.
  7. Get rid of the extra innings rule or at least wait until say the 13th inning or later. Maybe its time to start getting serious about an electronic strike zone. I have been against it up until the last couple of years but the current umpires are so far off that something needs to change. Not a big fan of 7 inning double headers either.
  8. While I agree that getting bent out of shape over a guy hitting a meatball pitch for a homerun in a blowout game is ridiculous, at least for one of the 1st times in awhile one of the Twins showed they still were playing the game. This team just doesnt seem to care much anymore.
  9. If Duffy did throw try to hit him at least he had enough class to keep the pitch down where the risk of any injury was minimal. Thats the way the game has been played for years though I dont really think this time it was really a big deal. You throw a meatball to a guy its going to get hit, no matter what the score or count is.
  10. I keep hearing from others in my group of friends that RB is saving the arms for a deep run. I dont see any chance of a deep run if we dont turn things around NOW. I totally agree that its time to throw away the book and start managing things by the gut. Is RB capable of doing this? Does he have the experience? This is where he really misses a much needed mentor as a bench coach IMHO. RIP MB.
  11. I can agree that the bullpen has been the major problem so far, but I also feel there has been way too many questionable "game management" decisions. I'm not ready to give up on the season quite yet however, as many of these players have shown over the past what they are capable of doing. Think back to 91 when nobody thought this team had a chance early and they won like 15 straight and never looked back. We have more than one or two players that are capable of putting this team on there shoulders and taking a long run like that again. I just don't know if we have the right management team to
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