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  1. I was at the park for two hours before the game even started. (Photo attached from our perch under the roof in section 308. Top of the first was a rude wake-up call after Gordon made his great sliding catch along the left field stands. The starting pitching matchups for this series have me rather gloomy.
  2. We took advantage of a two-for-one special for seats in the fifth row near third base. Let me see lots up close up, but also without the full perspective of the field you get by viewing from higher up. (One odd thing to me was how chatty the 3rd base umpire was with the players and coaches. I mean, really chatty.) It seemed that a host of little things cost us the game. Miranda’s throw home potentially cost us a run or two. Bogaert’s grand slam looked to top the left field wall by a mere whisker. Couldn’t tell what happened with the throw by Leon that ended up in center field. Didn’t notice Gordon admiring his hit (I was watching the ball) but he sure was motoring once he reached second base. It was also obvious that Verdugo was going to throw him out from right field when Nick rounded second. It was good to see the boys fight back. Our pitching actually looked good most of the time. Had a sinking feeling that the game would end just like it did.
  3. At the game, surrounded by Bosox fans. Luis’s HR quieted them down a bit!
  4. I actually enjoyed the write-up very much! Maybe it helped that I watched most of the game, up until the rain delay. Then, when I checked back, I saw we had given up another run and were down two in the bottom of the ninth. I thought, Oh, well, so much for the winning streak. And so it was a nice surprise to see (as Theo put it so wittingly) that the Twins walked their way to a win!
  5. Tough game to have to cover, Sherry. But I want to compliment you on what may be your best-composed story on TD yet! Keep ‘‘em coming!
  6. Great win! BTW, the “battery mates” sentence confused this older lady. Aren’t the pitcher and catcher meant by that phrase? The OP seems to think it means “teammates” or lineup or hitters…
  7. Oh my, when was this recorded? Phil Hughes? Fernando Rodney??
  8. Nice write up, Nick! I think a lot of us fans expect (hope ) that the team shifts Urshela to first base, perhaps in a righty-lefty platoon with Arraez, and calls up Lewis to play third most days, filling in for Correa as needed. Gio moves back to third when Royce spells Carlos at shortstop; Luis plays first in that scenario, and could DH when Urshela plays first. Gotta keep that pure hitter in the lineup somehow!
  9. That Win Probability Added chart is amazing! The green line shows KC just about dead certain to win … and then just dead.
  10. This Witt kid is looking better this series.
  11. I lost patience with Dazzle a while ago. I listen on the radio randomly while driving; if Gladden is on I often never know who’s at bat, what the score is, even what inning we’re in. Then there’s a crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd and Danny says “wow”! Wow, what?!? He’s not as bad as he used to be in this regard, but I wish they’d put him back in the proverbial bench.
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