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  1. I was there today, and watching the conclusion of last night’s suspended game as Houston pounded us silly was especially painful. Putting the two games together, it seemed like the Twins were patching together lineups with duct tape and spit. Our defense stayed pretty strong - Lewis made a great run to catch a foul pop fly in front of the left field tarp, and both Gordon and Celestino looked quite decent. Contreras looked tentative in left field and had a couple of late breaks on fly balls. On offense we didn’t perform well in the clutch. Some here call this timidity, or lacking urgency, or bad luck. In the box the hitters seemed intent but unable to string together consecutive hits. Luis Garcia’s extreme herky-jerky windup was annoying to watch and apparently confused a lot of batters (apparently the home plate umpire, too). Arraez was exactly who we have come to expect: working long counts, getting his hits, looking a bit lost in the field, but catching a tricky pop foul, still figuring out his footwork around first base. Karmarsuk’s (sp?) polish sausage was the high point of those 6 or was it 7 hours! ️
  2. I already had tickets with a friend got tomorrow’s game, but am unsure that I could stay around through the entire second game.
  3. I’ll be there with a friend to see Winder on Thursday. Looks to be hot!! (Temperature wise, too … )
  4. Love the baseball terms and clichés! A colleague from England would quote a lot of these as cricket expressions, too.
  5. I’ve been worried about this ever since reports of COVID on the Tampa staff emerged recently. There are so many connections between the teams, starting with Baldelli, that infection reaching into the Twins clubhouse has seemed all too likely.
  6. Good game once the offense opened up the scoring! Bullpen in shutdown mode. Any news about why Kepler was removed?
  7. So much useful info, detail, and commentary, Seth! Thank you! I also appreciate having season stats along with that one week’s performance by the top prospects.
  8. Larnach’s doubles and his accurate throws to home plate are making me more comfortable with having him play rather frequently. Keep it up!
  9. Don’t know if the “basement” was intentional or not, but it cracked me up!!
  10. Twins getting mowed down quickly at the plate.
  11. Does 4S in the opening post mean four seamer fastball?
  12. Good article! But this part confused me. Is there a typo? Seems contradictory, or else I simply don't understand the point. "Correa, perhaps knowing the bad conditions, has tried to adjust accordingly by avoiding pulling the ball. He’s currently going oppo under 9% of the time, well below the league average and notably different from past Aprils where it has ranged from 25% to almost 41%." He's "avoiding pulling the ball" but is "currently going oppo under 9% of the time ..."??
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