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  1. I've been saying they should move Ober to the pen since last year. I think he could be a great 2 inning reliever, something the Twins really need the way they handle the starters. As I see it now, rotation next year should be Mahle, Gray, Maeda, Ryan, and Winder at least until Paddack is ready. Move Ober to the Pen. Let the others prove themselves in the spring or in the minors.
  2. IMHO the biggest problems are 1-starters that don't pitch long enough. Lowest IP per start of any team in contention 2-Poorly constructed bullpen. All the relievers seem to be one and done. Need a couple of dependable 2-3 inning relievers 3-Injuries. Yes every team has them but look at how many injury games we've lost to players expected to be heavy contributors this year. 4- Poor management. FO didn't get the guys we needed in the spring and Rocco sometimes seems to be in over his head. 5- Poor fundamentals. Lack of being able to adapt to the situations when needed. Don't run the bases well, can't bunt, don't seem to be able to hit behind runners to advance them.
  3. He got the money from the Twins and he'll get it from someone else next year. I for one am happy to have him and I hope the Twins can keep him. He brings more than what his stats indicate. He is a leader, and brings a certain "swag" to the team. IMO he's still one of the best ss in the league, regardless of what the defensive stats say.
  4. Better hope Sands can give 3 innings today. After him Pagan and Thielen ,maybe megill?
  5. His leadership and attitude has to be considered in with stats. I would love to see the Twins offer him a contract for 5-6 years.
  6. What a difference it makes to see a guy go 6IP. Set up the pen so only 3 needed to get thru 9. Left 2 over for extras. In this game we needed them. I agree with several others that fundamentals are missing. I don't know why they aren't stressed more in the minors, and practiced more, especially in spring training. Things like bunting, hitting behind runners, smart baserunning all could have given us at least 5 more wins this year IMO.
  7. In fairness to the FO they did go after some FA starters but failed. It's impossible to know why some of those guys don't want to sign with the Twins. I'm sure the money is part of it, but there have been some who chose to go elsewhere when the Twins matched the offers.
  8. As I remember, most of Cleveland's pitching staff was actually acquired via trades when they were in the lower minors. I could be wrong but that's how I remember. It's still up to the FO to recognize the talent in those trades, and develop it up the line to the majors. That ,as of yet, hasn't been successful under the current FO for the Twins. They so far have been fairly successful drafting hitters IMO.
  9. This front office has found some good to very good hitters. However, they haven't found much for pitchers yet. Instead, they have been smart enough to parley a lot of those hitters into pitchers thru trades. The biggest fault of theirs is in the Free Agent side of things. I do believe if we handled the pitching staff better we could have an acceptable bullpen, and if we handled Free agency better, we could have better minor league success.
  10. Rocco had to pull Gray. But if he had let Ryan go another inning the previous day he probably could have better options. Let the starters go as long as they can!
  11. Rocco made the right move pulling Gray last night. He was obviously tiring after throwing 90 some pitches. The problem IMO is you have 5 relievers you can have confidence putting into a close game. Yet when you plan to use 4 every night, you're going to have to use the other 3 on a fairly regular basis. Now if you can cut that down to 3 per night you can make that work by doubling up when needed. The only way you can do that is by pushing your starters to more IP. We have the lowest IP per start of any contender, and certainly not the pen to pull it off!
  12. Thanks! As I thought the Twins are the worst of any contender. I consider contender to be within 5 games of 1st.
  13. It would be interesting to see where the Twins rank in innings pitched per start.
  14. The bullpen as it is could be real strength if used properly. I fear Rocco won't use them properly. 8 guys to cover 4 innings per game, and sometimes more. I would say that this pen would be really good to great if we had a couple of our starters go 6 or 7 innings per start on a fairly regular basis. I know 3 times thru a lineup, blah blah blah. IMO they have to give guys a chance . Gray and now Mahle are good pitchers so give them a little confidence and let them go!
  15. To expect to use 4 relievers per game is foolish. That's how a bullpen gets burned out. A 1 or 2 slot pitcher should average around 6IP per start. There has to be games to let some guys have consecutive days off. The way Rocco manages they are averaging less than 5IP per start. The only way this is sustainable is to have a couple of good 2 inning relievers, which as things sit now I don't see.
  16. On paper this looks like a good deal. Now lets see how things go the rest of the year. Can Rocco manage this pen?
  17. This should be great addition for the rotation, as long as Rocco doesn't turn him into another 5 inning starter!
  18. I think Duran should be the main closer. IMO Lopez as top setup/backup closer.
  19. Not a big fan of Fulmer but probably better than without him. Probably a step up from Duffy though. SGL wasn't exactly lighting it up since getting promoted either. Now, can Rocco figure out how to use this new staff? Will he turn Mahle into a 5 inning starter like he did Gray?
  20. Needed another catcher for depth. Didn't have to give up a real prospect for him. I'll give the FO a C+ for this trade.
  21. Until Jeffers gets back (mid to late Sept.) Catcher is a black hole. The cost should be minimal. We have little to no depth at catcher. Getting a backup would mean we have more depth for next year too.
  22. Great way to start the day! Now please get another bullpen arm and maybe a backup catcher? Another starter would be nice also, but I don't see that happening.
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