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  1. An ace is Johan Santana in September of 2006.
  2. Warm weather and the virus- what I’ve read is that some viruses don’t seem to be hurt by warm weather, and they don’t know about this one yet. But it is generally believed that all viruses swell in warmer air which can then hamper transmission to a host.
  3. If Buxton gets injured again this year as much as we love the guy why extend him? He is at this time a frustrating figment of baseball imagination and continuous injury eventually tells us MLB baseball much longer may not be in the cards for him.
  4. Kepler, without a doubt has blossomed into something special. I see next year another jump into elite MLB company.
  5. Technically eight homeruns up? They are averaging 1.95 per game, so isn’t that just under four games up?
  6. good thought that if the Twins enter a “we can take it easy” mode and rest people, but my guess the guys when they get in will be swinging “bombs away.”
  7. Could Berrios be hurt? Just wild conjecture but what else would explain the velocity drop?
  8. And the next record, 4, 5 or possibly 6 with 30 HRs. There are six who could do it but Cron is obviously the longest shot. But the way Cron is hitting ....
  9. . 2018: Home runs are dramatically up in MLB this season and that means some home run history will inevitably be made. The Dodgers fulfilled that idea Wednesday, entering the history books with a booming homer from Matt Kemp in the second inning of their game against the Rockies. Kemp’s solo shot bumped his season total up to 20 and gave the Dodgers their seventh 20-homer hitter on the season, tying an MLB record for most 20-homer hitters on a team in a single season. The Los Angeles group now includes Kemp, Cody Bellinger, Yasmani Grandal, Enrique Hernandez, Max Muncy, Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig. The Dodgers came close to such a mark last year with six players reaching the milestone, and they managed to hit seven this year without three of the hitters from last year (Corey Seager, Chris Taylor and Justin Turner). Moderator edit: This passage comes from the following Yahoo Sports link. Please don't lift quotations verbatim without attribution. https://sports.yahoo.com/dodgers-bash-way-mlb-history-record-seven-20-homer-hitters-051853742.html
  10. Love this thread, thank you! Imagine that you were itching to get it out. Seven days ago I thought it impossible the Twins set the record in August.
  11. True Championship contenders? I like your optimism but that is one heck of a leap for a team that has mostly been playing sub 500 ball for a long long time.
  12. By my California math as Bert would say, if in 2009 Mauer has just 1 more hit every two weeks that season he bats .400+ for the season.
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