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  1. Sounds like Bremer may have been pushed out? Why? He was good. His love for the Twins was evident.
  2. I thought exactly the same. Total class act and a love for the game. Perhaps the injuries have helped nurtured that perspective.
  3. Was interesting that A-Rod was complementary of Lewis except when he said just after the second HR the Twins must be getting tipped off. If true where were the rest of the HRs by all the others?
  4. The way he laid off those first three pitches in the 2nd AB was masterful. Did not look like a 24 year old but instead a wily veteran.
  5. My worst was 1987 trading Brunansky for Tommy Herr. Bruno played a big part in the twins dispatching Detroit in the Alcs in 5 games hitting 412 with 2HRs and 9 RBIs in the series though his bat went quiet in the World Series. Traded a month after the Twins win the World Series, they receive winner cry baby Tommy Herr who between his bitching on having to play for Minnesota was pretty useless on the field the next year. Bruno went on to be productive with his power for six more years.
  6. A playoff game? Are we that confident now? I’m hoping but not at all certain in my mind.
  7. Is there an advanced stat where by it is measured in how few of pitches a pitcher during the same half inning gives up 2+ runs? I’m relatively certain he’d excel under this metric, if it is kept. Seems with him, just a handful of pitches and the next pitch leaves the yard. Other relievers who blow up a game, it’s drip, drip, but Pagan, it’s why waste the time throwing any extra pitches?
  8. There was that story on this site by Taylor earlier in June about his 5 worst blown saves. You could add last nite thought not a blown save, but just change the story title from ‘blown saves’ to games he ‘blew up’ , usually with just a handful of pitches. He is very efficient in that regard.
  9. I get it, you are an optimist or writing a hopeful article. I like to think at times I am optimistic, but also a pragmatist, and the harsh or not harsh reality is that this team is just a .500 club, an absolute joy at times to watch, other times a teeth gnashing affair to watch.
  10. Now I suppose we can have a tomorrow article title predicting a 3 win 1 loss series, and then after tomorrow we can have another article predicting a series split?
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