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  1. #1-Polanco getting healthy and back to Polo again #2-Ober is my choice as a surprise #3-A full 162 game season. I don't feel I can put Ryan here as the trade-off was enough of a loss to balance the gain IMO
  2. #1- FO Missing on their evaluations of pitchers signed as free agents #2-Injuries to key players #3a-Poor coaching decisions most notably early on in the season #3b-Slow starts and off seasons for a few key players
  3. I agree that the shift is killing Max. He is a good athlete that should be able to beat the shift. Yes bunting down the 3rd base line would be one way, but why can't our hitting coaches help him learn to go with the pitch the other way to left field? I really believe if he could improve that he would get more pitches he could pull and use some of his power to right again. I think a .270 avg. with 15-20 homeruns would look a lot better then his present stats, and with a few more base hits to left (or bunt singles) he's shown he has the ability to steal a few bases.
  4. I go along with pitching first and SS next. At this time it seems there will be a few high quality SS on the market so maybe a mid tier SS could be signed on a reasonable deal. Otherwise, the trade option would seem to be the way to go. Just please leave Polo at 2nd. Try Gordon, Martin, Polacios, or whoever but let Polo stay at 2nd.
  5. Physical errors are going to happen, and are the human part of the game. Its the mental errors and lapses that drive me crazy. So un-like past Twins teams that it calls into question the quality of the entire coaching staff. As far as the effect it has on the pitchers, by the time they hit this level they have all played with much worse defenses behind them in the minors.
  6. I would keep JD rather than eat salary and trade him. He is still a good player, and I like his attitude. I think its good to have a veteran with some fire in the clubhouse. I have heard no criticism about his attitude internally. Honestly, I think sometimes he's the only vet that really has some fire in him.
  7. Thats what hitting coaches get paid for, to work with players to strengthen their weakness. 2019 was the worse thing that happened to Kepler. Now he thinks he should hit 40 bombs a year.
  8. Really? Zero in on Simmons, especially this year? Lets go back to pre-season when it looked like we had the makings of a very good lineup. A light hitting ss with an above avg. glove fits in nice. At the time of his signing I thought the price tag may be high but apparently thats what the market said. The bad signings were Happ and Shoemaker. At least the FO had enough common sense to stick to 1 year deals on all 3.
  9. As has been proven out, you fill out a rotation 40% with "questionable" starters as the FO did to start the season you better have a very good bullpen and an excellent lineup if you want to be in contention. The FO rightfully thought they had the lineup to score runs, but should have recognized the glaring weakness in the pen. So which was worse? Failure in the rotation or pen? Could fixing 1 of the 2 areas have changed the season around much? Fun to think about.
  10. I'm taking a little different approach. 1- Free Agent Upper Tier (15-20 mil) 2-trade mid tier starer 3-Probably Pineda (or Someone In That range) 4-Ober 5-Open competition between Dobnak and Ryan and other Minor leaguers Spend on GOOD closer and at least 2 avg or above set up relievers. A good bullpen can help cover up a shaky rotation with the lineup we have. I also think we should look into trading Kepler and see what we can get for Arraez. That may be the piece that bring a nice return. I'm also hoping the Twins at least try to re-sign Cruz and Buxton. Alot of things to keep the FO busy with this winter. Now will we be watching ball in the spring or reading about labor negotiations? anyone want to put odds out?
  11. I have to say the odds are 99.9% that the opening day starter isn't on our current roster. FO will need to sign at least 2 Starters.
  12. Agree with Donaldson and Buxton but I do believe there will be so many top tier ss available this off season we can probably find a decent fielding ss that can hit better than Simmons. If not, re-sign him for less than he's getting now, but leave Polo at 2nd.
  13. I can see the Twins with Ober, Ryan, and Dobnak after that they need to sign 1 top end starter and 1 mid tier starter. Then they give the kids a little more time to prove themselves in the minors. I don't have much confidence that Dobnak will perform well enough to stay in the starter role and we all know Twins pitchers can't seem to stay healthy enough for an entire season. After all that is the bullpen. What a mess!
  14. Looks like a good reason to watch the game tonight, at least the beginning, until Rocco decides to bring in the pen.
  15. I like all except the Wong deal. The plan all along was to move Polo off short to 2nd and it seems that part of the plan has worked. I don't think there were too many "experts" that expected Simmons to tank as badly as he did. Hindsight is 20/20. The Simmons deal itself wouldn't look quite so bad if the pitching deals hadn't all flopped.
  16. Sign 1 top end FA starter in the ballpark of 5yrs/110mil, sign or trade for 1 mid tier starter (Pineida?), Sign a top end Closer, 2 quality set-up guys for the pen and fill in the rest with what is already in house. Wow thats 5 pitchers in 1 off season. How many will this FO actually need to get for the odds to work out?
  17. As Sweet Music Frankie said, its time to get back to basics. We need a manager more in the line of TK that could call it like it is. This newer generation seems OK with the outcome if they just put in an effort. Not good enough. I am so sick of hearing Rocco say things like he just didn't have it tonight or we really busted it but it wasn't enough tonight or whatever. I can't ever remember hearing him saying we played like crap or that was a bone headed play or whatever. Maybe he calls them out behind closed doors, but with all these youngsters, somebody is going to need to kick some butt once in a while. I can remember seeing some players coming back to the dugout after a stupid play and doing everything possible to avoid TK's stare. Doesn't seem to happen now. Physical errors are unavoidable, but the number of mental errors this season are unforgivable.
  18. I certainly agree with replacing Rocco. A likable guy but not what is needed for a young team. Frankie is right, This team has gotten away from the fundamentals of the game. Its up to the field management to bring them back. Rocco was OK for a veteran team when you had a guy like Cruz that was respected enough in the clubhouse to be followed. Now we have a younger team. Who is going to lead them? It sure doesn't seem that Rocco is that guy.
  19. I still say sign him. If the base was acceptable, figure out an acceptable incentive package based on games played or plate appearances as the main factor.
  20. Karbo

    Just Dreamin'

    You lost me when you said move Polanco back to short. I'm glad it was only a dream, because what I read was a bit more like a nightmare. lol. I agree with some but I think you're giving up way too much in your trade, would need more back in return. Also, I think we can find another shortstop that wont break the bank out there since there will be so many high priced guys flooding the market. I do like your plan for the back end of the rotation and the bullpen. A good bullpen can cover a mediocre rotation with a good lineup. Look no further than 1987.
  21. I just think we have more "electric dominating" type arms coming up, and I see Ober being able to come in for an inning or two and being able to be a shut-down type relief pitcher. He is somehow sneaky fast and deceptive and guys only being able to see him for an at bat here and there would have a harder time adjusting to him IMO.
  22. I think Ober real future may lie in the pen as a late inning reliever, setup guy. For now he's where he belongs in the rotation. Hopefully next year There are a couple of Veterans and some of our top prospects can take the reigns in the rotation, and let Ober move into that setup role that it seems to me he is well suited for.
  23. I would always seek a 2nd opinion before considering surgery
  24. I don't know of any evidence, but I do know from playing sports when I was younger (too many years ago) that having a good year and winning does give you a better feel that you can do it again the next year.
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