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  1. At least stringer caught a beautiful day to watch a game at Target Field!
  2. Naturally I chose not to watch the inevitably sad conclusion to the game in the 9th inning. You’re welcome, everyone!
  3. And only for 2018, I might add. For the bigger picture, SS are below average hitters (MLB wRC+ of 90, just above catchers). Edited to add: I see that Major League Ready already pointed this out.
  4. Hello TD community - when I click on "just click this link" I get the following message: Do you know, does this mean I need to update the Flash on my computer, or that there is something else going on? Thanks for any help ... Melissa Error: 404 Not Found There was a problem processing your request! Details: Attempting to load: http://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gleemangeek/Ep_517.mp3 Previous URL: http://twinsdaily.com/ No Previous URL
  5. I liked seeing AK hit that double today against Tampa Bay! Such a smooth swing.
  6. Good news about Megan Ryan at the Strib! I have enjoyed her excellent reporting about the Gophers the last couple of years.
  7. Another thing that comes to mind with Dozier's retirement is that his playing arc illustrates further why teams are shying away from long-term contracts once players are past their arbitration years. As stated in another thread, teams are "paying for projection, not for past performance." Personally, I hope that the new agreement will give greater monetary awards to the younger players, when they are actually contributing at or near their peak.
  8. One of the pleasures for me as a life-long baseball fan is the long season and the many opportunities to watch the game, including some at the park. I get a lot of pleasure in watching these highly skilled players work their craft. Sure, there can be crushing disappointments - I was at Target Field for that extra-innings loss to the Yankees in 2019, when Aaron Hicks (ouch!) made the game-saving catch. But it was still a fun game to watch, overall. Certainly, when a team I follow makes the postseason, and then succeeds, it's all the more fun. But the long season provides so many occasions
  9. Doc, I would keep the 6th IF option in St. Paul for a quick call up if needed as an IL replacement (assuming a 25-player roster). If we go to 26, maybe then?
  10. I like Luis as much as the next Twins fan, but I believe that his defensive stats (if we mean the traditional error rate) are affected in his favor by his limited range. If he got to more balls and had more chances his errors would presumably climb, too.
  11. I just loved this article and the Letterman show! Brought me back in lots of ways. I grew up in Milwaukee as a Braves fan, then we didn't have MLB for several years before the Pilots moved from Seattle to become the Brewers. I was in high school at the time and caught a few Brewers games at the old County Stadium, though I was never much of a Brew Crew fan. A few times the Twins were in town, and somehow, as I now remember it, it seemed that The Killer came up to bat late in every game and blasted that ball out of the park, sending the Twins to victory. Also: watching Dave L. in his prime
  12. Longtime St. Paulite here. This is funny, of course, but in part because it rings so true. So many of my Minneapolitan friends complain that they get lost in The Capital City. "But ... they don't use the alphabet or numerical sequences!" Pearl clutch. On the other hand, the supposed N-E-S-W directions in downtown Mpls (skewed to follow the River, of course) threw me for a loop for a while. And when people say things like "32xx 34th" I have to stop and think which is the Street and which is the Avenue. Particularly bad in Dinkytown, where we have things like 4th at the corner of 14th ...
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